I will make two inquiries from this assignment. First inquiry is event direction and 2nd inquiry was SWOT Analysis. The first inquiry based on how, to set up an event direction and organisation construction. Making a calling in event direction is a good pick. Event organisation involves analyzing the workings of trade name, placing the purpose audience, and organizing the technological facets before truly the mark modes of the planned event. Following, from 2nd inquiry is more understanding about SWOT Analysis and how to utilize it. Based on SWOT Analysis I will questionnaires a local concern owner. These are four elements in SWOT Analysis that I will utilize when interview a local concern owner. Following are the elements of S ( Strengths ) , W ( Weakness ) , O ( Opportunities ) , and T ( Threats ) . This all sort of informationi??s will assist shortly to interview a local concern owner.

Assuming that you want to set up an event direction company. Identify the signifier of organisation construction that you would use for your new company and warrant your replies.

Event direction is the petition of undertaking direction to the construct and development of festival, an event and meeting. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD is best event for start an event organisation company. Additional, enters this grazing land has to foremost fall in as a scholar. Event direction is pattern configured based on clienti??s demands. Our squad has at all times been lead with a passion for remaining at the head of the accomplishment that we create that merely prosecute the audience but endure long after the drape have come down. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD provides shuting stages-to terminal services for meetings, convention every bit good as conferences besides. Events and festivals such as valentines even, have a clang in some communities. Iti??s a line of concern which requires investing with creativeness. Today tonss of shows are present on Television is prepared by event managing. The clients come to the event direction with an ill-defined thought in head it is wholly up to the event director to work on the thought and turn it into a truth ( Mycen, 2009 )

Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD self-control establishes shortly in Penang, April 2011. We try a non halt events direction company that supply the best perform of undertaking direction to the construct and development of originative and out of the box events. Event is a assemblage or a large assemblage of something where possibly people get together. Furthermore, as an event direction concern we scope embrace all originative and proficient of the event depending on the clienti??s needs cognition and budget. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD will be taking company in Penang by, supplying quality, alone and cost-efficient events to public. Than we steady debut of new tendencies, to incorporate events solutions. As a Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD company that supplies the most first-class pattern of undertaking direction to the formation plus development of originative and out of the box events.

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As traveling to set up an event Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD range encompasses all original and proficient of the event depending on the clienti??s wants expertness and budget. Furthermore, our mission is to be a Centre of event direction quality where creativeness and category is the prototype and pulse of the organisation and vision is non merely demoing in what we have done but besides in what will administer to fulfill our client.

Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD is committed to accomplish success for clients by using the full power of communicating as an extension of concern curiously and executing. As an event direction we have clip and links to do certain the events run appreciatively in future ( REFER FIGURE: 1 )


( a ) Director

An person or compulsion with the intent of directs one of grouping of people who direct the traffics of a trade or else a individual who is in accuse of the industry event. As a manager of Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD has most of import occupation for the harmonisation, enlargement, planning, finishing every bit good as besides grasp up class of events. Event capturing place at an exact location otherwise may obtain topographic point online or might be a mixture of in cooperation. For illustration, as a manager of Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD, has tactical for identify along with lifting events to back up and spread out in present country represent by member and in original market excessively. Such as, winning release on the aims of this place has a manager clang on the act plus aptitude to convey on auxiliary planned and prepared ends. Furthermore, be supposed to be anticipating to increase accomplishment in direction and docket organisation every bit good as exact managerial facet and completion of an event.

( B ) Selling

Trading as often old in advertisement plus means the indorsement of merchandises sale, as through co-ordinate devising and lifting advertisement, show, along with gross revenues scheme to add to retail gross revenues. The readying caught up in publicizing the right goods or services on the right put, at the point in clip, in the right measure. Promotional sale actions of an advertiseri??s gross revenues strength, retail merchant otherwise trader every bit good as marketing toward demonstrate a manufactured goods or services in a positive freshness as a consequence so as to it will be purchase by the commercialism community and the intense community. As shortly, we will set up Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD we contain adept in this portion. As event direction company we determination use a plentifulness of equipment such as, computing machine, postings, jerseies, goodie bags, wireless, electricity to make our event direction ( Answers, 2008 )

( degree Celsius ) Plan

Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD will be a good manner for client to interact plus good known their wants. A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation. Programmer normally a set of programs to develop or better something. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD welcoming public to our event. As an event direction company we do many types of plans. For illustration, we do marrying dinner, canopy services, birthday map, school and public map and excess. To make this programmed event direction will utilize different types of accomplishments.

vitamin D ) Cordial reception

Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD contains skilled in our employees to demo and do certain every one the customeri??s, VIPi??s, and representative travel abode by manner of a gay face. This is highly of import for our Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD position. This it self will make up one’s mind on how the client self-control hold up us. So far we have likely about 500customeri??s to the event direction, so we are prepare drinks and daintiness on behalf of our client. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD has known the stamp to Ananda Bhavan catering services to obtain attention of that. They are to provide us with 2types of drinks along with 4types of nutrient and 1type of fruiti??s. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD be charitable gone free ballooni??s along with ice picks to little childreni??s.

