One says, equalization will reduce crime, save taxpayers millions, and focus law enforcement on violent offenders. The opposing side contends the legalizing the drug will sharpen the angle of our country’s already declining morals. This side believes marijuana to be more dangerous than alcohol, when it comes to operating vehicles or participating in certain vocations. They argue studies that show the lingering effects of the drug, e. G. , would you be okay with a surgeon who got high yesterday. A less discussed aspect Is the black market.

Legalization could end the uncountable number of orders committed while trafficking just marijuana Into the U. S. It could also force career marijuana dealers into dealing harsher drugs. Should marijuana be fully legalized for recreational use or restricted to only medical use? How would either affect our society and economy? 2. The First Amendment grants each citizen the right to freely express him or herself as he or she chooses. This is not without restraint. Network television and radio have the right to censor offensive content.

NBC will never show full-frontal nudity. WON will never broadcast “bad” words. There are also restrictions for the sake of public safety. One can be arrested for yelling “fire” In a crowded theater because the panicked reaction might cause injury or death. This kind of rule has also caused great debate on whether the instructions to make firearms or bombs should be censored. From foul language to fertilizer bombs, where do you fall on the amount of censorship we should allow? Remember If we decide to ban one book, all books are less secure. Loathe and fulfilling life. So does the economy. The sleep industry is a 20 billion dollar a year market. We constantly look for ways to eat healthier. We read articles that suggest simple tips for packing more exercise into our days. All the while, most Americans try to figure out ways to coast by on as little sleep as possible. Sleep deprivation affects motivation, attitude, and performance. It damages our appearance and health. People stay up late to socialize, watch TV, and/or play on computers. Those are Just the frivolous reasons.

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Others work late, work multiple Jobs, or split too many hours between school and work. Should people make sleep a higher rarity? Is it possible to sleep well and keep up with a social life and a professional life? 4. Find an argument you’d like to make. If you can think of a topic you’d rather write about, pitch it to me. I want you to enjoy writing and feel engaged with the work you’re producing. Requirements Your final draft must be at least 900 words and five paragraphs long. Your essay must have an explicit thesis statement and precise topic sentences.

The essay should be a synthesis of your own ideas, knowledge, inferences, and conclusions, as well as pacific information from the readings from your text and/ or database sources found through the library databases. You must include at least two outside sources. The sources must be factual and respected. Information from your sources must be correctly and accurately quoted, paraphrased, and summarized. All sources must be cited using in-text citations and a works-cited page. Follow ML format. You must have at least one direct quote and at least one summary/paraphrase. No more than three direct quotes. No block quotes.


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