Azerbaijan, as a state situated in the Caucasus has a really advantageous location for touristry, but touristry is non a taking sector in Azerbaijan. The most of import industry here is oil sector as Azerbaijan has really rich oil militias and economic system depends and develops on the oil industry. Over 90 % of one-year income comes from our oil industry and the difference between oil industry and the others is immense. So that ‘s why Azerbaijani authorities wants to cover this difference and the best manner is to better touristry sector because we have the potency. Even in the universe touristry is the 2nd biggest industry after the oil sector.

Most of the tourers coming to Azerbaijan are concern travelers and the ground is oil industry once more. That is why the hotels are largely specialized in concern touristry. There are some hotels that I would wish to advert: The Landmark Hotel, Hyatt, Ramada Baku, Radisson SAS and Park Inn. As a best pattern in sustainable cordial reception experience I would wish talk about Hyatt. In comparing with above mentioned hotels, Hyatt Hotels Baku has a existent professional background and comfortable experience in cordial reception industry.

Contribution to the Body of Knowledge

Actually there have been done no surveies and researches on sustainability of the hotels in the market in Azerbaijan that made it a challenge to discourse the subject with highly deficiency of information given. Therefore, this thesis can be accepted as one of the first researches on the sustainability of the hotels in the market, but non in regard to the environment and nature.

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Research Questions

While working on this subject I am traveling to happen replies to the undermentioned inquiries:

What is the current state of affairs in cordial reception industry?

What are the barriers for sustainability of hotels?

Which are the ways of interrupting the barriers of hotel ‘s sustainability?

SWOT analyze

What are the recommendations and suggestions for sustainability?


This thesis will be done by hermeneutical sort of research as I am traveling to seek bing literature, statistical studies, articles, etc. While reexamining these stuffs I will analyse and garner all necessary information and give a concluding study on sustainability of hotels.

In order to acquire intended information about the hotel I have contacted the gross revenues & A ; selling director of Hyatt Baku Mrs. Bahar Dadashova. So far we had merely one conference call to inform her about my purpose, nevertheless in the tally of the thesis we will maintain in touch.


This chapter gives an overview of the different definitions of sustainable touristry. On the other manus, some surveies done refering sorts of sustainable touristry itself. So far, these definitions give an thought about sustainable touristry and its chief factors.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable touristry development is defined by the Word Tourism Organisation ( WTO ) , as a development that “ meets the demands of present tourers and host parts while protecting and heightening chance for the hereafter. It is envisaged as taking to direction of all resources in such a manner that economic, societal, and aesthetic demands can be fulfilled while keeping cultural unity, indispensable ecological procedures, and biological diverseness, and life support systems ” ( World Tourism Organisation ( WTO ) , 2003 ) . Based on the Rio de Janeiro Declaration on Environment and Development, 12 steering rules of sustainable touristry are set in the Agenda 21 for the travel and touristry industry ( United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP ) , 2002 ) . In the touristry context, sustainable touristry is frequently associated with nature orientated touristry or eco-tourism ( Eagles et al. , 2002 ) and has become cardinal in the argument on environmentally incorporate touristry development ( Gossling et al. , 2002 ) .

Tourism in Azerbaijan

Sustainability of the hotels in Azerbaijan is really immature as the touristry industry itself. The Republic of Azerbaijan was established in the early 1990s. Since the establishment economic system of the state was depending on oil industry. 95 % of the budget was contributed by the state ‘s oil industry.

The best alternate to cut down this dependence on oil in the budget is to develop touristry industry. Azerbaijan has really good potency for touristry ; high mountains, beautiful woods, ancient history, different historical sites and memorials, tonss of creative persons, poets etc.

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 2005. One twelvemonth subsequently Azerbaijan Tourism Institute ( ATI ) under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Azerbaijan was opened. ATI is established in order to cover the deficiency of qualified staff in touristry sector which is a planetary issue in universe touristry industry every bit good.

Sustainable Tourism in Azerbaijan

As it was mentioned above touristry sector in Azerbaijan is immature compared to the other industries. Talking about sustainability of the hotels in Azerbaijan we can merely advert really few hotels e.g. , Hyatt Hotels Baku, Radisson SAS Baku.

The names mentioned above are one of the first hotels in Azerbaijan. They are still runing successfully and still really strong in the market.