vitamin D ) Venue

Venue is the location where a instance is heard. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD holding this event in topographic point at Centre of City. Generally locales have a specific intent ; though some, such as big bowls, may be used for a figure of different activities. We prefer this site because of its planned location in the metropolis. Furthermore, we polished our clip at 9am until 10pm. Iti??s to do certain that our client has the juncture to make it following they come to an terminal their work. Equally good as we are making it on Saturday and Sunday grounds the bulk of the household would similar to travel out on this twenty-four hours for does their buying. So those, Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD supply them an option of topographic point to see. And we be capable of be certain that they determination include a good twenty-four hours at what clip they visit our event in shortly.

vitamin E ) Equipment

As an event direction company we use many types of equipment for our events. Such as, picture organisation, chair, tabular array, DVD participant to make our event. These equipments we will utilize for make our Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD. With out these equipments we can non make any events in future. This equipment helps us more for do an event direction.

degree Fahrenheit ) Promotion

Promotion is the best portion of concern. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD used 3D signage for attract clients. We will make publicity twice a twelvemonth to inform the clients about our merchandises. Furthermore, we supply and create of unrecorded amusement demonstrate and synergistic action intended for invite clients. We have advertised our Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD Company in Star Sun Metro, Nanban, and Berita Harian newspapers. Other than, our staff distributes circulars to public who base on balls by the route.

g ) Official

We will ask for VIP Datuk Subramanian for launch the Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD Company. And most of the functionary comes for this event, so we must do certain that everything is done swimmingly by set uping perfect sitting topographic point for them and steer them with our staff. This has to carefully manage due to customeri??s and the VIPi??s is utilizing the same entryway.

As a Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD we like to better our event direction company to international trade. Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD does our greatest to administer an impressive juncture that finding leaves our visitants with unforgettable minute and our consumers with winning steps in future. Furthermore, we make available, in add-on to the ability to trip in Malaysia plus in many other states. Furthermore, an event companies we consider that a long-run feeling is what public support in head the most in add-on to the best of all time. We consider in provided that high quality and resourceful services every bit shortly as it comes to our clients. In arrange to keep up by manner of a more and more competitory market, we supply an extended assortment of services to convert.

Question 2

Interview a little local concern owner in your country. Briefly identify the nature of the concern and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the concern. Attach the interview questionnaires with the study.

Sea Food Restaurant was formed on 14 April 2010. Owner of Sea Food Restaurant is Mr.Lim. For now, Sea Food Restaurant Operate in Parit Buntar, Perak country merely. Since one twelvemonth Sea Food Restaurant supply good nutrients to clients. In this eating house got seven employees include server, cleaner, and besides cook. Their all so help full to Mr.Lim for run his concern successfully. Mr.Lim runs his Sea Food Restaurant in local country merely. In future he plans to run his concern to international trade. For his concern Mr.Lim used some equipment to run his concern successfully. For illustration, tabular array, chair, fan, and air coned, freezing and some more.

The intents of Mr.Lim choose Sea Food Restaurant is foods really of import to all human being. So that, Mr.Lim proud be to set up nutrients to clients. Mr.Lim runs this Sea Food Restaurant concern with his married woman. Mr.Lim gives salary to the employees based on their working accomplishment. For illustration, for cooks his salary and serves salary are wholly different. Since one twelvemonth Sea Food Restaurant successfully run in local. Mr.Lim faced allots of problems to accomplish a successful eating house. Furthermore, working hr to employees is 10am-10pm in weekends.


The SWOT analysis is an highly utile tool for understanding and decision-making for all kinds of state of affairss in concern and organisations.We be supposed to be well-known that when place furthermore sort related factors, the focal point is non in a minute on interior affair, but besides exterior mechanism. The SWOT analysis headers provide a good model for reexamining scheme, place and way of a company or concern proposition, or any other thought. Although external to the house cognize how to be off the record while chances or menaces. This all factors are referred as SWOT Analysis. Based on ( S ) Strengths in SWOT Analysis is individualism or property surrounded by the group that is measured to be cardinal to the transporting out plus ultimate success of the undertaking. Next is, ( W ) Weakness. The nonappearance of positive strengths perchance will be position as a failing. An illustration is each is considered as failing is deficiency of patent protection. In some instances, a failing may be the impudent side of strength.

The 3rd agreement of factor in the SWOT Analysis is ( O ) Opportunities. This classification has to execute with outside elements with the intent of will turn out supportive for income and growing. In SWOT Analysis classifies in last is ( T ) Threats. Here, exterior factors to could intimidate the accomplishment of the undertaking are listed and address alteration in the exterior ecological as good could at that place threats to the solid. This all method called as SWOT Analysis ( Wisegeek, 2003 )


