The Jordans ne’er spoke of the test. non until their boy. Dickie. was 12 old ages old. It was on his birthday that Mrs Jordan foremost mentioned the topic in his presence. and the dying mode of her address caused her hubby to reply aggressively.

‘Forget about it. ’ he said. ‘He’ll do all right. ’

They were at breakfast tabular array. and the male child looked up from his home base oddly. He was an alert-eyed child with level blond hair and a speedy. nervous mode. He didn’t understand what the sudden tenseness was approximately. but he did cognize that today was his birthday. and he wanted harmoniousness above all. Somewhere in the small flat there were wrapped. beribboned bundles waiting to be opened. and in the bantam wall-kitchen something warm and Sweet was being prepared in the automatic range. He wanted the twenty-four hours to be happy. and the damp of his mother’s eyes. the frown on his father’s face. spoiled the temper of fliting outlook with which he had greeted the forenoon. ‘What exam? ’ he asked.

His female parent looked at the tablecloth. ‘It’s merely a kind of Government Intelligence trial they give kids at the age of 12. You’ll be taking it following hebdomad. It’s nil to worry approximately. ’ ‘You intend a trial like in school? ’

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‘Something like that. ’ his male parent said. acquiring up from the tabular array. ‘Go and read your cartoon strips. Dickie. ’ The male child rose and wandered towards that portion of the life room which had been ‘his’ corner since babyhood. He fingered the topmost comedian of the stack. but seemed uninterested in the colorful squares of fast-paced action. He wandered towards the window. and peered gloomily at the head covering of mist that shrouded the glass. ‘Why did it hold to rain today? ’ he said. ‘Why couldn’t it rain tomorrow? ’ His male parent. now slumped into an armchair with the Government newspaper rattled the sheets in annoyance. ‘Because it merely did. that’s all. Rain makes the grass grow. ’ ‘Why. Dad? ’

‘Because it does. that’s all. ’

Dickey puckered his forehead. ‘What makes it green. though? The grass? ’ ‘Nobody knows. ’ his male parent snapped. so instantly regretted his brusqueness. Later in the twenty-four hours. it was birthday clip once more. His female parent beamed as she handed over the gaily-coloured bundles. and even his male parent managed a smile and a rumple-of-the-hair. He kissed his female parent and agitate custodies soberly with his male parent. Then the birthday bar was brought Forth. and the ceremonials concluded. An hr subsequently. seated by the window. he watched the Sun force its manner between the clouds. ‘Dad. ’ he said. ‘how far off is the Sun? ’

‘Five 1000 stat mis. ’ his male parent said.

Dickie sat at the breakfast tabular array and once more saw wet in his mother’s eyes. He didn’t connect her cryings with the test until his male parent all of a sudden brought the topic to visible radiation once more. ‘Well. Dickie. ’ he said. with a manfully frown. ‘you’ve got an assignment today. ’ ‘I know Dad. 1 hope –’

‘Now. it’s nil to worry about. Thousands of kids take this trial every twenty-four hours. The Government wants to cognize how smart you are. Dickie. That’s all there is to it. ’ ‘I acquire good Markss in school. ’ he said hesitatingly.

‘This is different. This is a – particular sort of trial. They give you this material to imbibe. you see. and so you go into a room where there’s a kind of machine –‘ ‘What stuff to imbibe? ’ Dickie said.

‘It’s nil. It tastes like Mentha piperita. It’s merely to do certain you answer the inquiries truthfully. Not that the Government thinks you won’t state the truth. but it makes certain. ’ Dickie’s face showed puzzlement. and a touch of fear. He looked at his female parent. and she composed her face into a brumous smiling. ‘Everything will be all right. ’ she said.

‘Of class it will. ’ his male parent agreed. ‘You’re a good male child. Dickie ; you’ll
do out mulct. Then we’ll come place and celebrate. All right? ’ ‘Yes sir. ’ Dickie said.

They entered the Government Educational Building 15 proceedingss before the appointed hr. They crossed the marble floors of the great pillared anteroom. passed beneath an archway and entered an automatic lift that brought them to the 4th floor. There was a immature adult male have oning an insignia-less adventitia. seated at a polished desk in forepart of Room 404. He held a clipboard in his manus. and he checked the list down to the Js and permitted the Jordans to come in. The room was as cold and official as a courtroom. with long benches flanking metal tabular arraies.

