Then, by depending on only on results, Utilitarianism seems to prove that the ends illustrate the process. Although in the modern society there are some certain principles in our mind, such as justice, honest, integrity-?-that should never be against. Confucius, the Chinese philosopher, put fonder the Confucianism. Confucianism especially emphasizes on the relationships. As the development of global economy, ethical relations will become more and more important. Humaneness or benevolence is the most important Confucian virtue.

It tells us that we should treat others with love and take care of others through getting knowledge from the education and some other ways. Everyone can make mistakes in their whole lives, so we should have a heart of tolerating others. However, Confucian always think that profit should be never occupied in the first place. Every’ Non things have something in common without the exception between Utilitarianism and Confucianism. Both of them are opposed to ethnocentrism which it uses its’ own standard of culture to judge another culture.

These two ethics approaches are relevant for modern business and organizational ethics. In addition, both of them have the same purpose that they get profits at last. There are also some differences between Utilitarianism and Confucianism. Utilitarianism is a way which people usually weigh the merits and demerits to get more profits as possible as they can, while Confucianism is a way which people often put the virtue into the first place and then for profits.

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Additionally, Confucianism emphasis on relationships no matter what between people and people or between company and company, while Utilitarianism only emphasis on the profits and don’t take care of the relationship. Only emphasis on the profits which can make the company lose friendship and benefits, after a long time, there may be no one like to have the corporation with this kind of company. However, Confucianism asserts that don t do to others what you do not want them to do to you. It means that if you don’t like to do the thing, please don’t let someone else to do the same thing.

As far as am concerned, I am inclined to Confucianism. Because Confucian puts a high position on personal virtues because virtuous behavior can be helpful to keep the healthy relationships and fulfill organizational ethics. People should not only be care for momentary interests of the day, but also should be care for the virtues. Relationship is one of the most important things in the business area. The recess in building relationship, everyone should be honest and kindness to someone who you want to have a corporation with.

In addition, we should trust them. Only if you build a good relationship with others, it can make profits as possible as you can in the future. But if you only pay attention to welfare at first, may be you can get how much you want to during a period of time. At last, you will lose trust between organizations and then you will lose everything what you got in the past. In my opinion, we should build up the good relationships between organizations at first and then pay attention to get more profits as we can.


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