In the novel the Stranger by Albert Camus. the supporter Meursault is characterized as emotionless. uncaring. and apathetic. though he is really an apprehension. insightful adult male who is pleased with a simple. modest life. His deficiency of emotion towards the otiose and superficial. along with his deficiency of judgement for other people’s picks do non do him apathetic ; they in fact demo how he demonstrates Albert Camus’ doctrine of Absurdism. It is through the word picture of Meursault that the greater subject of Absurdism and the absurdness of life are conveyed.

Meursault is frequently seen as cold and stolid towards others. He is really characterized in this degage manner to body and incarnate Camus’ doctrine. and his rejection of the established and predictable. One twenty-four hours when Meursault is passing the twenty-four hours with Marie. she asks him if he would get married her and he says “it didn’t make any difference” and that they “could if she wanted to” ( 41 ) . Most view matrimony as an of import juncture with many effects and a lifetime committedness.

Meursault’s reaction to Marie’s inquiry is honorable and consecutive forward. and his unconcern serves to weaken the importance of institutionalised rules. Later. Marie admirations to herself if she loves him. and Meursault says that “there is no manner [ he ] could cognize that” ( 42 ) . as it is non possible for Meursault to cognize what others feel. This implies that a person’s emotions are determined by the person. and demonstrates the Absurdist thought that no two people can hold the exact same emotions and beliefs. and hence there can be no shared significance refering an emotion.

When talking with his attorney. Meursault is asked how he felt about his mother’s decease. and he says that he “would instead Maman hadn’t died” ( 65 ) . which shocks his attorney. Meursault could be perceived as cold and indifferent for non showing more emotion towards his mother’s decease. but he is merely showing the absurdist belief that one can hold many different emotions and that holding a cast or criterion for a manner a individual should experience during a specific state of affairs is absurd.

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Meursault is merely conveying that emotions he felt for his female parent such as love are excessively intangible to specify. Camus portrays Meursault as being really non-judgmental and worldly towards other characters actions. This is non because Meursault is passionless or apathetic. but because it conveys Camus’ belief in personal significance alternatively of shared significance imposed by society. Raymond asks Meursault if “he’d mind composing him a missive right then… [ And he ] said no” ( 32 ) . even though the missive would finally ache Raymond’s ex girlfriend.

Meursault agrees. non because he is ill-mannered or detached. but because he is merely making his friend a favour. and because he doesn’t justice others based on a standard set of ethical motives. Before Meursault is scheduled to be executed. the Chaplain efforts for the 2nd clip to convert Meursault to encompass Christianity like others before him so that he may be saved. Meursault “acknowledg [ es ] that that was their right” ( 117 ) . but does non hold because he is moving in the Absurdist mentality that judging others based on your ain rules is incorrect.

Meursault goes on to seek to convert the Chaplain that a person’s value is non measured by society. for one individual could see him as really bad. where as another positions him as really good. Meursault’s nature and ability to understand that it is up to the person to construct their ain beliefs and values demonstrates the Absurdist belief that every individual has the right to delegate personal significance to a portion of their life. instead than take from the significance imposed on their life by society.

Camus defines Absurdism as “the confrontation between man’s desire for significance. significance and lucidity on the one manus – and the silent. cold existence on the other” . Meursault. who is capable of encompassing the universe’s silence. particularly when confronting his ain decease is what makes him the Absurd hero. and finally humanise the Absurd doctrine. Camus uses the character of Meursault to convey the message that it is up to the person to delegate intending to their life through encompassing world. and to avoid going trapped by social ideals and the “shared meaning” imposed by humanity. One should non let fright to restrict them.


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