I was asked to design and made a ready to eat dessert. My target group was all ages of people, specifically people aged between twenty and sixty as they tend to have more money to spend than teenagers or pensioners.

In order to gain an insight into the type of products that could be available to me to design and make I first had to do some research. First I created a questionnaire, and handed it out to fifty people of different ages. My questionnaire asked a variety of different questions such as “do you like chocolate based desserts?” “Do you like sponge?” Do you prefer hot desserts to cold?” The results of this questions formed the foundation of my project.

I wrote letters to managers of supermarkets asking them to send me information on existing products, this helped me understand the type of cost that was suitable for my product to be sold at.

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From a range of magazines I made a collage of different desserts and annotated it, I used this as a kind of brainstorm of ideas, such as the different layers and colours that could be used.

The internet was a big help to my research as I used the supermarkets websites to find out prices of products and ingredients.

In order to condense the range of desserts I was considering I made myself a speciation table, this stated the criteria my product should meet. I decided that I would prefer my product to be chilled rather than frozen, which cancelled out some of my previous ideas such as ice-cream dishes.

My specification stated that my product should be:



Available in individual portions

Cheap to produce

Of a standard quality

Have a topping

Have a creamy filling

Have a crunchy base

Have a variety of textures

Must be sold at a maximum cost of �2

Must have layers

Next I had to design ten different products, I illustrated them and annotated them. Referring to the recipe of the dessert. To make my decision on the final product I tested a few of the suggested ideas. I decide to make a cheesecake.

I had to make sure my cheesecake fit my product specification. To my delight my finished design actually does meet the majority of my criteria. So overall my cheesecake has been a success.

The only area that did not go as planned was the portion size. My cheesecake ended up as a family size portion. This was due to the complication of the packaging, and sizing. I found it very hard to get the individual portions exactly the same size each time, it was easier to measure the amount of ingredients for a family size portion, this way my product will be more successful.

To ensure that my cheesecake was suitable for chilling, I stored my cheesecake in a refrigerator, and I found that it was at the correct temperature to keep it fresh.

However I removed it from the fridge ten minutes previously to serving it, in order to take the chill off.

The method I used to make my cheesecake was quite simplistic and didn’t involve the use of a lot of complicated techniques.

The problem I faced during my method of creation, was when the biscuit base stuck to the edge of the tin, this occurred when I greased the tin with butter, when I put the biscuit base into the greased tin and put it into the freezer, the butter froze and stuck the biscuit to it.

I overcome this problem next time, I used cling film to cover the tin, this way the base just lifted out without any effort.

Although I am very pleased with the outcome of my project I still would have liked to make a few further adaptations, had I been given more time.

I would have investigated more thoroughly the type of biscuit I used, rather than just using digestive biscuits, I would have liked to try out the difference using, ginger nuts or shortbread would have made to the cheesecake.

I would have also like to spend more time on the packaging and labelling of my product, as this was one of the last things I did, I feel that the end result was a bit rushed, I would have liked to spend more time designing and organising it.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the end result of my project, minus a few minor exceptions I think that it has been a complete success.


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