Sponsorship arrangements 1 1 Unique characteristics of the event 12 Event stakeholders 13 Recommendations 13 Conclusion 14 Reference List 15 Appendices 16 Appendix 1 Gold Coast Airport Marathon Sponsors 16 List of Tables Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4 Management information 6 Race Schedule 10 Main Stage Schedule 10 Sponsors and their contributions 12 Last AT Hughes Figure 1 Structure of Gold Coast Events organizers 7 Figure 2 Race Precinct map 8 Figure 3 Marathon map 8 Executive Summary This report provides brief research into the elements that formulate the Gold Coast Airport Marathon.

It is considered to be one of the premier marathon races in the world. It has been a successfully run event for 35 years and this will continue into the future. A competitor event is the Kodak Challenge which is held within the same month as the marathon and is located on the Gold Coast. The course is approximately double the length and it contains a larger fundraising element than the marathon. It is up to individual interest as to which event is the preferred choice. The unique characteristics of the event are provided. These briefly include the location, the course, weather, national recognition and mentor opportunities.

These are the factors that set the Gold Coast Airport Marathon apart from other marathons. Event stakeholders and their relationships with the marathon are identified and briefly discussed. All stakeholders evident include the host community, media, participants/spectators, sponsors and co-workers. They all contribute a vital role to the event and its outcome. 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Authorization This report was authorized by Event Management course co-ordination David Gyration and is being produced to provide research on an existing event and analyses the findings. . 3 Limitations Limitations that were evident in the production of this report were limited information in some areas and the 1500 word limit. 1. 2 Scope This report will present research findings on the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. The history, management, location, competitors, sponsorship and target markets will be discussed. Following this, features that make the event unique and event stakeholders will be discussed. 2. 0 Explanation of event research findings 2. 1 Event type The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is an iconic event.

The marathon enhances awareness and profitability of a tourist destination therefore categorizing it as a Lamar event. It can also be considered as a local/community event as it uses volunteer services from the host community and is considered ‘owned’ by a community (Allen et al. 2011). The event includes a marathon, half marathon, km run, 5. Km walk, km Junior dash and a km Junior dash. 2. 2 Governing body The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is owned and managed by Events Queensland Gold Coast, a subsidiary of Events Queensland on behalf of the Queensland Government. . 3 History of event The first Gold Coast Airport Marathon was held on 2 September 1979 and has been held annually since then. From attracting 691 participants in 1979 too massive 28,224 in 2012, this marathon continues to be one of the most successful marathons. In 2010, it celebrated its 32nd year and extended to a two day event. In 2012, the event attracted Just over 2 participants Walt Just over 5,u completing ten race. This number broke Australia’s record for the highest number of participants to finish a marathon (News Limited 2009).

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Following the success of the marathon in 2012, it was awarded an FAA Road Race Bronze Label for 2013. This is the first time an Australian marathon has achieved this which elevates it to one of the premier Raritan races in the world. 2. Management contact information The management contact information for Gold Coast Events can be seen in Table 1 . Table Management information General Manager I Cameron Hart I postal address I POSTBOXES, Gold coast Mail centre, SLD,9726 1 web address I www. Collaborations. Mom. AU I Phone number | 5668988 | Email address I [email protected] Com. AU I 2. 5 Event organizers management structure The Gold Coast Events organizational structure provides a list of the board of directors followed by the event staff and the marathon operations group members. The event staff includes people in the event operations team, marketing and communication, registrations and sport services. The marathon operations group manage the specific race Jobs such as course supervisors and announcers.

They live in the surrounding suburbs and have an interest and want to be involved in the city events. Another target market is evident which includes people from overseas purposefully visiting for this event. They inherit similar characteristics to the local target market alongside a competitive nature and a passion for competing in marathons all over the world. . 9 Competitive environment Inevitably, events will always have the issue of other events, similar or not, to occur around a similar time. The Kodak Challenge is an event of similar caliber that is run in the same month as the marathon. The Kodak Challenge is approximately double the distance and presents a more dominating fundraising element than the marathon.

