In society today. “full-time working adult females gain merely 77 cents for every dollar a adult male earns. ” ( whitehouse. gov ) . for seting in same sum of attempt. This unfairness is unacceptable in this twenty-four hours in age when adult females are more involved in society. both politically and socially. than of all time before. Womans should hold equal wage to work forces for the same sum of work they do because it is non merely their right but they have the instruction to back up their place in the work force.

Womans are as educated or in some instances even more educated than work forces. Datas collected in surveies revealed. ”25-34 twelvemonth old adult females were 21 per centum more likely than work forces to be a college graduate” ( whitehouse. gov ) in 2013. If adult females are graduating college at a greater rate than work forces. so it is unlogical for females to be paid less than work forces. who are progressively going less qualified themselves when compared to the female population. Not merely are adult females graduating undergraduate college but. “women account for about half of pupils in JD. MBA. and MD programs” ( whitehouse. gov ) in recent old ages. Some might reason that. although adult females are acquiring educated. if they want to be paid more. so they need to get down taking calling waies that suit their end wage.

But the fact of the affair is. “ college educated adult females ages 30-34 are now every bit likely to be employed as physicians. tooth doctors. attorneies. professors. directors. and scientist as traditionally female-dominated businesss such as instructors. nurses. bibliothecs. secretaries. or societal worker. ” ( whitehouse. gov ) . and yet they are still acquiring paid less than work forces. So. the job is non that adult females are non endeavoring for a high paying calling. instead their attempt is non being appreciated. Womans are non merely qualified to be awarded the same salary as work forces. but it is their right every bit good. In 1963 the Equal Pay Act which “prohibits covered employers from know aparting on the footing of sex by paying unequal rewards for equal work. ” ( Sobieski ) was signed into jurisprudence by former President John F. Kennedy. This means that pretermiting to pay a female worker the same as a male worker. who has the same business. is technically against the jurisprudence. It is of import to understand that is act does non promote the female population over work forces. but reasonably brings both genders to an equal playing field in the work force.

Another jurisprudence that can back up this unfairness is the “Public Law 88-352” ( arhives. gov ) which was passed by Congress in 1964. This civil right also” forbade favoritism on the footing of sex” ( arhives. gov ) in the work force. As the information unmaskings. this bias against adult females is uncalled for and finally illegal. This societal issue is improbably unfair and minimizing to the female population. It needs to be dealt with instantly. Womans are non merely as competent and educated as work forces. but they besides have the legal right to acquire paid every bit to work forces. Yet. every twenty-four hours. adult females are being ignored and unappreciated for all the work and attempt they put into society. It is merely possible for adult females to get the better of this unjust intervention. if they take action and battle for what they deserve. Womans need to be informed of their rights presented in Acts of the Apostless such as the Equal Pay Act. and stand up for themselves when these rights are violated.

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