Can a piano have an effect on people? It definitely can. It can make people happy, it can get people in a good mood and it can play wonderful music for the ears. But what about a bad effect? In this short story the piano plays a very big role. It goes from being a big Joy for the narrator, to become a satanic piano that were never to be touched again, because of a big fear… The short story is about a nine-year old boy. He was not good at anything. He was actually remarkable for being entirely without ability.

His sister was a gifted and influential majorette, and his older brother could dismantle thing. But he, he could not do anything. His parent’s were very confused over their sons lacking abilities, because they believed that “Everybody can be something”. One day, the narrator’s father gets an old piano that is descriptive as a black lacquered monster. The narrator is very thrilled about getting a piano, and thinks immediately that this is his talent. Just like Mozart. He was composing concerts at De age of nine, so why couldn’t he?

He started to play the piano, and it sounded absolutely terrible. Even his mom couldn’t stand listening to that horrible noise. So his family arranged to let him take IANA lessons for 50 pens an hour, at an old woman who lived across the street. Mrs. Patricia Chin was her name, and she was about 70-years old. Mrs. Chin tries her best to get the boy to learn how to play the piano. But without any luck… There was absolutely no improvement to hear. But the narrator was a very stubborn boy. He would not give up, even though both Mrs. Chin and his mother had told him to consider that opportunity.

He continued playing the piano at Mrs. Chins house. He even had to pay more money to continue his lessons. But one day at a piano lesson, the narrator heard a sudden groan from Mrs. Chin. Her face was fallen down on the IANA. In a second the boy Just thought it was her way to get loose of all her frustrations. He realizes that that’s not it. She is not breathing, and her eyes are open without blinking. She was dead… At first the narrator thinks that it is his fault that Mrs. Chin died, and that his horribly tunes was the reason of her death.

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It was him that had stopped her heart. If he had just taken Mrs. Chin’s and his mother’s advice about giving up, Mrs. Chin would never have passed away that day. He considered some options. In one way he knew that he had to call an ambulance, but in the other way he knew that it was his fault that she died that day, and that he was the reason of the crime. It was his fault because he played “The Entertainer”. Because of his theory he was so scared that he would get into prison. So he chose not to call an ambulance, and Just go straight home, and act like nothing had ever happened.

Later that day, the narrator and his family saw an ambulance arrive across the street. The narrator felt a big sense of guilt. He was the last person to see her alive. Therefore the police came to talk to him. He lied to everyone auto Mrs. Conn’s tenant. When people as EAI K ml now Mrs. CNN was ten last time he saw her, he Just said that she seemed very cheerful. In addition to that, he also kept the fee he should have given to Mrs. Chin for their last cruel piano lesson. For a while he kept the fee, but as the time went by he used it on sweets.

His conscience started to grow, as the days went by. He kept telling him self that ragtime music does not kill, no matter how bad you play it, and after a while he came to believe it. One thing he never did again was to touch the monstrous piano. After the episode with Mrs. Chin he was in some kind of trauma from playing the piano. The piano was thereafter soon given to a nephew, and there suddenly returned peace to their souse. It is funny how a person can change a Joy into a fear by one terrible experience.

I think the short story theme, is that everybody is good at something. You Just have to find it. So if you already have tried playing piano, and it never gets better, it is better to give up and find something else you are good at. If not, there can probably happen the same thing for you, as there did for the narrator in this short story. So just remember, you will find out what you are good at! You Just have to search, and you will find it eventually.


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