Every town has a deep, dark secret, that no one knows about. Here’s the story of a town called Woodhurst.  Buckle up and get ready for an adventure. No one in this small town knows the truth, except me. It all started 2 months  ago, with the death of the most popular girl in school, Mia West.  Mia was your typical highschool girl. She was a cheerleader, she had great grades, she was dating the quarterback on the football team, and everyone loved her, or so we thought. On September 25, 2017, death and sorrow fell over our small  town. It was the day that Mia West’s life was taken. At that point no one knew how she died.That day will be remembered forever.  It was a quiet day. Everyone went to school just like always until around 3rd period. A Lockdown was issued, meaning no one could leave the classroom  We thought it was just a drill. What we thought would take  10 minutes turned into 20, then to 30, then to 1 hour. We sat in there for 3 hours missing our next 3 periods. By the 1st hour, everyone was wondering what was going on. I decided to ask. . Ms. Saunders said that she could not tell us. After those 3 hours passed, we got up and went to lunch, but something was different. There were people missing. Someone told me that the police found Mia West’s body in the restroom between A hall and C hall. An autopsy was done and it was said that she  was shot. Who could have done such a thing? Everyone loved Mia, or so we thought…For the next few days, no one talked while walking past the restroom between A hall and C hall. The police were still trying to figure out who did it. Students were taken out of class to be interrogated. Her boyfriend, her best friend, her ex, everyone who was close to her or was once close to her. Mia’s parents wanted to find out who killed their daughter. Her boyfriend, Jack was interrogated. His  alibi was that they were walking to the library together when some strange man came up and grabbed Mia and dragged her into the restroom. All he could hear was screams, he tried to help, but the door was locked, but there were stalls in the bathroom, it is impossible to lock the whole bathroom.  Her best friend, Bailey, was interrogated also. She said that they were going to skip school when Mia’s crazy ex, Michael, came up to Mia asking if they could talk privately. Bailey left them alone and waited for what seemed like forever for Mia, and that’s when Bailey saw the ambulance. The only thing wrong with her story was that Michael wasn’t at school that day. Mia’s ex, Justin, was interrogated. His story was that he saw Mia walking to the restroom, and when she did, he heard screaming, so he ran off and told the principal what he heard. The Principal said that Justin did come and tell her what he heard. 3 different stories… who was lying? Who was telling the truth?Two days after the murder of Mia, the police still did not know who murdered her. Three different alibis were given, only one had a witness, and the other two were debunked.  Jack admitted he was lying, but wouldn’t say what he was really doing, same with Bailey. One of them finally fessed up and said they were hooking up in the bathroom when they saw two sets of feet. They heard a scream, then a gunshot. . When they heard footsteps, they got out, only to see Mia’s dead body and splatter of blood…That one little piece of information changed everything. Why were they in the bathroom? Why didn’t they jump out and help. Is their secret relationship more important than the life of their friend? Who killed Mia West? As I would say “An imbecile was running around the town thinking they can get away with the murder of Mia.”Jack and Bailey were taken into the police department for further interrogation. Sheriff Edward asked if they saw the shoe color and brand of the man who murdered Mia. Jack said that the shoes were grey Nike Lunarepic Flyknit. Bailey tried to cut in and make Jack out to be the bad guy in the situation. Jack responded “I know you think you’re being helpful, but you’re being way too glib. Meeting up in the restroom for our ‘make out session’ was your idea.” Bailey sat there, shock at the fact that Jack snapped at her. When asked why they did not jump out and save Mia, both of them were speechless. Jack started to say something, but Bailey cut him off. “Bailey, if you interrupt me one more time, i will tell everyone the real reason you were Bailey’s friend. Don’t try me. My girlfriend is dead, and i want to know who killed her.” Jack said in response to being interrupted the last time. Bailey sat there with wide eyes.After they were interrogated, Jack went up to Bailey and apologize. “I had to make it look like I was a victim too. I’m sorry.” Bailey responded with an eye roll “Oh yeah right. You’re the victim in this situation. You have it way worse than anyone. It’s not like I lost my best friend from 4th grade.” Jack looked at her. For the first time, Jack realized he  had legitimate feelings for Bailey. All of the times they hooked up in the bathroom were not just to pass time, but because he genuinely liked her. He gazed at her for a few seconds before coming up with the idea to catch Mia’s murdered themselves. “I like it. Let’s do it. “Bailey responded.Jack leaned in to kiss Bailey, but she dodged him. “What the heck. Are you just using me as a hookup or a rebound? What do I look like to you, a tramp? If all you want is someone to hookup with you, sorry darling, but you’re looking in the wrong place.” Bailey said before storming off. Jack sat there disconcerted. He really liked her. He wasn’t using her as a hookup buddy or as a rebound.What’s obscure to me is the fact that Bailey and Jack say that they miss Mia, but when the time came, they could have jumped out and saved her. Jack also threatened Bailey with the “truth” of why she was really Mia’s friend, but Bailey is acting like the victim. Something doesn’t add up. Our “perfect little nothing town” is slowly becoming a shady town full of secrets.


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