Position and muscular activity is an inevitable procedure of work that can ne’er be avoided in several occupations today. As a packaging agent [ person who assists in a packaging centre for package or air bringing ] . a individual is intended to confront several challenges on how an individual’s workplace be worthwhile so as non to acquire stressed physically and mentally at one time when that peculiar person is already at work. This is where the function of ergonomical appraisal comes in the image. What is ergonomical appraisal? Chiefly. this workplace appraisal depends on the ways by which the agreement is considered by the employers.

This appraisal really focuses on the ways by which the physical activities of the employees are comparatively considered when the employers themselves are be aftering the work countries. The thought is that the work countries should every bit be comfy plenty to protract the all right public presentation of their employees at work. Through the concern of the employers as to how their workers are utilizing their physical strength to finish the undertakings that they are supposed to go to to. the net income and the capableness of the full concern company in helping their clients with their demands would be much easier to achieve on the portion of the employees at work.

In this paper. the work country of a packaging centre in the Army Post Office or the APO in the postal clerk ( Personal computer ) country. The description of the country every bit good as the type of work done within the country shall be discussed within the paragraphs that follow. Through the usage of the WISHA guidelines. the said subdivision of ground forces operations shall be observed and evaluated as to how much work-efficient the work country of the said subdivision is to its employees. The Work and the Area

The nature of the work is instead demanding in footings of physical forbearance whereas the employees are expected to hold changeless path of their undertaking while they discipline their organic structures in covering with the emphasiss that the work itself brings them. The work begins when the Personal computer receives the bundle from the client. weighs it. topographic points postage on it. and so moves the bundle to a receiving window. There is merely 1 displacement which lasts 10 hours with a 1-hour tiffin interruption. The bundles range from 1 lb to a max weight of 80 lbs.

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On norm. a individual Personal computer will manage 120 bundles a displacement 6 yearss a hebdomad. This does non include missive mail. The mean bundle weight is 35 lbs. The Personal computer is required to stand all displacement except for interruptions on a wooden floor with no mats. The bundle weighing counter is made of wood and is 24 inches tall x 30 inches broad x 24 inches deep. The computing machine for postage input sits on the same counter at a tallness of 38 inches. The bundles one time weighed have to be lifted and moved across a distance of 65 inches straight behind the Personal computer.

The bundles are placed in a cutout window that sits 32 inches off the land and is 30 inches tall x 30 inches broad. From the overview of both the he occupation and the work country where the occupation is performed. it could be noted that the undertakings really involve monolithic muscular emphasis. This is merely because of the fact that the employees are required to stand for long hours. non to advert that fact that they need to cover with several weights of bundles and are so supposed to work with a not-so contributing work-area.

Harmonizing to the WISHA guidelines. there are several insistent activities that endangers the muscular system of a peculiar worker. particularly with the fact that the said activities are done in long hours. As celebrated above. the employees are expected to describe to work in 10 hours with merely one hr of tiffin interruption. Harmonizing to the description. the bundle having country is composed of installations whereas the employees would necessitate to flex down and work their ways to complete the undertaking that they are supposed to finish.

The country is less contributing in helping the employees in repairing the bundles in a more comfy position as the description points out that the Package Receivers need to transport or raise the bundle from the having country to the weighing country. The employees need to flex down and kneel down to repair the bundles for going for at least 120 times within the 10 hr displacement that they are supposed to finish ; WISHA guidelines really see this fact unsafe on the portion of the employees executing the undertaking.

Harmonizing to the guidelines. raising more than 25 lbs above the shoulders below the articulatio genuss at arm’s length must be done in a upper limit of 25 times per twenty-four hours ( WISHA Checklist ) . However. in the instance of the employees in the packaging country. they are making this peculiar undertaking in about 120 times per twenty-four hours. This is earnestly risky on the muscular activities of their organic structure every bit good as with their anchor opposition to emphasize.

Aside from this. the act of repetitively raising the custodies above the caput or the cubitus above the shoulders more than one time per minute is besides a risky on the portion of the employees ( WISHA checklist ) . As for the instance of the work nature noted in this paper. this is peculiarly something that needs to given changeless attending by the direction of the APO as ascertained herein. As the description points out that the employees are working at least 5 hours directly at the most so takes a interruption and so another 5 hours of work shall so convey emphasis on the physical organic structure of the employees.

It should besides be noted that the occupation places the employees in a state of affairs with which they are supposed to remain in an country that is uncarpeted where they are supposed to stand for long hours. The force per unit area of the weight of the organic structure and the weight of the bundles that they carry back and forth the country would convey much emphasizing weight on their pess. For this ground. non merely the muscular countries on the upper organic structure of the employees are strongly affected by the occupation. it besides affects the lower muscular country of the employees which includes the pess.

Not merely does the job-tasks bring force per unit area to the back bone of the employees. but it besides leaves a high degree of force per unit area on the leg and pess country of the said persons. For this ground. it is extremely recommended that the office be fixed. rearranged in a manner that the lifting of the bundles be minimized through seting the having country and the weighing country much closer to each other. Extra repair tabular arraies could be placed nearby where all the needed stuffs for packaging and supplying grosss to the clients would be of better breach by the employee could be farther implemented. This would non merely increase the public presentation degree of the employees. it would besides modulate the clip spent by the employees in completing their occupations therefore giving them the opportunity in functioning more clients within the 10 hr displacement that they are to complete everyday.

Decision From the appraisal presented herein. it could be noted that most of the parts of the office that has been observed [ boxing office of APO ] has so much risky countries for the employees of the concern. This is the ground why the direction of the said constitution is suggested to hold a consideration on how the countries of the office best serve the employees and the clients as good. Making the country more contributing for the type of work that is performed in the office would non merely increase the public presentation complexnesss of the employees but it will besides increase the satisfaction of the clients with the services that they are supposed to have from the constitution and the employees working for them.


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