Therefore it depends on people’s individual needs as to which event they would rather participate in. 2. 10 Sponsorship arrangements I nee 6010 coast Alert NAS Eden ten naming relents sponsor AT ten marathon since 003 and will continue until 2014. The sponsorship from the airport has enabled event numbers to significantly increase from interstate and also reach international markets (Events Queensland 2011). Concurs Bank and Southern Cross University continue to be major sponsors of the marathon. These sponsors and their brief contribution can be viewed in Table 4. Limited information could be found for all sponsor’s specific contributions. All sponsors of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon include can be viewed in Appendix 1.

Table 4 Sponsors and their contributions Sponsor I Contribution I Gold Coast Airport I Naming rights sponsor for 12 years * Increases number of marathon participants I Concurs Bank I * Naming rights sponsor for 5. Km race * Support Concurs Bank volunteers * Manning information booths, tents, aid stations, offering complimentary sunscreen I Southern Cross University I Sponsor for three years * University student band provides entertainment * Host a Business Leaders Forum held with the Gold Coast Airport Marathon Sports and Leisure Expo I Analysis of event research 3. 0 3. 1 Unique characteristics of the event The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is hosted in one of the world’s most popular holiday estimations with plentiful surf beaches, theme parks, restaurants and accommodation.

The marathon course has a reputation as one of the flattest and fastest courses in the world which attracts many participants to compete. The weather conditions in July when the marathon is scheduled to occur are traditionally suitable for running. The temperature ranges from 10-20 degrees with little wind and no humidity. The marathon is an International Association of Athletics Federation Road Race Bronze Label event and also a member of the Association of International Marathons and Road Races and Athletics Australia. This international status helps to show that it is a globally recognized event and therefore will persuade people to make the decision to participate.

The marathon also provides rewards for completing the race with a medal, shirt and certificate. One of the final features of this marathon event is that there are Australian running legends present over the weekend. This provides an opportunity for participants to meet their possible heroes or even to simply receive some mentor advice (Gold Coast Events Management Ltd 2013). These above mentioned factors make the marathon unique and give it a competitive advantage over other marathons. These unique characteristics can ultimately persuade people to participate in this marathon in comparison to another. 3. 2 Event stakeholders Stakeholders are people with a legitimate interest in the outcomes of an event.

Event organizers need to identify the various stakeholders in an event and be able to successfully manage their individual needs (Allen et al. 2011). In relation to the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, all types of stakeholders are involved and must be identified and discussed. Firstly, event managers need to have a solid understanding of the rends upon the host community as these will determine the overall environment of ten event. I nee council, residents, transport, people Ana mammalian attenuators are all involved in the planning and successful running of the marathon. The co-workers are a vital stakeholder in the organization and delivery of an event. They present the vision of the event and each team member contributes to the success or failure of the event.

The media is an integral part of the way in which the event is portrayed to the public. The marathon uses media for advertising, live webmasters and mobile phone interaction with the public. They are involved in social media with a Twitter and Backbone page alongside an phone app. This enables public engagement and interaction. The role of sponsorship has been developed over the years and is considered a specialist area within the marketing framework. Sponsorship deals can be made to increase market share or simply to maintain public image (Raja, Walters & Rash 2013). The major sponsors for the marathon utilize both of these. The participants and spectators both play a vital role in any event.

The event manager needs to be mindful of the needs of the audience as they ultimately determine the success or failure of an event. In the marathon, the participants virtually control the outcome of the event as the event revolves around them. If the event doubled in size, all stakeholder relationships would still be evident. 4. 0 Recommendations The marathon has been a successfully run event for 35 years therefore leaving not a lot of room for improvement. One recommendation could be for it to improve its sustainable practices. In this day and age, people are more aware of sustainability and the positive effect it can have for future generations. 5. 0 Conclusion


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