The complete terminal of duty a SWOT Analysis is to help you acknowledge the bulk valuable mark and scheme to follow right now establish on your present fortunes, plus to acknowledge schemes so as to will assist you acquire ready for the chance. In any concern,

analysis forces a purpose probe of a company ‘s location via its participant and the

market place. SWOT, which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, is a manner to analyse and measure your current state of affairs and environment. Transporting out an analysis by the SWOT construction finding aid you to concentrate your behaviour keen on countries where you are physically powerful, and where the greatest chances recline. Your activities into countries wherever you are burly, along with where the maximal asset of fact-finding the Opportunities and Threats you features. Based on these SWOT Analysis had questionnaires a little local concern owner Mr.Lim who is the proprietor of Sea Food Restaurant ( Timethoughts, 2010 )

3.2 Elementss OF SWOT ANALYSIS

I. Strengths

Based on strengths I had five questionnaires. First is, Mr.Lim able to be introducing his Sea Food Restaurant by bring forthing different types of nutrients to clients. For illustration, from sea nutrient to nasi goreng, and kweteo basah. Stand out from rivals Mr.Lim good known as possible for how to run his eating house outshine from the rivals. Mr.Lim said some eating house do their concern without cognizing their basic cognition of concern but for Mr.Lim good known to how run his Sea Food Restaurant in local. Following, pool of skilled employees Sea Food Restaurant so far doesni??t have any pool of skilled employees. For avoid this sort of things Mr.Lim maintaining good employees determines concern success.

Fourth questionnaire I had is morale of the employees is quit high for Mr.Lim eating house. This because, every individual has different grounds for making their occupation. Sea Food Restaurant has different grounds for making their occupation. Sea Food Restaurant has strong trade names to their eating house and nowadays current construct of trade name grew non in of the purchaser packed goods with stronger ( Scribd, 2007 )

II. Failing

Based on questionnaires I had asked Mr.Lim said serves skills the employees. Sometimes, the employees will erroneously compose order of nutrients and based on that clients will kick about it. Next is the advertisement range to pull clients but for Mr.Lim Sea Food Restaurant so far no range good advertisement. Not merely that, so far Mr.Lim able to pull clients based on employees faith in direction Mr.Lim said that it was employees during times will make a better working relationship with staff and better productiveness. For Sea Food Restaurant so far wants employees. Mr.Lim said so far his eating house wants more employees to develop his eating house.

III. Opportunities

Based on, advanced engineering Sea Food Restaurant advanced with it. Mr.Lim eating house got free WIFI connexion for clients. This for attract more clients to his eating house. Furthermore, Mr.Lim haveni??t yet enter any new markets and he said every bit shortly as possible will come in new market besides. For that client support he needs. Furthermore, Mr.Lim said for develop the concern he faced fiscal jobs. So that, sing to upgrade his Sea Food Restaurant concern Mr.Lim had gone to CIMB Bank.

By grow the concern during recession, it takes long clip acquire up and iti??s a great manner to interact with all his clients in unfastened topographic point. Otherwise, Mr.Limi??s favourable circumstance are that, position Sea Food Restaurant beside the seaboard ( Scribd, 2007 )

IV. Menaces

Based on menace Mr.Lim faced obstructions. In a peculiar twenty-four hours, his concern will be really low cause of clients volitions ne’er turn up and besides jealousy by another eating house. Next, based on competition Mr.Lim will function different sort of nutrient based on the yearss. For illustration, largely Chinese making their nuptials dinner in Sea Food Restaurant. So that clip, Mr.Lim will supply different nutrients based on the response. Mr.Lim said if within 3lilometer have a star bucks java near the Sea Food Restaurant means is non cause Mr.Limi??s concern. This because Mr.Lim eating house is chiefly about sea nutrient and star vaulting horses is merely a java. For that, he doesni??t think so. Mr.Lim doni??t face any environmental effects because Mr.Lim eating house in an unfastened position. At last, Mr.Lim eating house in a market demand.


From these questionnaires Mr.Lim run his eating house concern based on SWOT Analysis. In the small phrase, we perchance will desire to focal point on one or two quarter-circles to obtain advantage of several state of affairss that we soon in forepart of. In using the SWOT Analysis it is indispensable to cut down or maintain off from both failings and menaces. Failings are supposed to be look at in organize to alter them lament on strengths. Similarly, menaces are supposed to be rehabilitated into chances. Last, strengths and chances ought to be coordinated to optimise the possible of a house. Over the long term, we are supposed to incorporate ends from every of the four quarter-circles for equilibrium. Apply successful schemes address four rudimentss of the milieus within which the concern operate.

4.0 Decision

From this assignment I had learned how to set up a new event direction company in future and what elements will utilize for that. Following, from Pyramid Event ( M ) SDN BHD does greatest to administer an impressive juncture that finding leaves their visitants with unforgettable minute and consumers with winning steps in future. Events and festivals such as valentines even, have a clang in some communities. Iti??s a calling which requires investing and creativeness Further more, from 2nd inquiry I had learned how and why we used SWOT Analysis. The full point of duty a SWOT Analysis is to assist me sort the chiefly utile marks and schemes to follow right now base on recent state of affairs and to do out schemes that finding aid form for the hereafter. Further more, SWOT placing our Strengths plus Weakness of fact-finding the Opportunities every bit good as besides Threats tat we face. Finally I had successfully my first and 2nd assignment inquiries.


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