In the nursing profession. maintaining patient confidentiality is of the topmost concern. It is an of import characteristic of the nurse -patient relationship and must be maintain as footing of supplying attention. Confidentiality is described as esteeming other people’s secret and maintaining security information gathered from persons in the privileged fortunes of a professional relationship. ( Lee and Godbold. 2012 ) . The privateness act offer nurses some flexibleness in utilizing professional sentiment sing revelation of information ; nevertheless safe guards must be utilized ( McGowan 2012 ) . In the undermentioned paragraph. deductions of breach of confidentiality and application of ethical rules and theories in decision-making in an ethical quandary with mention to article by Nathanson. ( 2000 ) entitled “ Betraying Trust or Supplying Good Care? When is it Okay to Interrupt Confidentiality? ” will be addressed.

Confidentiality is cardinal in the health care system. When Confidentiality is breeched. it may discourage patients from seeking intervention for fright of revelation of one’s personal information ( Beech 2007 ) . Confidentiality can ensue in legal and professional jobs. misgiving. discourtesy. and feelings of treachery and or hapless conformity with intervention. The inquiry so arises. when is it okay to breech confidentiality between a patient and the health care supplier? Confidentiality may be breeched when injury is foreseen for the patient and the society at big. Mark Gowan ( 2012 ) suggests that “Nurses should be cognizant of some ordinances sing confidentiality every bit good as state of affairss and when to utilize ; and revelation of Protected Health Information are permitted. ( **** ) . When faced with an ethical quandary. all possible options should be explored in order to protect the patient’s right of confidentiality and liberty.

While keeping confidentiality of patient. it is imperative to observe that issues might originate that will ask the breach of confidentiality as seen in the instance of Nurse Hathaway and the adolescents. Nurse Hardaway was involved in an ethical quandary when two adolescents with serious diagnosing and demanding confidentiality attack her for attention. The nurse was confronted with breakage or keeping confidentiality and allow harm come to the patient ( Nathanson. 2000 ) . Of either picks. the nurse may be apt for breach of patient confidentiality or disregard when hapless determination is made. because the nurse is professionally and personally responsible for their actions. When faced with ethical quandary. applications of ethical rules and theories become necessary in doing good determinations. It is critical that nurses are familiar with the rules. theories. criterion of pattern and codification of professional moralss.

The determination made by Nurse Hathaway to unwrap the diagnosing to the teenager’s parents was viewed as the right determination given the fortunes. Failure of the nurse to unwrap the diagnosing to the teenager’s parent would accordingly endanger the wellness of the adolescent. The ethical theory utilized in the scenario reflects Utilitarian and Deontology attack. A useful attack requires placing and taking an option that would probably bring forth the most good for all involved ( least injury ) .

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The positive result of transgressing confidentiality outweighs the agony and hapless wellness position foreseen for the adolescent. Nurse Hathaway besides utilized the theory of Deontology. which focuses on making 1s responsibility every bit long as it is universally applied irrespective of the fortunes. Critical thought and good determination devising accomplishment is critical In recommending for the patient ; as it is the responsibility of the nurse to protect. promote. restore. and maintain the wellness of the person and the community.

The determination to unwrap the teenager’s wellness information to the school authorization was considered unethical. The hapless judgement and action by the nurse resulted in humiliation and possible suicidal effort by the adolescent ( Nathanson 2000 ) . Ethically. this determination proved non to be in the best involvement of the patient and defies the rules of nonmaleficence and beneficence. Both rules entail the responsibility to make good cubic decimeter and cause no injury. Confidentiality was breached because the state of affairs did non necessitate coverage to the school governments.

An alternate manner of covering with such ethical quandary would be for the school nurse to carry on wellness carnivals on safe sex instruction and wellness patterns among adolescents in the school and community. School nurses and governments should besides be notified of the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases without placing any peculiar pupil. In worst instance scenario. the nurse should besides confer with with the installation or institutional ethical commission for directive.

The moralss commission plays several cardinal functions when it comes to doing ethical determination because they are able to placing whether or non an action is justifiable. One of the functions is to help in revising and developing policies refering to clinical moralss ( DCD ETHICS commission ) . Collaboratively. the moralss commission together with their diverse experiences. educational back evidences. position and alone values would bring forth a good balanced treatment of options ( GCU ) . The moralss commission might besides use a combination of the ethical rules and theories in doing determination.

Uustal’s theoretical account besides assist in place the undermentioned stairss to be taken: placing the job. saying your values and ethical place related to the job. sing factors related to the state of affairs. bring forthing options related to the quandary. categorising the option. developing a program of action. implementing the program and measuring the program of action taken. The exclusive purpose of the moralss commission is to recommend. protect and advance the right of the patient while doing determinations that will profit all. As in the old scenario. the ethical commission if consulted would supply necessary counsel in the airing of the patient’s information. thereby extinguishing the deduction of breach of confidentiality.

Confidentiality helps to further a good nurse-patient relationship. However there are times when confidentiality conflicts with 1s responsibility and values. The jurisprudence of confidentiality is complex. and demands a balance between patient’s right and the nurse’s responsibilities. When faced with an ethical quandary there’s a demand for proper integrating of the ethical rules and theories in order to get at a descion that promotes and respects the patients liberty. Nurses should be acquainted with their codification of professional behavior and duties often. Nurses should use the usage of the moralss commission found in most installations as needed.


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