PVC administers federal funds to support victim services, provides training for diverse professionals who work with victims, develops programs to advance victims’ rights and enhance services, ND undertakes public education and advocacy activities on behalf of crime victims (US Dept. Of Justice, 2011). The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program is one source, which the PVC uses to provide assistance to areas that have been exposed to events of terrorism and mass violence.

The PVC developed the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program (PEA) to help prevent terrorism and provide for those who will need help in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. They have provided mental health counseling reduce and other services or compensation to students, faculty, ND emergency services personnel (US Dept. Of Justice, 201 1). PEA offers five grant opportunities funded through PVC to help victims build their lives after an act of terrorism or mass violence.

First is the crisis response grant, which helps to the amount a trauma experienced after the violent event. Second is the consequence management grant, which aid?s victims to function normally after an event. Third is the criminal justice support grant, which calls for victim participation in the ongoing investigation to the terrorist act. Fourth s the crime victim compensation grant, which allows the victims retribution for out-of-pocket costs that they endured. As with all programs, ethical issues do arise even during a program evaluation.

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The Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance program was created after the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma in 1995. Congress changed the Victims of Crime Act to provide assistance to victims such as in the Oklahoma bombing. They also established provision for services to help the individuals of the 9/1 1, terrorist events and the bombings of Flight 1 03 and many other acts of terrorism and ass violence over the past decades. One can only imagine the amount of mental anguish someone can or will experience from these traumatic events.

The terrorist activity and unlawful mass violence against citizens of the United States, both in the United States and overseas, has grown over the past couple Of decades. The Oklahoma bombing, September 11, and Columbine are just a few events in recent years that have impacted the United States and increased awareness of terrorist activity and mass violence. Such acts leave victims with serious physical and emotional wounds and halogen government officials and communities to respond immediately with appropriate resources (US Dept. F Justice, 2011 Victim assistance and compensation providers face the daunting task of coordinating effective and timely responses, providing information and assistance to victims, and working closely with other agencies and victim service organizations (US Dept. Of Justice, 2011). Although there is no actual definition for the meaning of mass violence the Office of Victims of Crime has generated a feasible explanation. For the purposes of the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance

Program, the term “mass violence” means an intentional violent criminal act for which a formal investigation has been opened by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other law enforcement agency and which results in physical, emotional, or psychological injury to a sufficiently large number of people so as to significantly increase the burden of victim assistance and compensation for the responding jurisdiction, as determined by the PVC Director (US Dept. Of Justice, 2011). Terrorism however, is explained in the United States Codes under domestic terrorism.

Basic terrorism basically involves acts or crimes that are considered dangerous to human life, which violates criminal laws in the United States generally adding political influences as well. In cases within the United States, applications will be accepted only from the jurisdiction in which the crime occurred unless a statute establishes a special authorization and appropriation supporting allocations to other jurisdictions, or a compelling justification can be provided to the PVC Director supporting requests from other jurisdictions (US Dept. Justice, 201 1). Individuals who will receive funding through the program may come from different agencies across all levels of government. Victims who may need assistance may be eligible for multiple grants if they qualify. Victim compensation is based on the current fiscal year budget allotted by Congress. Congress reviews the National Crime Factorization Survey to establish how many people are victims of crimes and what types of crimes were committed against them. The money awarded victims is available through state ran programs in the form of rants.


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