Why might you complete a 1040 instead of a 1040EZ?
You own a home
When you purchase an item in a store, you may be charged __________.
sales tax
Which of the following are NOT deducted on a typical paystub:
Sales tax
The person who receives financial protection from a life insurance plan is called a:
Insurance can help you:
financially protect against unexpected accidents
In which of the following scenarios will you be entitled to pay the least amount of money out-of-pocket for a medical expense?
You have health insurance with a $500 deductible
Jan pays $70 each month for her auto insurance policy. This regular payment is called a:
When starting a new job, the form you complete to determine how much tax to withhold from your paycheck is called the _______.
The amount you owe in state income tax is based on:
Your yearly earnings
Your auto insurance policy has a $200 monthly premium and $700 deductible. What is the maximum amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket for a car accident before your insurance covers your costs?

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