Happiness is the ultimate thing that we of all time wanted to go on to us. Everyday. we pursue happiness in whichever convenient or inconvenient manner we can because we can non allow pleasance steal on our custodies for it can do us complete. Pleasure may be comparative on each individual but Epicurus tells us what truly pleasance is and how to derive it justly. Epicurus’ ethical philosophies can be summarized in his missive to Menoeceus. If we were to be asked what brings us pleasance we all have replies and it is non a individual thing: it can be money. friends. love affair and others or combination of such.

If we were to specify felicity it can merely misdirect us because felicity. like all other emotions is non that easy to specify. Before we commence on discoursing Epicurus moralss. allow us foremost have a glance on the life of Epicurus and some of his philosophical foundations to give us a intimation on how this great philosopher arrived at his ain ideas on moralss. O’Keefe in his Epicurus ( c. 341-271 BCE ) said that Epicurus is a philosopher that flourished seven old ages after Plato’s decease. He is an Athenian and educated by the followings of late Democritus and Plato.

His theoretical account of world or what we know the metaphysics starts from two points: there are organic structures in gesture and there is nil that will be from what is non bing. As we can see here. Epicurus is greatly consumed on the by the inquiries of being which is the by so booming philosophical involvement. His first point is based on experience while the latter is based on the Principle of Sufficient Reason of Greek philosophers which states that everything that exists has a ground or account for why it occurs and why it has to be that manner instead than the other manner.

This gives us a impression that Epicurus is greatly influenced by the affair and atomism instructions of Democritus and that he every bit good values what is bing and that is all where things start. Clearly. Epicurus is one of the classical philosophers that do non halt on seeking world. In Epicurus’ missive to Menoeceus. he commenced by converting that people of any age should larn how to seek wisdom and to larn doctrine for it is neither to late for the seniors nor excessively early for the immature.

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He says that wisdom is the wellness of the psyche therefore everybody needs it to enrich oneself. He compared that whoever consider that analyzing doctrine has non yet come to him. it is like stating that felicity is besides seasonal to a individual. And so he encouraged people to seek wisdom and felicity because the present things one has can state that he has everything and that if he has nil. he is compelled towards achieving what he wants. This supports that people struggle for felicity each and every twenty-four hours of their lives.

Epicurus so stated that god’s nature is immortal and blessed that is harmonizing to what common sense dictates so it is expected that a individual must make nil beyond to his immortality and nil that deviates from his beatitude. This gives us an thought that a individual must be god-like when he assumes of himself as a adult male of God. Epicurus accused the people who claim that they have a God yet he is non god-like or he is inconsistent with the similitude of a God worse than the individual who has no God at all.

It seems here that those who live harmonizing to the beatitude of God are besides blessed: blessed with felicity and pleasance but of class adult male is no God so it is non possible to be really blessed. Epicurus advises us to be non afraid of decease because we can merely experience or feel good and evil when we are alive and when we are dead. we are deprived of any senses. Therefore when we die. we don’t have feelings or esthesis or what we call ‘soul’ .


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