When a manager isn’t maintaining his or her role properly that can cause chaos and an unstructured work environment. When a person is manager they have many ethical dilemmas that they have to deal with on a regular base. The manager needs to make sure they do not show favoritism for one employee over another, and they need to make sure that everyone is treated fairly. When problems arise with customers and the service they receive from the customer service employees, the manager needs to know exactly how to handle the situation with a positive attitude.

When an employee sees his or her manager responding to stressful situations in a non-stressful manor that leads them to follow in the same manor and end with a quicker resolution. When someone starts a new job, they kick for someone who they can rely on to show them and teach them how to properly perform their job. The manager should be the one to teach and guild the new employee so they can be successful in their job. There are some managers that do not always insure that their employees are trained the way they should be, some managers leave the training up to other employees when they should only be expansible for helping out if needed.

The performance of a team of employees is only as good as the person who manages them, when the staff is not harmonize together the whole company can suffer losses in their productivity. Anyone who is a manager can end up finding themselves in a relationship with one of their employees; a manager should try and airframe from getting involved in a relationship in the work place. A relationship in the work place can cause all kinds of ethical problems for the manager and the staff, the manager can be faced with issues such as showing favoritism toward the one hey are involved with or not following proper disciplinary actions when needed.

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The staff can gain feelings Of resentment toward the manager. A manager can gain great respect from his or her employees by acting as a great role model. Working alongside of the staff shows them that the manager does not see him or her self as better than the rest of the staff. Managers need to show the staff that they are there to be part of the team instead of just and overseer. Employees like to know that their managers are there to work as hard as they do; this only makes the team stronger. I have had a few experiences where my manager was not a good role model.

When I worked as a receiving clerk for the local grocery store had a manager who was very rude and felt she was above her staff. She never wanted to help do anything in our department and she was always using inappropriate language towards the people in our department and she would not train anyone the right way, but when they messed up she would scream and yell and throw boxes. There were a few people in our area of the store that could do what ever they wanted to do and they would not get in to trouble because they were her friends.

The manager of the receiving apartment was also very rude to the vendors that would come into the store to bring their products they were stocking, she would go crazy and scream and yell at them. Other people in our department began to follow the way she was acting and after awhile we had trouble keeping new hires because they did not want to be in that kind of crazy work environment. Before quit the manager ended up getting fired because she was taking things off of the sales floor for her own personal use and not paying for them, she was warned that if she get caught that she would get into major trouble but she did not seem to care.

After about a year and a half got another job because I got tired of it myself. She was let go only to be replaced with another manager who only wanted to play overseer and had no prior knowledge of how to work in the receiving department. The whole store that I worked for ended up closing down because of poor management, even the store manager had major faults. I don’t understand the way some of these businesses run and end up being successful when they have people working for them who do nothing to help the company. A businesses success think is determined on how great the managers and staff are and how well the customers are treated.

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