People are always naturally very sociable to the point that vital patient information is being hared to other people who are not involved in the patient’s care. This is a violation of the patient’s privacy. This is what they call Medical ethics. The world of medicine is one of the industries where the principles of the people may not go with what is expected of them. This is also where ethical issues in healthcare become a source of personal conflict.

To prevent these conflicts from happening in both personal and interpersonal levels, hospitals and medical organizations always create a code of ethics to which all medical restrictions will base their decisions. Although a code is already in place, there can still be a lot of questions about ethics since each person has a different set of morals and principles that they follow. Confidentiality is one of the most important ethical issues in health care, serious penalties await those who violate this rule. Discrimination is also another very serious issue in medical ethics.

Discrimination can be because of race, gender, color, or even religion. This may happen between a patient and a medical practitioner or teen a medical practitioner and another member of the healthcare team. All members of the team must always protect the welfare of the patients and of themselves as well. Another ethical Issue is honesty. Information to the concerned parties are also common ethical issues in healthcare and they should be true and not falsified. When results of diagnostic tests are available, these pieces of information must be relayed to the patients and their families.

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Their diagnosis and other important data should also be scudded properly by the physician and the nurses so that there will be transparency in the treatment process. Giving false hopes and false reassurances are strictly discouraged. To deal with ethical issues in healthcare promotion, the authorities of a hospital must see to it that the information they give by means of advertising is completely correct and accurate. The advertisements must never be misleading and confusing, considering that the wellbeing of every patient is what this industry primarily aims for.

Medical errors could happen within the health care system. It could be in the hospital, surgery centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, nursing homes and even at patient’s home. These errors could involve diagnosis, surgery, medicines, lab reports and equipment. Once a doctor has given inaccurate diagnosis and medical procedure to his patient, it can be really devastating on the side of the patient. Because of numerous ethical issues in health care that may arise every day, hospitals and other health institutions are now required to form an ethics committee.

The ethics committee is a roof of people who assists patients, the patient’s families, and health care personnel in identifying, understanding, and resolving ethical issues. In most cases, the ethical committee is composed of physicians, nurses, social workers, ethicists, a hospital chaplain and a lawyer. The ethical committee will be responsible in writing a set of ethical policies and a code of ethics. When making ethical decisions, there are certain values that the committee needs to be aware of. The basic principles of ethical decision making are Beneficence, Autonomy, Non-maleficent and Justice.


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