So having to terminate one of your employee’s is one of the most difficult parts of being a manager, and many manager’s, if not most, dread having to make that decision on terminating en of their employee’s. All managers know that terminating an employee has its affects, not just on the employee, but for others as well. One of the biggest affects that termination has on employees is that their job is their livelihood. The employee lives paycheck to paycheck and now that they have just been terminated is difficult. It’s really hard to swallow knowing that the employee had just got terminated.

For the employee who got terminated, there are a million of things running through your mind, such as: What am I going to do about daycare? How am I going to pay my bills? , Now that I don’t have insurance, what if my kids get sick and need medical care? , etc. All of those questions and more is what ran through my mind when I got terminated from my previous employment. When you sit down and really think about that you have just been terminated is truly a scary thing because now you don’t know what going to happen.

It all lies in God’s hands. Managers are faced with moral and ethical issues in regards to termination. For moral issues it can be that for many companies, most managers develop arsenal relationships with their employees, aside from the professional relationships. The employees and managers spend nearly 40+ hours a week with each other, as many people call their “work family’. Everyone learns about their families, their hobbies, their personal problems, etc. Everyone learns about each other, so they have a connection with one another.

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When issues begin to develop in the company which involves the termination process, this is when the manager will face an ethical dilemma. This is because the manager knows that when terminating an employee it is what’s est. for the company (depending on the situation). So the manager has to put aside personal relationship when it comes to professional relationship. Termination can be ethical issues because it involves honesty, fairness, and the dignity of the individual (Terrine & Nelson, 2011. Therefore, it’s extremely important that all managers follow the company’s policy and procedures first before deciding on terminating an employee. It’s essential that managers know how to discipline their employees correctly, and be sure that it follows the company’s policy and procedures. There are four steps to follow when in the process of termination: Verbal warning, written warning, Suspension, and then termination. These steps are crucial in any company’s policy because these are the steps that can protect your business from any lawsuits and other complications when documenting each step (Mendoza, 2014. When an employee gets terminated, the issue can affect other individuals as well. The termination can be harder for the other individuals because they get a feeling that they could have done something to prevent that employee from getting terminated. For example, if an employee gets terminated due to the lack of their job performance, the other individuals could help that employee work on the performance of their job, such as training or classes.

It can also be harder for others because they know that the employee who got terminated has a family and has bills that need to be paid, so other individuals will try to help the terminated employee (off company hours) in any way with their struggles. This is because the other individuals could know what it’s like to be terminated and in some need for help. The relationship be;en social sues and ethically responsible management practices regarding termination is that the manager needs to determine on what is best for the company and their whole staff.

It would not be good ethical responsible management practices if the manager did terminate the employee. For example, if an employee was sexually harassing another employee and the manager didn’t do nothing about it, such as termination, not only will that not be responsible management practices, but that will also be a lawsuit against the manager and the company. In some cases, whatever the situation may be regarding he termination, it’s the manager’s job and responsibility to do what is right and for the safety of the staff.

Management is a job that is involved with dealing with people, so it’s a part of social issues as well. Managers, as well as employees are around social issues every day. Employees want to feel safe while they are at work not frightened, so if anything happened at work, the employees want to see the appropriate actions taken by the manager. As stated in the example above, workers want to see the actions taken by the manager, not ignored. If actions like that are ignored, it makes the other employees feel uncomfortable in the workplace.

A workplace example of an ethical dilemma involving termination would be an employee who is harassing another employee. This is my workplace example: Michael, who has worked with the company for 5 years, was harassing another employee, Miranda. Miranda is new to the company and has only been there for just under a year. Another employee, Anthony, who had witnessed Michael harassing Miranda during their shift, is deciding on whether to go straight to the Human Resource Department and inform them about what he had witnessed, Michael harassing Miranda.


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