INTRODUCTION Event management is the management of events, so as to speak and put it in very simple terminology. Managing an event requires a set of skills that can be derived with experience, talent and today, there are colleges and institutions that offer event management as a topic of study and education. Introduction to event management can be easily explained with the basics of knowing that events are a large deal. For corporate as well as non corporate, events are a big deal and have to be handled and maintained well and with planning as well as foresight.

Introduction to the interesting world of event management. : 1) Events are gatherings of people and occasions the key is to have a good gathering where people are not uncomfortable and where they leave the party or event feeling satiated. 2) Events need to be understood from step one. 3) Events need to be looked into from every angle and one needs to know that events are different and differ from one another.

Meaning, or in other words, events that are conducted for corporate will of course be different and the profiling of the party or event for a corporate launch, to state an example, will of course be different and unique from say, for instance, a birthday party or an event related to any kind of celebration. 4) From the people who stand to welcome the guests in formal clothing, to the food and beverage list, to the arrangements of flowers and also to checking if the speakers and the microphone are working and in good condition, it all encompasses and comes under the purview and the watchful eye of an event manager.

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An event management firm always looks at handling a to z of the event, from inviting people for the event to making the invitation worthy of a compliment as well as all of the get together handling until the last guest is ready to leave. Even post that, the costing is often worked out by the event management firm. The event manager has to be on alert mode at all times. Food and beverages should be more than sufficient and should be served well and with classy outlooks and the ambience is a large part of the deal.

A good event should look and feel good and give out those same vibes to people who attend it and are present. EVENT MARKETING An event is a live multimedia package with a preconceived concept, customized or modified to achieve the clients objective of reaching out and suitably influencing the sharply defined, specially gathered target audience by providing a complete sensual experience and an avenue for two-way interaction. [pic] Fig: 1. 2: Events Definition In-Short This is a diagrammatic representation of the above definition.

From the model it is evident that an event is a package so organized has to provide, reach and live interaction between the target audience and the client to achieve the desired impact. Event marketing involves canvassing for clients and arranging feedback for the creative concepts during and after the concept initiation so as to arrive at a customized package for the client, keeping the brand values and target audience in mind. Marketing plays an important role in pricing and negotiations as well as identifying opportunities to define and retain event properties by gathering marketing intelligence with regard to pricing, timing etc.

In fact, ideally event marketing involves simultaneous canvassing and studying the brand prints; understanding what the brand stands for, its positioning and values, identifying the target audience and liaison with the creative conceptualizes to create an event for a prefect mesh with the brand’s personality. 1. 8 SIZE OF EVENTS In terms of size events maybe categorized as follows: 1. Mega Events The largest events are called mega events, which are generally targeted at international markets. All such events have a specific yield in terms of increased tourism, media coverage and economic impact.

Example: The Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer, Super Bowl, Maha Kumbh Mela. 2. Regional Events Regional events are designed to increase the appeal of a specific tourism destination or region. Example: Delhi Half Marathon. 3. Major Events These events attract significant local interest and large no of participants as well as generating significant tourism revenue. Example: Chinese New Year Celebrations. 4. Minor Events Most events fall into this category and it is here that most event managers gain their experience. Annual events fall under this category.

In addition to annual events, there are many one time events including historical, cultural, musical and dance performances. Meetings, parties, celebrations, conventions, award ceremonies, exhibitions, sporting events and many other community and social event fit into this category. Example: Annual Trade Fair organized in Delhi, Chandipur Beach Festival 1. 9 TYPES OF EVENTS 1. Sporting Events Sporting events are held in all towns, cities, states and throughout the nation. They attract international sports men & women at the highest levels. 2.

Entertainment Arts and Culture Entertainment events are well known for their ability to attract large audience. This includes musical concerts, celebrity performances, movie releases and mahurats etc 3. Commercial Marketing and Promotional Event Promotional events tend to have high budgets and high profiles. Most frequently they include product launches, often for computer hardware and software, perfume, alcohol or motor cars. The aim of promotional events is generally to differentiate the product from its competitors and to ensure that it is memorable.

The audience for a promotional activity might be sales staff such as travel agents, who would promote the tour of the clients or potential purchasers. The media is usually invited to these events so that both the impact and the risk are high, Success is vital. 4. Meetings & Exhibitions The meetings & convention industry is highly competitive. Many conventions attract thousands of people, whereas some meetings include only a handful of high profile participants. 5. Festivals Various forms of festivals are increasingly popular providing a particular region the opportunity to showcase its product.

