There are many types of events organized for accomplishing specific societal, cultural or corporate ends as told by many writers Allen et Al, 2005. Over the last decennaries, there has been an tremendous growing in the figure of events held in many parts. The chief purpose of the event is to fulfill the community and stakeholders. To organize any event and to be successful, the event organizer should plan, theme an appropriate event decently to pull the attending of newsmans to administer its involvement among the populace. What is it that makes a normal event different from particular? An appropriate event can pull the attending of media and public if the right creativity is involved that makes it different from a normal one. Particular events represent a assortment of cultural, spiritual, organisational, and leisure on occasion ( Ronald S. , 2005, pp. 86-7 ) . Hence, the organizer must cognize what he wants to portrait in which manner and how effectual it would be. “ There are no errors, no happenstances. All events are approvals given to us to larn from. ” – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Swiss-American Psychiatrist & A ; writer ( Cook J. , Deger S. , Gibson L. , 2007 ) . Merely as the expression goes, an event is really of import in a homo ‘s life. Particular events are “ particular ” as they target non merely the internal environment of an organisation but besides the external universe for a cause.

“ To client or visitant a particular event is a opportunity for a leisure societal or cultural experience outside the normal scope of picks or beyond every twenty-four hours experience ” ( Getz D. , 1997 ) .

As the figure of events grows and as communities are familiar with their economic engagement, organizers start to see these events from a touristry position ( Chacko and Schaffer, the development of a festival: Creole Christmas in new orleans1993, pp.475-482aˆ¦ volume 14, issue 6, December 1993aˆ¦ ) . This in bend increases the gross and wealth of the host part.

It is comprehendible that particular events are an of import portion of the attractive force characteristic of finish selling. Some possible fiscal benefits of particular events include.

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Target selling

Tax benefits to administrations

Greater than earlier employment chances

Net incomes and investings by private and public sectors

Social, cultural and fiscal support

Accomplishment in pulling tourers

It is learned that in make up one’s minding the right locale and finish to carry on an event is of import to guarantee more figure of visitants. These events held must be alone and welcoming. For ex- if it is the Beijing Olympics, a big figure of visitants are decidedly expected if a fantastic public presentation of exhilaration and amusement is provided. Security is of great concern excessively to the populace. Organizers are going progressively competitory to do an feeling. ( Address correspondence to Dr. Julie E. Whitfield, School of Services Management, University, of Bournemouth, Dorset House, Talbot Campus, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5BB, UK. )

Key features that make an event successful

Singularity of the locale

Events can be the same but attending should be given to the fact that they are non wholly repeated doing it look the same each clip in bend doing it tiring to the visitiors. They are non-routine and alone though they might hold some characteristics in common. The event should non be repeated more than one time a twelvemonth, as the exhilaration and anxiousness the individual awaits would non be the same as in the first brush. There are five socio-psychological motivational spheres as to why people go for these events. They are cultural geographic expedition, freshness, retrieve equilibrium, known group socialization and external interactions. Therefore, event directors need to react to their demands. The importance of a particular event can merely be understood when it gives a significance, value, aspiration and provides a sense of personal and community look. Finally, the singularity that attracts people may besides make issues of decreasing returns as the original event would hold reduced the singularity of the locale. Hence, it is advised that locales continually better its installations to derive repeat trial. The below diagram shows features of particular events.

Particular Events



Ambience & A ; Service


Fixed Timetable



Personal Interactions

( Beginning: Shone A. & A ; Parry B. , 2004, Successful Event Management: A Practical Handbook, 2nd ed. , Published by Cengage Learning EMEA, p. 13 )


Conference and event installations make certain things are carried out decidedly from a visitant ‘s position besides as finally they are the chief audience to any event. The best manner to get down is to do certain the locale chosen to expose the event as a whole is competitory and would affect delegates and the visitants. For this, the chief thing to be kept in head is the subject of the event. There is no point if the subject of the event and what is being displayed does non travel manus in manus. This besides includes the focal point of the event, the type of interaction experienced at the event, timing, and the topographic point where the event is staged. The visitants are non the same ever. Some expression for mere amusement merely whereas others look for amusement along with cognition or as a agency of escape from their day-to-day modus operandi, societal experiences, household, old experiences and recommendations ( Edwards, Loomis, Fusco, & A ; McDermott, 1990 ; Falk & A ; Dierking, 1992 ; Hooper-Greenhill, 1994 ; Kotler & A ; Kotler, 1998 ; Lord & A ; Lord, 1999 ; Packer & A ; Ballantyne, 2002 ) .


There are certain reverses that disfigure such vlienues when an event is held. They can be listed as license and usage limitations, such as limited flushing amusement with no amplified music. These usually take topographic point if the event is conducted in locales such as a museum. There are other issues associated such as clip. Depending on the locale, there would be limitations on the continuance of the event. In some cases, the locale needs to be transformed, tabular arraies set, kitchens set up, traveling in and out the equipments required and audio-visual equipment wired up and balanced in less clip ( Gosling, 1998 ; Sewell, 2007 ; Shallcross, 1998 ) . Parking installations is a must look into as to a big event, many visitants would be expected. The locales substructure would come to play. This besides can be an issue. Lifts msut be big depending on the size of equipments if they need to be carried over several floors. Technical installations must be checked for all latest installations depending on the type of event ( ConferenceVenuesUK, 2007 ; Spain, 2007 ) . Accomodation might be required by delegates. The distance and handiness to the locale ust be easy for them.

Chacko, Harsha E. and Jeffrey d. Schaffer ( 1993 ) , The Evolution of a festival – Creole Christmas in New Orleans, “ Tourism Management ” , December, pp.475-482.


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