To travel back to the Soviet Union period so we can speak about the Hotel Azerbaijan and Absheron Hotel. Those hotels had a large market portion as good and were really popular at that clip. They had been runing for a long clip. The sustainability factors were ;

Good location

Contribution by the authorities

Best service for that clip

Best staff

Since 2005 these both of the hotels were destroyed one after another and now there are 2 large buildings traveling on ; Hilton and JW Marriott.

The JW Marriott is replacing Baku ‘s celebrated Absheron Hotel, which has been demolished, and will be portion of a assorted usage development designed by ReardonSmith to include 16 floors of private abodes, serviced flats, retail and offices every bit good as the 20-storey hotel. The designers had a figure of cardinal considerations to equilibrate in their construct: location, the high H2O tabular array, local conventions and successful hotel operations and of class, the client ‘s aspirations for this of import edifice. The consequence is a alone design that makes a virtuousness out of turn toing these potentially viing pronouncements.

The Hotel “ Hilton Baku ” , which is being built in Baku on Azadlig Avenue ( alternatively the hotel “ Azerbaijan ” ) , will be commissioned in August 2011. The entire country of five-star hotel “ Hilton Baku ” is 42,160 square metres. The hotel will dwell of 25 floors and 308 suites. There will be lifts with bird’s-eye positions, different eating houses, concert and exhibition halls, diversion Centre at the 670 square metres, athleticss and fittingness Centres and swimming pools in the hotel. A saloon, which rotates 360 grades and covers the full view of Baku, will be located on the top floor of the hotel.

Hyatt Hotels

Global Hyatt

I guess this is the lone hotel that really stopped growing of the company related to its policy: Global Hyatt has concentrated on high-end section, but nevertheless it is among the 10 largest. In 2007, the concatenation launched an advanced hotel trade name Hyatt Place, where everything is created based on the consequences of studies carried out among the discerning tourers. The hotel is non merely supplying sole services but besides tries to do stress on its edifices and design.


Hyatt Hotels Corporations well-established repute as an industry pioneer provides a wealth of inspiration as the company looks frontward to its following epoch of originative cordial reception. Known around the universe for its trade names – Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Hyatt Summerfield Suites and Andaz – the full aggregation of Hyatt hotels and resorts weaves together reliable service with taking engineering to offer its invitees alone eating houses, luxury adjustments and typical watering place. With its new enterprises and design elements go oning to germinate, the following half-century of Hyatt invention will go on to supply its invitees a universe of uncommon travel experiences. Hyatt Hotels & A ; Resorts opened its first belongings, a little motor hotel at the Los Angeles International Airport, in 1957 and its portfolio rapidly grew to include several other modest hotels along the West Coast and in Chicago over the following 10 old ages. In 1967, Hyatt opened its first major John Portman designed hotel, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, in Georgia, which featured a space-age design with a dramatic, 21-story atrium anteroom. The radical architecture spawned tonss of atrium anterooms around the universe, efficaciously altering the class of the housing industry and reshaping the Hyatt trade name as an advanced and important planetary cordial reception leader.

Hyatt successfully distinguishes itself within the competitory cordial reception market place with six different trade names, each designed to present experiences attuned to the life styles, attitudes, values, and aspirations of the invitees for whom it is designed. The 2007-launched Andaz trade name is edification made simple delivered with a echt heat ; Hyatt Regency enables productiveness and revival within a antiphonal, convenient and modern-day environment ; Park Hyatt, a discreet and refined aggregation located in stylish metropoliss around the universe, epitomizes modern luxury ; Grand Hyatt belongingss are some of the most architecturally dramatic hotels in the universe, offering arresting design and a myriad of advanced nutrient and drink constructs ; Hyatt Place is designed for the 24/7 life style of today ‘s multi-tasking concern traveler, and Hyatt Summerfield Suites, a reinvention of the all-suites, extended-stay hotel, features timely comfortss and inviting, residential design.

As a incorporate portfolio, Hyatt ‘s belongingss portion nucleus values across the Hyatt trade name: exceeding invitee service, upscale comfortss, popular nutrient and drink plans, and advanced inside designs that incorporate local art and manner. Presently offering travelers a pick of more than 365 hotels and resorts in over 45 states, Hyatt Hotels Corporation continues to construct on its committedness to clients, staff, spouses and the environment as it grows its dynamic vision for the hereafter of cordial reception.