Wine and food festivals are the most common events falling under this category. Religious festivals fall into this category as well. 6. Family Weddings, anniversaries, divorces and funerals all provide opportunities for families together. Funerals are increasingly are becoming big events with non traditional coffins, speeches and even entertainment. It is important for the event manager to keep track of these changing social trends. 7. Fund Raising Fairs, which are common in most communities, are frequently run by enthusiastic local committees. The effort in the organization required for these events are often underestimated.

As their general aim is raising funds, it is important that rides and other such contracted activities contribute to, rather than reduce, revenue. 8. Miscellaneous Some events defy categorization. Potatoes, walnuts, wild flowers, roses, dogs, horses, teddy bears all provide the focus for an event organized in United States. KEY ELEMENTS OF EVENTS [pic] Fig 1. 6: Key Elements of Event Marketing EVENT DESIGNING The key factors that need to be kept in mind while organizing an event are as follows:- 1. Conceptualization of the creative idea/ambience 2.

Costing involves calculation of the cost of production and safety margins 3. Canvassing for sponsors, customers and networking components 4. Customization of the event according to brand personality, budgets, etc 5. Carrying-out involves execution of the event according to the final concept [pic] Fig 1. 7: Event Designing Concept Our Portfolio • Signature Events • Product and Press Launches • Dealer and sales Conferences • Resident conferences • Award Ceremonies • Concerts • Exhibitions & Expos • School Contact Programs • College Contact Programs • Mall Activation • Road shows • Seminars Artist Management • Retail Merchandising • Signage & upkeep • Experience Marketing • POS Fulfillment Who we are.. Established in 2006, what began as a simple vision, as a dream to excel into India’s leading Entertainment and Events company in the field of – Trade Shows – Stage Events – Road Shows – Special Events – Customized Events Trade shows:- A trade fair (trade show or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

In contrast to consumer fairs, only some trade fairs are open to the public, while others can only be attended by company representatives (members of the trade, e. g. professionals) and members of the press, therefore trade shows are classified as either “Public” or “Trade Only”. A few fairs are hybrids of the two; one example is the Frankfurt Book Fair, which is trade-only for its first three days and open to the general public on its final two days. They are held on a continuing basis in virtually all markets and normally attract companies from around the globe. For example, in the U.

S. there are currently over 2500[citation needed] trade shows held every year, and several online directories have been established to help organizers, attendees, and marketers identify appropriate events. Stage shows:- In the arena of entertainment, stage plays an important role for attracting the masses for particular kind of action. So, the stage show simply stands for a designated space for the carrying out of staging or theatrical production. The stage assists as a place for role players or performers and a centre of attraction for the members of the audience.

From architectural point of view, the feature of stage and its theme based shows may differ in its architectural design. However, stage may consist of a platform which is usually has raised level so that the audience from all corners of stage must be able to view the shows. The stage may be permanent or temporary or adjustable depends on what kinds of shows have to be performed at where and what place. But when it comes to the performance of the shows in a theatre or other building where such stage shows are held at regular interval, then permanent stage has become as one of its essential feature of such theatre or building.

Road shows:- Road shows are shows that Special events:_ Customized events:- These are events that take take place Our Strength Comprehensive Experience. People working at impresario have a lot of experience in terms of evnt and promotions. before setting up an event company as a whole they themselves have worked for various event as promoters in order to get agist of what events are all about. in any field in aroder to gain excellence experience plays an important role. experience also plays a vital role when it comes to contacts. contacts are required so as to get clients and not only that also o get all other required resources for an event. • Creative Ideas, Innovation & Integration. As we all know event management is very competitive industry being creative and innovative in whatever we do is very important in order to distinguish our selves from others. everything associated has to b elatest in terms of technology and other technicalities invoved. One is not just suppose to think big but think different. = The ability to listen to the client, understand the brand / product / service / technology and delivering strategic solutions to the client’s need.

