The difference between legal separation and divorce is that legal separation enables you to live apart with a court order which tells you the rights and responsibilities of each partner, whereas divorce puts the entire marriage to an end. You are still married while living apart in a legal separation. b)Two reasons why women might delay having children are that they might want to have a career first, as they cannot have a full time career and a baby at the same time and they might not have the finance for it, and want to save money before they have children. )Two ways in which technological advances have affected family diversity is that gay couples are now able to have children and women are able to have children at an older age. Same sex couples can now have babies by the test tube baby method and women can conceive at a later age with IVF and freezing eggs. d)Some ways in which government policies and laws have affected nature and extent of family diversity are the divorce reform act and equal pay rights.

The divorce act allowed marriages to be ended quickly and easier which is easier on any children involved and increases the rate of remarriage and step familys and not getting married at all encourages cohabitation in couples. Equal pay rights allows men and women to earn the same amount of money in the same job than before sex equality. Also, abortion and contraception was made available which allowed women to have children when and whether they wanted, meaning that they could have them at a later age or not at all.


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