International concatenation

Hyatt Corporation is one of the taking hotel companies in North America. Owned by the Pritzker household of Chicago, Hyatt manages or licenses the direction of 87 hotels and 16 resorts ( with a sum of 55,000 suites ) in 83 metropoliss in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. In add-on to its resorts, Hyatt has besides developed other particular hotel constructs — the Grand Hyatt, the Park Hyatt, and Authoritative Residence by Hyatt. Grand Hyatts are large-scale, higher priced hotels located in culturally rich metropoliss, with three in the United States ( New York, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. ) . Park Hyatts are modelled after little European hotels and are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. The Authoritative Residence by Hyatt belongingss offers luxury retirement flats for rental. Get downing in the mid-1990s, the company has besides sought growing chances in franchising, time-share belongingss, free-standing golf classs, and casinos.

Hyatt Hotels Baku

Hyatt Hotels Baku consists of 2 hotels -Hyatt Regency Baku and Park Hyatt Baku Hyatt Regency Baku was reconstructed and opened in 1995 ; 2nd redevelopment was implemented in 2005 ; Park Hyatt Baku was unfastened in 1999 and most of the suites were refurbished with new installations in 2008

Best Sustainable Hotel Ironss

Intercontinental Hotel Group

Since 2004, this hotel ‘s concatenation became the largest in the universe. To day of the month, it owns more than 600 1000 hotel suites, scattered across the Earth. Each twelvemonth their figure is being increased by 5,9 % , chiefly due to the enlargement of Holiday Inn Express, but besides because of the increasing figure of hotels Crowne Plaza and the outgrowth in Europe, Staybridge Suites and Indigo boutique hotel.

Marriott International

The company claims that every twelvemonth, turning by 4,7 % and in the close hereafter has programs to construct 800 hotel and add to the bing 500 1000 suites 125 thousand more. The Group besides promises to put a batch in preexistent 1s, including the Marriott floor, legion trade names, covering all niches of the hotel concern from budget options for hapless tourers to luxury hotels for the discerning VIP-persons.

Hilton Hotels

Ranking as the 4th largest concatenation, this trade name is popular non merely with luxury hotels, but besides because of the disgraceful Paris Hilton ‘s adventures, the former inheritor to the imperium hotel room. The company is known leaning for inventions: the first one of its proprietors have introduced a system of “ star ” evaluations, equipped hotel with Wi-Fi. However, the concatenation began to endure losingss, and in 2007 the former proprietors were forced to sell the hotel concern group Blackstone. In 2008 cyberspace increased with 300 new sites, and the growing of the company was chiefly due to sweeps of the United States. But the outgrowth of the company ‘s portfolio of trade names Doubletree, Homewood Suites, and particularly the Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Inn, every bit good as the building of Hilton Hotel in provincial Russia say the desire to get down taking over the universe.

ANALYZING THE general statement

Hyatt Hotels in Azerbaijan

Hyatt Hotels Group is focused on heightening the trade name penchant by continuously bettering the public presentation of their existing hotels and successfully spread outing the presence of their trade names in choice markets worldwide. Smart growing and development is cardinal to accomplishing these purposes. As a company, they add hotels in locations throughout the universe where their loyal invitees and clients want them to be. Hyatt squad works closely with the development spouses to guarantee their success through advanced and efficient design, operational excellence and effectual gross revenues and selling schemes. Hyatt Hotels are focused on the function of development within the organisation and have formed a dedicated and experienced planetary development squad. Hyatt Hotels Baku is committed to set uping a repute as the prima hotel composite in Azerbaijan and the Caucasus part. Their service is known to expect, run into and transcend the guest outlooks.

In order to retain the established place as the market leader in Baku, they focus on the quality of the operation, the physical facets of both of the hotels, safety and security every bit good as making exciting, advanced and tendency scene merchandises throughout.


Widely recognized and industry taking trade names of Hyatt Hotels have systematically received top rankings, awards and awards for service and guest experience from independent publications and studies, including Travel and Leisure, Mobil and AAA. The mission of Hyatt is to supply reliable cordial reception by doing a difference in the lives of the people. They focus on this mission in chase of the end of going the most preferable trade name in each section that they serve for the associates, invitees, and proprietors. Hyatt Hotels back up their mission and end by adhering to a set of nucleus values that characterizes their civilization. Globally, they manage, franchise, ain and develop Hyatt branded hotels, resorts and residential and holiday ownership belongingss around the universe. As of March 31, 2010, the company ‘s worldwide portfolio consisted of 434 belongingss.