Before deciding upon te event the client has some vision in mind mind so as to how the event has to be like, what purpose should it fulfil and how succeful it must be. It is very important to understand what is there in clients mind and make it real. Cost effective solutions for Events/Activities Every client sets a budget before organizing an event. it is the duty of the event mangemnt company to plan the event in the set budget by the company by giving various cost effective solutions. here the contacts of the company play a very important role as it helps them to get the best resources possible in the best price. lways the company which is able to find this solution can get the event. • Complete accountability and Utmost reliability Creating an image in the mind of the client is very important as any event is very important fro a company so it wil always like an event management company whom tey can rely on completely to organize it. theerfore it is very important for an event company to make sure that they do all that they have promised so that clienst can rely on them and next time whenevr they plan for some iother event, they come to the same company as they canot afford to take a riskthis also helps to get more clients as word of mouth cmes into icture. inacse they are satisfied they would also suggest other companies. • Widespread national network. A widespread network is very important as events also take place at national level. being famous in just one area is not sufficient. • Most important :- Team Impresario Working as team is very important when it somes to organizing an event. distribution of work helps to gain success in every field. when people come together they bring great ideas along with them which can definitely lea dto something big. What we do… • Brand Visibility & Awareness For your business to take off – for your star to shine – you have to “get out there”.

What you may not know is that the key to getting out there is “getting IN there”. In this case “in” means in the minds of the people you want to hire you or refer business to you. You have to get into the mind of the person and as we all know “IT’S CROWDED IN THERE! ” • Sampling • Lead Generation• Sales Oriented • Interactive INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCE IMPRESARIO an event management company is undergoing a rapid growth phase with its recent entry into new markets and businesses. IMPRESARIO had a vision and to achieve that vision they were looking out for young, talented, dynamic and enthusiastic professionals who are ambitious, who love hallenges and who have a passion for excelling. Keeping this in mind IMPREARIO promised to provide us with necessary exposure and challenges to help shape our future. We joined the company on May 3, 2010. For the next 2 days we were briefed about the company and the upcoming events. Event coordinator: We were trained in the nuances of events by Mr. KARAN PATTAK, who is the training head of IMPRESARIO. He being an experienced person was able to inspire, motivate and prepare us for the challenges we were about to face in the coming months. The session began with enlightening us about the various aspects of events like : 1. election 2. evaluation 3. creative interpretation 4. planning 5. implementation 6. review selection: An event coordinator has to first identify the taget audience. this selection has to be done very effectively because if the first step i. e. the selection is wrong there are chances that you might loose out on the event. Along with the target audience it is also important to have other factors rightly selected. Factors like location, price, manpower and other resources required. evaluation: evaluation includes Classification and proper evaluation of inventory within set parameters to identify the ideal locations.

This is done by keeping in mind the budget , type of the event and also the area required for the event. A proper evaluation is done of the data selected by keepin various parameters in mind. An event coordinator is able to create trust in the mind of the clients. Creative interpretation: This includes how creatively you design your event for your client after understandin what all is expected from you by keeping various factors in mind. PLANNING: Gives Detailed plan with Execution guidelines i. e. how the event is going to be executed by the company as per the clients requirements. mplementation: implementataion means implementing whatever has been designed and planned with the help of manpower and resources available with us. review: review is having systematic monitoring throughout the event along with proper eveluations events conducted : during our experience with impresario we got a chance to work on various events as listed below. working as a n event coordinator was of great help as we got to know a lot of things. We got to do deal with various clients and also understand what they want and work accordingly. Event industry as a whole is very competitive market.

Making your position strong is not an easy task, you really need to work hard for it. Whenever there is an event of a particular company it will always approach 2 to 3 event companies and will finally select the company which offers the best resoures with the best price. It is upto us to impress the client by presenting whatever we have in such a way that the client develops a trust in us and decides to give us the event. The work of a coordinator is not just to get the event but after that see to it that the event is executed exactly or even better then whatever was promised to the client.

This helps to develop a trust in clients mind, and a relation with the client so that henceforth whenever he wants to have an event we’ll be the first choice. List of the events that we have worked on : 1) Booth setup 2) Bhel activity 3) Future group shopping festival 4) USV award function 5) NIIT national college 6) Lindstorm 7) research work for MTV rock o thon 1) BOOTH SETUP FOR [pic] During a booth setup activity a booth was set up at a particular location . A booth set up is a small compartment or boxlike room for a specific use by one occupant.

