Which of the following are NOT deducted on a typical pay stub:
Sales Tax
In which of the following will you have to pay the least out-of-pocket for a medical expense?
Health insurance with $500 deductible
Insurance policy- $300 premium&$500 deductible how much to pay the insurance each month?
Which of the following statements about taxes is FALSE
Taxes at the local, state, federal levels are all equal
Starting a new job, form you fill out for taxes to withhold from paycheck
Auto-Insurance-$200 premium&$700 deductible what is the amount you will have to pay before insurance covers your cost?
When you purchase an item in store, you may be charged
Sales Tax
Which of the following has the highest auto insurance premiums?
Young, inexperienced drivers
Insurance can help you financially protect against?
Unexpected accidents
Jan pays $70 for auto insurance. Regular payment is called?

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