The psychological attack was developed by Sigmund Freud. He is the male parent of depth psychology. And his chief thoughts are really indispensable to an apprehension of literature and unfavorable judgment. Freud compared the head to an iceberg. of which merely a little part is seeable ; the remainder is below the moving ridges of the sea. When it comes to the elements of the mind. Freud hypothesized that we have several psychic constructions that make up the personality and clang with one another. These constructions are the Id. Ego and Superego.

Harmonizing to Freud. we are born with our Id. with such things as hungriness. sex or aggression. The Idaho doesn’t attention about world. about the demands of anyone else. merely its ain satisfaction. And Freud believed that the Idaho is based on our pleasance rule. However. the self-importance is based on the world rule. The self-importance understands that other people have demands and desires and that sometimes being unprompted or selfish can ache us. The superego is the moral portion of us and develops because of some ethical restraints which placed on us in our early age. Therefore. it is ruled by the moral rule. Every person is composed of different sums of each psychic construction. The ultimate end is to accomplish the balance of the three countries by understanding how each country works entirely and contributes to do the whole.

Dee and Maggie are two African American sisters who have obtained contrasting life styles. Although the two sisters grew up in the same place environment. “Everyday Use. ” by Alice Walker. illustrates Dee and Maggie’s divergency in character caused by their separation in economic position.

Dee The Idaho is the chief energy beginning for the mind. The Idaho “knows no values. no good and evil. no morality” . In the short narrative “Everyday Use” . Dee’s actions are clearly attributed to her overdeveloped Idaho. which is a deformed sense of self-importance. and an developing superego.

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The Idaho maps harmonizing to natural motivations. Dee. who preferred to be called Wangero. has a straightforward. blunt temperament about life. Life is under her control and she won’t allow anything stand in her manner. She takes on the attitude that the universe was created to fulfill her. In altering her name. she expected the universe to acknowledge her alteration. Her Idaho was overdeveloped because she acted on natural motivations instead than moral for her determinations. The overdeveloped Idaho often emerges when the egoistic side of her becomes more outstanding than her moral and altruistic side. Furthermore. she may hold been exposed to the accepted societal ethical motives and values. but we know for certain. Dee’s behaviours were non considered in the scope of the societal norms for her clip period. This observation leads me to believe her Idaho overpowers her ability to grok the broad scope of state of affairss brought before her.

Maggie The superego protects society by lodging our ethical motives and values. Society greatly influences the development of our superego. but it is finally our determination how we choose to specify our rules. From this narrative. Maggie is uneducated and lives with their female parent in a hapless life status. She lives a simple life. carries on old traditions at place and receives from life whatever she is given. as opposed to Dee. who has a affluent fellow and sufficient instruction. Maggie is ashamed of being a burnt victim in the fire that destroyed their first place. Even when she is confronting her Mama. she hides her thin organic structure in a pink skirt and ruddy blouse behind the door. Besides. she walks with “chin on her thorax. eyes on the ground” She is more than the miss who hides from the universe and concedes to a truth that tells her “she is person used to ne’er winning anything. or holding anything reserved for her. ”

Mother The self-importance is the rational piece of the three mental zones. It has less drive than the Idaho and its map is to modulate between the Idaho and superego in an effort to turn up and keep a comfy medium ; it focuses on the protection of the person. Here. Mother is a mixture of self-importance and superego ; she is caught between the pleasance rule and the morality rule. She tries to be a nice and sort female parent with both kids cared and tries non to abash Dee by run intoing her immediate demands as possible as she can even they make no sense.


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