Impresario keeps doing this booth setup activity for big fm where , firstly a location is selected which is mostly a mall and a booth set up accordingly . in a booth setup a radio jockey from the respective radio channel comes to the booth and interviews people and then the show is aired. Apart from malls it can also be done at a particular place during navratri or ganpati for various shows on their channel. Along with the booth setup we also had to provide manpower in order to gather people who would be interested to take part in the event. Things to consider while setting of the booth: * Services Space Size * Location of the booth * Restrictions (can you sell on the trade show floor? ) * Do you get electrical service for the booth * Do you get phone service for the booth. * Demographically is the location for the show a good location? * Do they provide tables or do you These are all things we have to know before we sign up for that booth space. In order to have a successful show, we have to plan for it and understand how everything works. 2) Bhel activity : Bhel activity is an activtity conducted by big fm wherein they go and set up backdrops in the societies and involve the society people.

This is a small activity which takes place for 4-5 hours depending on the people’s interest. People involved in this event is the radio jockey who comes and conducts the event, the members of the society and the promoters of the event. The radio jockey makes the members of the society play games and have fun. This is called a bhel activity because the big fm people distribute bhel. People enjoy this event as it is a very socialized event and is conducted on every Sunday at various societies when the whole family can come together and have fun.

During our internship we attented a bhel activity which took place at sargam society located at vikhroli on 12/5/10. 3) USV It was an award show of a pharma company named USV at retreat. the awards were distrubted to the sales personnel of the company from all over india. The Retreat the chosen location for the event keeping in mind various aspects. the sales people had a wonderful time as the event was made really interesting for them by including various things such as dance performances and few interactive sessions by their senior. in order to make the event more colorful everyone presnt in the evnt were made to wear masks. eing event coordinators the it was our responsibility to take care of the stage setup, lights, sound the backstage and food and beverage. it was a very successful event as the peole who attended the evnt had a great time and not only that even people of usv were very satisfied with the arrangements. 6. RECOMMENDATIONS To improve the condition of the event marketing industry and make it more professional and profitable, the following recommendations have been listed: 1. Understand the corporate objectives, target audience, brand image and positioning clearly. 2.

Do not go overboard with your concept or preference for a certain event. 3. Conduct a situational analysis for appropriate event selection which synergies with the company objective and brand personality. 4. Create extensive databases of the target consumers in order to conduct pre- and post-event analysis and evaluation to check the success of the event and consumer perception, also to assess the top of mind awareness and brand recall. 5. Conduct extensive market research to establish which parts of the program are working and which ones are not. Those in the first category should be maintained and strengthened.

Those in the second should be relinquished. 6. In all sponsorship activities, it is important to protect the integrity of the activity being supported. If it is cheapened or its identity threatened, the sponsorship could rebound on the sponsor’s head. 7. CONCLUSION • Event marketing allows a company to break through the advertising clutter and target an audience by enhancing or creating an image through an association to a particular event. • Brand awareness reinforces the product or service, and drives sales. • Property or event, also profits, a financial partner, a supplemented advertising budget, and added leverage. Event marketing also offers companies the flexibility to reach specific geographic and demographic audiences. It is a benefit that allows depth of exposure, as opposed to the breadth of exposure. • As CMOs continue to face increasing financial pressures, they must continuously provide higher levels of value, both in pure financial terms and overall measurement of ROI. • When considering the entire sales cycle, marketing professionals must think beyond traditional methods and bring transparency and measurement to their activities in order to demonstrate the fundamental value of their field.

To answer this challenge, the event marketing industry must redefine itself to recognize the power of the “brand” to forge deep connections, as well as also adapt events to contribute to branding in more sophisticated ways. • The perception of events as a form of media is quickly moving away from standalone activities to integrated forms of communication. These forms of communication synchronize with overall marketing goals through new applications of techniques rooted in traditional event marketing that project the brand more powerfully.

Defining what an organization stands for, mapping out a clear brand strategy, and then formulating event activities that align with overall marketing goals is the next great step in the evolution of the industry. ———————– REACH LIVE INTERACTION Right Communication from the client WITH Live Audience CREATES Desired Impact EVENTS EVENT Organizer Event Infrastructure Target Audience Media Venue Client Canvassing Initial Concept Costing Customization Conceptuali-zation Final Concept Carry-Out EVENT


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