Gross saless & A ; selling section of Hyatt Hotels Baku

Gross saless and Marketing section in Hyatt Hotels Baku consists of 8 employees which are-Director of Gross saless, Catering Manager, 2 Banquet Gross saless Managers, 2 Rooms Gross saless Managers, Gross saless Executive and Revenue Analyst. Besides, there can be Gross saless Admin Assistant, Gross saless Coordinator, Regional Director of Marketing, Marketing Communications Manager. Hyatt ‘s world-wide Gross saless and Marketing squads strive to construct trade name penchant and thrust gross to our hotels. Our gross revenues and selling schemes are rooted in a comprehensive apprehension of our client sections, the current kineticss of the market place and the most effectual usage of new engineering and media platforms. Hyatt ‘s selling scheme is designed to procure and construct trade name value and consciousness while run intoing the particular concern demands of hotel operations. Building and distinguishing the trade name place of Hyatt and our sub-brands is cardinal to increasing Hyatt ‘s trade name penchant and demand, rate premium and related concern jussive moods. Hyatt is focused on aiming the distinguishable client sections that each of our trade names serves and back uping the demands of the hotels by thorough analysis and application of informations and analytics. There is a co-ordinated and incorporate communicating scheme for the Hyatt maestro trade name and each of the sub-brands across every distribution channel.

Promotion of Hyatt Hotels Baku in the World

Hyatt ‘s Central Reservation System is an of import subscriber to the public presentation of the hotels system broad. The system booked 11.8 million room-nights in 2008, stand foring about $ 2.3 billion in suites section gross. Reservation Centres are located in the United States, Australia, India, UAE, Germany, Japan and China to supply 24/7 entree to prospective invitees. Hyatt Hotels work closely with the distribution spouses to guarantee that they maximize market portion across all channels. These include traditional travel bureaus ( e.g. , American Express, Carlson Wagonlit ) , online travel bureaus ( e.g. , Expedia, Travelocity and multiple regional bureaus, etc. ) , opaque bureaus ( e.g. , Priceline, Hotwire ) and multiple user-generated sites that link back to ( e.g. , Trip Advisor ) . Hyatt besides has extended selling partnerships with all planetary and regional air hoses.

Merchandise knowhow

Hyatt Baku Hotels offers odd assortment of installations and services within one composite, including concern and communicating engineering, huge fittingness and relaxation installations, an array of dining and amusement chances, stores and offices. The USP of Hyatt Hotels Baku is: favorable location and convenient entree to choose concern Centres and authorities offices ; the lone complete life style composite in the metropolis, having 2 hotels, office and residential installations, broad assortment of F & A ; B Outlets, multifunctional meeting and conference installations and state-of-the-art Health and Fitness Centre ; largest planetary distribution / reserve system ; largest stock list of suites present in the metropolis suitable for big VIP authorities groups.

Contribution from the Hyatt Hotels International

Hyatt ‘s belongingss and preopening gross revenues offices are supported by a web of sales representative in cardinal markets around the universe. Gross saless professionals represent all Hyatt finishs and concentrate on all relevant market sections e.g. , corporate histories, M.I.C.E. histories, cardinal jobbers, travel bureaus and luxury travel specializers. Extra support is provided to hotels with dedicated resources pull offing plans such as Consummate American Express Fine Hotels & A ; Resorts. The web includes offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. , Mexico City, London, Mainz, Sydney, Melbourne, Riyadh, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai, every bit good as extra coverage throughout Continental Europe. Each office is responsible for ongoing support of the Hyatt portfolio. Additionally, each office coordinates the presentation of Hyatt and Hyatt ‘s sub-brands at of import industry events and shows such as ITB, World Travel Market and Asia Luxury Travel Market. Hotels besides have the chance to take part in one-year Hyatt carnivals and gross revenues calls coordinated by each worldwide gross revenues office. These events provide the hotels with face-to-face entree to Hyatt ‘s best existing and possible clients.

Competitiveness of Hyatt Hotels

Presently eight five-star international hotels are under building in Baku. This is non merely about pulling comfortable tourers, as Baku still has a comparatively little demand for luxury hotels. It is about doing Baku competitory as a mega-event Mecca. Baku will be promoted as a site for “ conference touristry, ” Gurbatov, the touristry functionary, said. “ Each twelvemonth, Baku hosts more government-sponsored conferences and other events. But the creative activity of the appropriate substructure — luxury hotels, big expo-centres, convention Centres, conference halls and bowls — will let the authorities to offer on hosting large-scale international events. ” One 33,800-square-meter expounding Centre opened in Baku in May ; the authorities has besides begun building of a 60,000-seat association football bowl. The sprawling 90,071-square-meter Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, designed to look like ruffling moving ridges, will open in 2013. Attracting featuring events and conferences to these locales “ is a affair of both the state ‘s prestigiousness and commercial net income from foreign visitants, ” Gurbatov added. For now, outlooks run high that the proprietors of the new hotel under building will profit from their investings – presuming that the authorities succeeds with its “ conference touristry ” scheme. Commented Kenan Aslanly, an analyst at Baku ‘s Public Finance Monitoring Centre: “ If this scheme is successfully implemented, the state will win both economically and politically. ”