There were several male parents and boies already at that place. and a thin-lipped adult female with cropped black hair was go throughing out sheets of paper. Mr Jordan filled out the signifier. and returned it to the clerk. Then he told Dickie: ‘It won’t be long now. When they call your name. you merely go through the room access at the terminal of the room. ’ He indicated the portal with his finger. A hidden speaker unit crackled and called off the first name. Dickie saw a male child go forth his father’s side reluctantly and walk easy towards the door. At five proceedingss to eleven. they called the name of Jordan.

‘Good fortune. boy. ’ his male parent said. without looking at him. ‘I’ll call for you when the trial is over. ’ Dickie walked to the door and turned the boss. The room interior was dim. and he could hardly do out the characteristics of the grey-tunicked attender who greeted him. ‘Sit down. ’ the adult male said quietly. He indicated a high stool beside his desk. ‘Your name’s Richard Jordan? ’ ‘Yes. sir. ’

‘Your categorization figure is 600-115. Drink this. Richard. ’ He lifted a fictile cup from the desk and handed it to the male child. The liquid interior had the consistence of buttermilk. tasted merely mistily of the promised Mentha piperita. Dickie downed it. and handed the adult male the empty cup. He sat in silence. experiencing drowsy. while the adult male wrote busily on a sheet of paper. Then the attender looked at his ticker. and rose to stand merely inches from Dickie’s face. He unclipped a penlike object from the pocket of his adventitia. and flashed a bantam visible radiation into the boy’s eyes. ‘All right. ’ he said. ‘Come with me. Richard. ’

He led Dickie to the terminal of the room. where a individual wooden armchair faced a multi-dialled computer science machine. There was a mike on the left arm of the chair. and when the male child sat down. he found its pinpoint caput handily at his oral cavity. ‘Now merely relax. Richard. You’ll be asked some inquiries. and you think them over carefully. Then give your replies into the mike. The machine will take attention of the remainder. ’ ‘Yes. sir. ’

‘I’ll leave you entirely now. Whenever you want to get down. merely state “ready” into the mike. ’ ‘Yes. sir. ’
The adult male squeezed his shoulder. and left.
Dickie said. ‘Ready. ’
Lights appeared on the machine. and a mechanism whirred. A voice said: ‘Complete this sequence. One. four. seven. ten. .

Mr and Mrs Jordan were in the life room. non talking. non even theorizing. It was about four o’clock when the telephone rang. The adult female tried to make it foremost. but her hubby was quicker. ‘Mr Jordan? ’

The voice was clipped: a brisk. official voice.
‘Yes. speech production. ’
‘This is the Government Educational Service. Your boy. Richard M Jordan. Classification 600-115 has completed the Government scrutiny. We regret to inform you that his intelligence quotient is above the Government ordinance. harmonizing to Rule 84 Section 5 of the New Code. Across the room. the adult female cried out. cognizing nil except the emotion she read on her husband’s face. ‘You may stipulate by telephone. ’ the voice droned on. ‘whether you wish his organic structure interred by the Government. or would you prefer a private burial topographic point? The fee for Government entombment is 10 dollars. ’ THE End. 1. Complete the tabular array below demoing the hints which reveal that Dickie is intelligent. See how many hints you can compose in each column.

His Appearance What he says What he is told by his parents

2. The writer has presented us with a society of the hereafter. Make a list of all the things in the narrative that tell us that this is set in the hereafter.

3. What references to ‘the Government’ are at that place in the narrative? ( a ) Make a list of each one.
( B ) Discuss. with a spouse. what we learn about this peculiar authorities.

4. The attendant says. “The machine will take attention of the rest” . Write the portion of the narrative which is left out. to demo precisely what you think happens to Dickie. Start with the words. ‘Complete this sequence. One. four. seven. ten…’

5. How do Dickie’s parents speak to Dickie. and respond to him. at different parts in the narrative? Fill in the tabular array below to chart their behavior towards him. demoing what they say. how they say it and how they act.

Juncture Mother Father
a ) At the breakfast tabular array

B ) While Dickie is looking at the rain

degree Celsius ) Birthday present & A ; coat clip ‘Misty’ – vague and distant but really fond

vitamin D ) Breakfast clip on tests twenty-four hours

vitamin E ) In the Govermnent Ed. Building

6. What sort of authorities would desire to dispose of extremely intelligent kids? In groups. make up one’s mind the policies ( LAWS ) of this authorities and the grounds it would non desire these kids to populate. Make you believe all intelligent kids would be disposed of? Can you believe of any exclusions? Write 3 Torahs and the ground for each.

7. a ) Write ‘Rule 84. Section 5. of the new codification utilizing grounds gathered from the narrative.

B ) Write 2 MORE ‘Rules of the New Code’ . Make them allow regulations which could hold been written by theparticular authorities in the narrative.


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