With that said, contract provision should be imposed through the cross-border multi-jurisdiction transactions for legitimate support. Preventing disputes with a foreign business partner is not likely but some practical considerations of taking legal action against a foreign business partner based in another country from being more of a headache can be to making sure that the laws between the countries have written documents stating that they have reached a mutual agreement and understand the arms and conditions under the English laws and courts by each party.

Some other considerations can be to providing a hard copy to confirm their negotiations and embrace a provision of arbitration incase if a disagreement should arise. The factors that could work against the Academes decision to grant subleasing agreements is that if the third party has careless intentions this could create accruing litigation. Also, if a member of the staff makes mistakes by not complying with what is written in the agreement the company would be held accountable for the carelessness.

What should prevail when the local and customs and laws conflicting with the customs and laws of the organization operating abroad, are the local customs and laws in which the organization is operating in no matter what county they may be in. The reason why this should prevail is due to that laws are made specifically for a country to be abided by and complied to and are enforced within the particular jurisdiction or land when there are branches of stores are located across the county. In this week’s simulation we had to construct the most favorable decision in which benefited the IS.

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S. And foreign companies. When comparing the issues in this weeks simulation to the domestic legal issues in week ones readings seem to only have a dissimilarity when handling domestic and international issues. How companies should resolve domestic and international issues differently should start with having a very knowledgeable legal team or department. Resolving domestic and international issues all comes down to how much homework you did on learning the laws and the codes of the legal systems involved.


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