Jumeirah will be the first new hotel to open in 2011. Jumeirah will hold moderately strong trade name consciousness in Baku, since a ) Dubai is a really familiar weekend / vacation retreat for Azerbaijanis and B ) Middle-Eastern and Persian concern is turning in Baku due to the development in the metropolis with Dubai as an “ ideal ” . Jumeirah is located near to the President ‘s Dacha, approx 15 proceedingss outside the airdrome ( 45 proceedingss from metropolis Centre ) .

The President will utilize this hotel to host sing diplomatic deputations and Ministry conferences due to the close propinquity to the airdrome, Buta Palace conference Centre and to his summer abode / Dacha, where he resides between April – October every twelvemonth. This will impact Park Hyatt, as we presently get the bulk of this concern. It will besides impact Hyatt Regency when it comes to groups and associations ( e.g. athletics groups ) which look for a privy topographic point with infinites for out-of-door activities ( pools, golf class, tennis etc ) , and groups looking for a location outside the metropolis Centre to avoid late party darks.

The Marriott ( 80 room stock list ) is located near to Jumeirah. Due to a little stock list and inconvenient location, it will non impact Hyatt much, despite being a well known, international trade name with an aggressive opening-strategy to drive tenancy. JW Marriott ( 228 room stock list ) will open Q1 2012.Located at Baku ‘s Freedom Square – a national symbol and location of military parades – every bit good as the seafront avenue with the Caspian Sea beyond. This hotel will besides hold to vie in the corporate market to accomplish tenancy. Hilton will open in June 2011 and is located right following to Park Inn, sea side in the Centre of the metropolis. The two hotels have the same proprietor, something which is of great concern for Park Inn. Park Inn opened in 2005, but is still worried about acquiring a new, international trade name as competitor- and has great concerns about losing corporate understandings for companies located around the hotel and group concern. Landmark is besides really concerned about this new entry on the hotel scene. We think the Hilton will besides impact Hyatt Regency, – both for groups and transient concern. Fairmont is the largest of the new hotels ; the hotel will besides hold to vie in the corporate market to accomplish tenancy. They will be able to offer moderate corporate rates due to the size of the belongings, and due to the location we can anticipate companies and persons sing for meetings with ministries etc to possibly take this location. Hyatt used to be a good location as we are merely a 5-10 proceedingss drive from the parliament and several ministries. Four Seasons hotel is scheduled to open late 2011. Park Hyatt is presently the lone official protocol hotel in Baku, but it will chiefly lose this position one time Four Seasons is opening. The hotel will be more or less purpose built to host high-level authorities functionaries, diplomatic visits, VIPs etc. , with a 3-bedroom Presidential suite and several 3-bedroom and 2-bedroom suites and a room type called “ Deluxe deluxe ” with two king beds in the same room ( suited for the American- and Asiatic market ) . Four Seasons will besides hold a 330 M2 dance hall. Sheraton is still a undertaking to rebrand the Airport hotel ( antique Holiday Inn )

Sustainability of Hyatt Baku Hotels

Hyatt Hotels Baku has started runing in Azerbaijan since 1995. First, Hyatt Regency was opened in 1995 after the aˆzContract of Century ” ( Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil grapevine ) . Then in 1999 due to the high demand Park Hyatt was opened following to the Hyatt Regency. Till 2004 both of the hotels were really strong and about entirely in the market. The lone rival was Radisson SAS. In 2004 another trade name Park Inn penetrated into the market. Since so the market portion of Hyatt Hotels in Baku is decreased somewhat. Because still the demand is high and adjustment installations are non plenty to run into the demand. Currently, Baku features merely a few luxury hotels run by international ironss — the Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt and Radisson SAS, Park Inn and Airport Hotel. If Azerbaijan ‘s Eurovision contestant, Safura, had triumphed at the one-year dad extravaganza this twelvemonth, Baku would non hold had the installations to host the event in 2011, noted Faig Gurbatov, national coordinator of the authorities ‘s Tourism Development Project, an inaugural tally jointly with the United Nations Development Programme.

