What is the symbolic meaning of a rose? What does the color red suggest? 2. Explain the use of repetition. 3. In what ways can the speaker compare his love to a rose? 4. In what ways can the speaker compare his love to a melody? 5. Explain the meaning of the modal Will’ in the second stanza. 6. Could man survive that day when the ‘rocks melt with the sun’ or when ‘all the seas are going dry? What does the speaker want to say with this? 7. Explain the phrase the sands of life’ 8. What Journey does he take in the last stanza?

How far does he have to travel? What does he say to comfort his lover? He takes in. He have to travel over 10 thousand miles. He says ‘and fare you well,.. , And fare you well a while! And I will came again,… Although it were ten thousand mile! ‘ 9. What figures of speech are used in the first stanza? Are they conventional or original? Figures of speech: Red rose, newly sprung, sweetly played. They are conventional, the red rose will be better with the shine of the June and the melody will be getting sweeter in tune. 10. What literary techniques are used in the third stanza?

Are they conventional? The poet uses overstated method to express his love. They are conventional. That is a literary technique that usually uses in poems. PART a: 1. Is his lover really like a rose and a melody or is it due to his poetic vision only? Answer: In my opinion, his lover is really like a rose and a melody. Because he expressed his feelings to his lover strongly. 2. How does the speaker express his everlasting love by the phrase While the sands of life shall run’. His love is a burning and deep love over time. Everything in life can be changed but his love is everlasting.

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Sands of life can dimmed all but he still love her. 3. Is there any evidence the trip is real or does it only take place in this imagination? What is the speaker’s purpose in mentioning a separation? Yes, there are some evidences the trip is real such as ‘And fare you well, and I will come again, it were 10 thousand miles’. Those are messages that the man will separate the lover temporary Although it are far distance, his heart always think forward to being his love. What is the speaker’s purpose in mentioning a separation?

To prove the true love when getting a separation in love. Though there is a separation of geography, the couples always think each other. 4. Is there any contradiction when the speaker uses the image of a rose – something perishable. To compare to his everlasting love? How does he make up for that discrepancy by various effective mean? No, the image of a rose 5. What do you think about his assertions of love? Are they convincing? 6. It is also argued that Burr’s words are not assertions about external reality but expressions of his state of mind. What is your argument?


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