Aristotle approach to ethics includes a concept of human excellence, or virtues. This theory states that the highest form of happiness comes from engaging our capacity to reason as we develop a good character. To be happy one must live well, act well and act with virtue. Human excellence is developed through good habits that put out an image of what it means to be human. One may become a virtuous person by continuously acting virtuously.

These virtuous actions will stick to us and become habits that represents unman excellence and will lead to true happiness. Solomon Bandy in “Blood Diamond” demonstrates human excellence through his actions during the whole movie. He chose to continuously act in a virtuous way which in the end led him to the ultimate happiness. Solomon did everything to find his family, with the help of Danny Archer and Mayday Bowen, Salmon’s family was found, in return Solomon was to show Danny where the diamond is. Throughout the whole movie Solomon was always acting virtuously.

When Solomon and Danny went to dig out the diamond, Danny got shot and was bleeding out. Despite Salmon’s tiredness, he carried Danny up mountains. Solomon acted virtuously which therefore led him to true happiness with his family. For Solomon, the ultimate happiness is being with his family and living peacefully with them. He gained this happiness through his ethical actions to find his family and son. This happiness is clearly shown when Mayday Brown brings Solomon to his family in a refugee camp in

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Guiana, before Solomon finds out his son is missing he is filled with joy. Aristotle would have said that Solomon acted ethically to find his family. He never acted wrongly; his actions for the most part are all virtuous which led him to happiness. Virtuous actions are ethical actions. Cant’s theory on ethics includes a concept of universal law. This concept explains that one must act in a way they want everyone else to act as well. If everyone were to act ethically the world would be a lot better.



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