Since the 1995 to nowadays both of the Hyatt Hotels in Baku were runing really successfully. This is a chief factor demoing its sustainability.


Demand for Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Park ( Baku ) is rather high. The mean tenancy rate ( yearly ) is about 69 % . In high seasons this figure increases up to 90-95 % .

Target Market

One of the constituents needed to use hotel gross direction is market cleavage. It allows you to aim and market to a assortment of consumer groups with different behavior with an offer that matches their demands and budget degree.

Your hotel market cleavage shall assist to place the intent of the trip: either concern or leisure. The monetary value does non make up one’s mind of the market cleavage. Clear differentiation must besides be achieved between single and group concern.The market cleavage shall assist you place the tendencies of your concern:

Length of Stay

Day of Weeks corsets

Entire Revenue per room, Entire Revenue per client

Lead Time


No Show ratio

Due to the last tendencies in Azerbaijan 3 industries are increasing quickly for example, oil concern, pharmaceutical industry and information & A ; telecommunications sector. Guests from the above mentioned industries are coming to remain at Hyatt really frequently. Besides, the figure of governmental functionaries and walk-in tourers is high plenty.

Maritz guest satisfaction study ( Benchmarking )

Since the rival hotels give incorrect information, Hyatt International has decided to alter their scheme. Now, Hyatt Hotels are non making benchmarking. Hyatt Hotels Baku uses the services of Maritz.

Maritz is a guest satisfaction study. Maritz protects the informations about the companies by the first policies and processs. Maritz has developed a security plan which includes:

Physical Security and Controls

Network Architecture and Security

System and Remote Access Controls

Application Security

Database Security

Name Centre Security

Security Administration

Invasion Detection

Change Management

Data Back-up and Retention

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Guest Satisfaction Surveys

As many hotel ironss Hyatt hotels International look into the guest satisfaction degree. In order to obtain the information about the service quality and better to understand the demands and wants of the invitees.

Hyatt Hotels Baku is besides carry oning such sort of studies in order to acquire the needed information. Largely the remark cards are used in cordial reception sector. Either the cards are put on the tabular array in the suites or response provides with remark cards at the cheque – out.

As I have mentioned already, I had a meeting with the gross revenues & A ; selling director of Hyatt Hotels Baku. She showed me a guest remark card.

How would you rate the quality of the nutrient?

How would you rate the service quality?

Please rate the cleanliness of the installations.

Please rate the friendliness of the staff.

Please rate your overall experience.

How likely are you to mention us to a friend?

Each inquiry can acquire minimal 1, maximum 5 points from each respondent. The points from each respondent per inquiry are added together. Then they calculate the per centum out of the maximal e.g. , 3 respondents answered the 1st inquiry and the consequences were 5, 4 and 3 points.


12*100/15=80 %

( 15 ) is the maximal figure of points for 3 respondents

With the consequences of this short study conducted among the invitees of Hyatt Baku Hotels you can acquire to cognize in the chart below:

Figure 1: Guest satisfaction study chart

Guest portfolio of Hyatt Hotels Baku by the parts

The invitee of Hyatt Regency and Park Hyatt are really multi-national. All around the universe guests come to remain at Hyatt. Chiefly the invitees of Hyatt Hotels Baku are Europeans, from GCC and North America.

SWOT Analysis

Figure 3:



Internationally recognized trade name

Global reserve system with the nexus to all GDS distributers

Quality service and installations

Excellent F & A ; B picks

Known Health & A ; Fitness installations

Extensive room & A ; suite stock list with two hotels

Increased gross revenues presence

NFPA – standard life safety

Multi – lingual/ international staff


Some companies perceive Hyatt as expensive Hotel sing it merely for the direction

Location off from the metropolis concern territory is a barrier to some companies

All hotels offer complimentary Internet installations, unlike Hyatt, where the service is perceived excessively expensive by corporate travelers



Brand consciousness for possible acquisition.

To be in line with modest engineerings and systems

Constantly work on betterments

Active publicity on local market

Upscale fittingness installations is a really strong determination devising point for hotel pick on the market

Luxury room stock list and good balance between suites and criterion suites is a strong plus to aim any concern chances in the market

Continue edifice necessary networking and be cognizant of latest market tendencies

Extra distribution channels

Brand limitations do non let to vie with lower trade name rate offers

Create incommodiousnesss in acquisition of leisure concern

Internet is still really expensive, therefore it affects in determination devising procedure for most of organisations


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