Which of the following is true regarding data analysis?
Data analysis methods should be specified in advance before a study begins.
Which of the following most accurately describes data lifecycle management (DLM)
It refers to the tools and processes for handling data during a research study and after it concludes.
Which of the following is true regarding the reporting of research results?
Clear specification of the methods and procedures used is essential.
What is the primary responsibility of oversight bodies such as an IRB or an IACUC
To detect compliance with regulatory requirements, including those relating to protecting research subjects.
Which of the following is true regarding data acquisition?
Data acquisition should follow a detailed collection plan that is set in advance.
In the research context, the term validity most commonly refers to:
Whether operationalized terms actually measure what they purport to measure.
What are the three main goals of data lifecycle management?
Confidentiality, availability, and integrity
Which of the following is true regarding data sharing and stewardship
Researchers who receive federal funding may have to adhere to a data sharing requirement.
If an employer allows a friendship to interfere with a hiring decision, this is typically referred to as:
A personal conflict of interest.
If researchers allow their moral or other personal beliefs to influence their objectivity, this is most likely an example of:
A conflict of conscience
The entity that normally is supposed to determine whether an academic researcher’s conflict of interest can be managed is:
A conflict of interest committee
Which of the following most accurately describes a conflict of commitment?
It occurs when outside activities interfere with obligations to one’s primary employer.
The main focus of NIH’s conflict of interest policy is:
Financial conflicts of interest
Which of the following most accurately describes an institutional conflict of interest?
It occurs when an institution’s financial interests could interfere with its research activities
Which of following is true about the management of conflicts of interest?
Management plans are often created to reduce the impact of conflicts of interest rather than completely eliminating them
Which of following is true about conflicts of interest
They increase the likelihood of bias.
Which of the following statements best exemplifies the importance of mentoring?
A mechanism to transmit values and standards of professional conduct.
What is the most appropriate course of action for a trainee who has a problem with a mentor?
After first attempting to communicate directly with the mentor, the trainee should seek the counsel of a trusted senior person in the department or organization.
Which of the following most accurately describes the responsibilities of a trainee in the mentoring relationship?
The trainee must take an active role in the relationship and clearly communicate needs and expectations.
Which of the following statements most accurately describes the mentoring relationship?
Mentors teach trainees about aspects of academic life that are not covered in textbooks
The defining characteristic of a mentor is someone who:
Takes a sincere interest in the growth and development of a trainee.

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