Measuring the Use of Al-Ain University Library in Abu Dhabi and its services:


The intent of the establishment of higher instruction library is to shore up up the educational programmes of the academe by on status that important information so as to take action to the mounting information load of the users who encompass the learners and the academic forces of the university. The new Century pretences cardinal confronts to the university libraries that the on the whole maps and services are prejudiced often. This is in shot with the appraisal that many jobs influence the manner services are make available in the library on a customary base. These challenges systematically stipulate that appraisal of university libraries services’ leftovers worthwhile. Unvarying assessment of the university libraries utilize is the confident method to do certain that information is attained so as to find whether the library is fold its predictable nonsubjective, so that alteration should be made where indispensable for effective information service rescue. In concurrence with this, the principle of rating, as confirmed by different scientists is to congregate information on how the library is finishing its ends with an observation to increasing the rescue of library services. In the brightness of this therefore, demand for this survey becomes really of import. It has been converted into manoeuvre to find the grade to which the pupils of Al Ain University are working the resources in their establishment of higher instruction library.

Determine the Purpose of the survey

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  • The first principle of this survey is to gauge the use of library ownerships and services by pupils of Al Ain University. Particularly, the survey is located out to:
  • Determine the happening of the use of library by the pupils of the university.
  • Discover out the easiness of use/satisfactoriness of the library ownerships.
  • Figure out the convenience of the library ownerships.
  • Find out user’ echelon of fulfilment with the offers provided.
  • Find out the restriction to effective exercising of library assets by the pupils.
  • Recommend realistic ways to percolate up usage of the library by the pupils of the University.

Research Questions

  • The subsequent research inquiries were pretense to carry on this survey:
  • How legion do the endorsers of Al Ain University use the University Library?
  • To what grade are stuffs accessible or sufficient in the University Library?
  • To what grade are the stuffs in the University Library available?
  • To what degree are the endorser or users pleased with the offerings and comfortss endow with?
  • What are the restrictions to effective feat of library ownerships by the pupils of the University?
  • In how many ways can the use of the library be enhanced in the pupils of the University?

Determine informations assemblage and analysis techniques

Research type was descriptive and causal every bit good. This is designed to picture the features of library users and library services and happen out the impact of applications of installations on surveies. Study followed deductive attack. It started with ample surveies and literature reappraisal. Then it formalized to concept of Library offerings, system of to publish stuff and impact on pupils of university. From the findings in literature reappraisal questionnaire was designed. We collected informations from the questionnaire and interviews based on the old research work. Consequences will be analyzed from the informations harmonizing to questionnaire.

Research investigated with insouciant and correlativity ways such as: the endorser or users pleased with the offerings and comfortss endow with and use of the library and sweetening in the cognition of pupils of the University?

Study puting based on non-contrived method. All informations collected from Al Ain university library pupils in natural environment to see the relationship between usage of pupils and library system. As information was gathered one time, so it was cross-sectional survey or one shooting survey.

Near complete signifier of questionnaire selected because respondents find it interesting and easy to take the options alternatively of giving random replies and extra remarks. In other words, respondents come across with marked out classs in a closed inquiry. As information was gathered one time, so it was cross-sectional survey or one shooting survey.

This is a instance survey. The public is 2500 recorded library users, of which 200 people were chosen, by agencies of a in proportion stratified trying technique. The most of import mechanism for information digest was a questionnaire. The study was compendious and prearranged. Respondents were given minute in clip and chance to absolute the questionnaire in the records. 200 response of the questionnaire were suitably accomplished and come back. Throughout scrutiny, frequences were calculated from the retort to the inquiries and transformed to per centums as gettable and analyzed as follows.

Data Presentation and Analysis

Table 1 Allotment of users by place


154 ( 77 % ) of replies from the group of pupils, while 46 ( 23 % ) were employees. Students comprise the greater portion in the university group of people.

Regularity of the Use of Library

Table 2: categorization of Questionnaires by their regularity of utilizing of Library services


A greater portion of study analysis, 74 ( 37 % ) worn the library in first slot, whereas 76 ( 38 % ) autumn in 2nd class which represent one time in a hebdomad. Merely 13 ( 7 % ) used the library one time a month.

Motivations for Using the Library

Table 3: Allotment by motivations for agencies of utilizing the Library


50 ( 25 % ) draw closer to the library to grok library books, 70 ( 35 % ) use the library offerings to mention the stuffs, 45 ( 23 % ) usage for class group undertaking and 20 ( 10 % ) to hold entree to library manuscript. Merely 4 ( 3 % ) approached to exert the library for all mentioned above motivations, whereas another facet of motivation is to read library stuffs particularly books and look into with reference stuffs in which 25 per centum people fall.

Analysis Materials worn out Most

Table 4: Allotments by rating and assessment Materials worn most users


Reading Books study for the bulk library stay, with 98 ( 49 % ) , orientation resources consist of 23 ( 11 % ) , journalists/publication 17 ( 8 % ) , periodical/directories 27 ( 13 % ) and assignment information 12 ( 6 % ) .

Handiness of Material

Table 6: Users’ reply on easiness of usage of rating Materials


Result and treatment of Findingss

Mutually the pupils and the employees utilize the library resources, even though pupils comprise the preponderance. The bulk studies response exploit the library two to three times a hebdomad or every twenty-four hours, an first-class suggestion of library draw on. A batch of motivations were extremely developed by agencies ofusing library. The premier number of respondents moves towards to read books from the digest, while on 2nd precedence approached to confabulate with resource stuffs. This shows that ownerships are being utilized, even though many pupils move toward the library to make lessons coursework. Textbooks are the a big sum frequently-used resources with 98, pursue by indicant stuffs About three quarters of users designate that they go directly to the defer to locate stuff, and 18 ask the library staff. That may give inside informations why users depend more on library staff than on the certification catalogue in turn uping reading resources. While this admirable, users should be trained to use the catalogue. Half of users rated library resources and comfortss as “fair” , on 2nd class it is rated them “good, ” really low give consent as “very good.”

Recommendation and decision:

In this experiential survey, the writers were twisted on measuring the usage of library by the pupils of Al Ain University. Facts and figures were pulling out from them on a batch of facets of countries of use of library. Size up were the happening of the usage of the library, the grade to which resources are accessible and sufficient in the library, the grade to which the ownerships are accessible in the library, users’ contentment with the services and comfortss provided, trials impacting effective usage of the library by the pupils, and behavior of humanising the usage of the library by pupils. In the visible radiation of the findings of the probes, it is to do the undermentioned recommendations:

The tradition of utilizing the Library should be in collated into pupils from side to side avenues such as systematize library presentation, library show, library way, and add-on of usage of library as a class in the University’s prospectus so as to draw towards you pupils to the Library.

The library digest has to be improved to do certain that there is sufficient and impartial aggregation shimmering the concentration of all the sections.

Organization and agreement of the library digest through cataloguing, classification and indexing should be taken perilously in organize to do possible right of entry and recovery to the resources. The Library Management should board on activities that would augment users’ satisfaction because if users are satisfied, their benefaction will be protected and the happening of benefaction will besides be augmented.

Electronic/online library services have to be improved and users should be confident to utilize them. The Library should be doing available with utility agencies of authorization supply in instance to anticipate power failure ; standby power-generating sets should be made gettable to the Library to take attention of this.

Servicess in the Library have to be computerized so that users’ information demands could be responded to duly and without arrest.


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