What education level has the highest return on investment (ROI)?
When referring to student loans, what is a grace period?
Using the FAFSA form, you can apply for:
Your sister is starting 9th grade and is thinking about going to college. What step would you recommend she first take?
Which type of loan requires that you pay the interest accumulated during college?
You are looking for ways to pay for your higher education. Which of the following options will require you to pay back the money you receive?
a) grants
b) 529 plans
c) federal student loans
d) scholarships
The Federal Application for Student Aid form:
a) must be completed by your guidance counselor
b) can only be filled out by US citizens
c) is used to apply for private loans
d) can be submitted online or by mail
Which of the following statements about FAFSA is true?
a) you can only apply online
b) the earliest you can submit FAFSA application is December 1
c) The IRS Data Retrieval Tool allows you to view and transfer your tax information directly into your FAFSA form
d) Both A + B
Which of the following statements about federal student loans is true?
a) the interest rate on your loan will be fixed over time
b) the interest rate on federal loans and private loans are similar
c) you can only get federal student loans if you demonstrate financial need.
d) you do not accumulate interest on federal loans.
After you send in your FAFSA form, what will you receive back?

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