Essay experience BY Jamie-007 Mother Nature and the Killer Shark A long time ago on Earth. Mother Nature was In control of everything. She was there to make sure everything was in balance and all the animals living there were in peace, that they were enjoying everything Mother Nature had to offer. At this time, every creature lived on land, the water was fresh, sparkling and chaste, untouched by any living animal, nothing lived In the ocean. Mother Nature provided the animals with the water they needed. All the mammals that now live in water never used to.

They used to live on land, breathe the same air we do and walked on their fins. Seahorses, fish, dolphins, sharks, whales, mermaids all lived together as one species on land. The king of the sea was Killer Shark. Mother Nature made him In charge of all sea creatures because he was the fiercest of all sea mammals, his sharp teeth made him the best in hunting, his image made everyone fear him but still he was kind and humble. Whenever someone was in trouble, Killer Shark was always there to help and satisfy. He took this role as an honor and was pleased with the title King

Killer shark. Although he was happy with being a king, he was not content with sharing a crowded land with many other kings. He felt that there were too many animals living on the land, it was soon becoming jam-packed and he was no longer happy with that. One day, King Killer Shark was sitting on his mighty throne across the ocean, he looked to the deepest end and realized how endless the ocean was, he wondered why there was no one living in the ocean, why it had to be so sacred and pure when Mother Nature was providing them with water. What is the problem?


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