Leadership is an of import facet of a team’s success. It is frequently believed that a successful leader is person with high intelligence. finding and vision. These are surely qualities that make a campaigner meets the proficient demands of the place. but an effectual leader should “distinguished by a high grade of emotional intelligence. which includes self-awareness. ego ordinance. motive. empathy. and societal skill” ( Goleman 1998 ) . In the film. Harry Stamper is brought to the squad due to his expertness as a driller. Due to his strong cognition and accomplishments. he rapidly establishes himself as the exclusive leader of the operation. However. is he an effectual leader? The constituents of emotional intelligence will measure whether Harry is genuinely an effectual leader.

Three of the emotional intelligence constituents are self-management accomplishments. First constituent is self-awareness. Self-awareness is “the ability to acknowledge and understand your emotions and thrusts along with their effects on others” ( Goleman 1998 ) . It allows persons to candidly measure themselves. Self-conscious people are more likely to acknowledge their ain strengths and failings. hence less likely to take on undertaking they are incapable. every bit good as better taking constructive unfavorable judgments. In the film Harry was able to show strong self-awareness. Harry’s end was really clear: to salvage the planet and maintain his girl safe. Equally good as he was in his business as a driller. he was cognizant that him entirely can non finish the undertaking. He hence recruited members who he believes are the best tantrum to this operation. He was besides cognizant of his deficiency of experience in infinite and let NASA member Colonel Willie Sharp to fix the crew of outer infinite cognition. With strong self-awareness Harry keeps himself vocal in countries which are his strengths and learn from other members of the country he is weak.

Following is self-regulation. Self-regulation is “the ability to command or airt riotous urges and moods” ( Goleman 1998 ) . Bad emotions are one of the grounds behind het statements. It prevents us from being sensible and unagitated. therefore aching others without making a well-considered solution. When a leader is capable of self-regulating his or her emotions. he or she is able to make a trusting and carnival environment which allows the team’s creativeness to boom. thereby improves productiveness. In the film. Harry’s emotional effusions had non led to good consequences. particularly his personal struggle with fellow crew member A. J. Frost. who was dating his girl. For illustration. in the simulation exercising where they attempted to put up a machine underwater. A. J. insists on coercing a undertaking that finally result in a failure of their simulation of boring.

Harry so pulled A. J. to call on the carpet about how his actions can convey danger to their mission and he should halt moving like a kid. It can been seen that A. J. does non hold with Harry’s sentiment. Should Harry tried to near A. J. otherwise. possibly calmly assesses the state of affairs and points out A. J. ’s errors. A. J. might listen to what Harry had to state. but being unable to command his ain pique. along with his prejudice towards A. J. . Harry scolded at A. J. and the squad ends up non traveling frontward. Overall Harry does non hold great self-regulation. As a consequence some members may experience unfairness or misgiving from the leader.

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Last interior emotional intelligence is motive. Motivation is an of import trait of effectual leaders. It is a “passion to work for grounds that go beyond money or status” ( Goleman 1998 ) . By giving the squad motive to accomplish in their ain desires instead than external factors. they will execute better. In Harry’s foremost team meeting he satisfied the member’s extrinsic motive by acquiring the wagess each person wants. After fulfilling their external demands. he suggested to give his squad an off twenty-four hours the twenty-four hours before the mission. Taking that twenty-four hours of remainder. whether it was traveling out to party. meeting with household for what may be the last clip. or proposed to his loved one. many of the members becomes motivated. Like Chick found himself making something he’s proud of first clip in his life. or A. J. saw himself as a hero who fights over obstructions and acquire the miss in the terminal. With Harry satisfies everyone’s extrinsic motive and giving them clip to make some mental readiness. he allowed the remainder of the members to look at this mission as a challenge and happen their ain intrinsic motive.

After analysing Harry’s emotional intelligence towards himself. his emotional intelligence is now assessed. There are two constituents identified by Goleman that an effectual leader demands to hold to success: empathy and societal accomplishments. Empathy is the “skill in handling people harmonizing to their emotional reactions” ( Goleman. 1998 ) . A leader who is empathetic towards his squad allows strong integrity and is able to retain endowments. Harry is a individual with strong sentiments and high outlook. If one of his squad members makes a error he will call on the carpet at them. For illustration Harry changeless reminder of A. J. to “don’t screw things up” in the whole film shows his deficiency of attention of his team’s emotions. He does non demo empathy towards his squad.

Last there is societal accomplishments. Social accomplishment is about “moving people in the way you desire” ( Goleman. 1998 ) . leaders with strong societal accomplishments can break motivate others. In the film. Harry appears non to be really sociable with his chesty attitude. Because of his adept power over NASA in the cognition of boring. he was able to carry others to follow his way. However at of import clip he showed strong societal accomplishments. For illustration. when he demanded NASA to give his squad a twenty-four hours off. he convinced them by happening common evidences between his squad and NASA officers. He tried to demo that his squad is no different than their people and therefore led the state of affairs to his side. Another illustration is when Harry has to carry Colonel Willie Sharp to demilitarize the bomb. Harry was able to set up trust with the colonel. which finally convinced Willie that it was deserving the hazard to disobey orders. Therefore it can be argued that Harry possesses societal accomplishments to stir others to follow his way. but he does non utilize it frequently.

In general. Harry Stamper does non hold all the emotional intelligence constituents Goleman speaks of. He may be self-aware of his strengths and strongly motivated. but he lacks the ability to actuate his squad due to his deficiency of empathy towards others and his deficiency of self-regulatory. His emotions command his actions in many occasions. However. when he is unagitated he is highly good at what he does. For this ground the squad is able to finish its mission. In order for this squad to acquire better Harry should larn to command his choler so that immature ambitious persons like A. J. will follow their leader more frequently and better carry through their ends.

Stamper’s squad may sound clearly dysfunctional if each member of the squad is assessed separately. Nevertheless. all of the members have a clear and common end. with intrinsic and extrinsic motive. with a right sum of diverseness. a good defined civilization. along with a good well-thought-of leader. this squad is able to carry through its undertaking and win. They are a great illustration of no affair if a squad is constructed with highly gifted people or highly unstable persons. by doing a great workplace. anyone can boom.


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