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You know, there is non all that much I would really alter about this university. Certain we could utilize some better installations and the more diverseness the better, but those alterations have to take topographic point over clip, sometimes a long clip. For now I am content with the chance of throwing out thoughts used by other universities to either addition pupil enlisting or heighten the image environing our college, that has without uncertainty been tarnished in past old ages.

One illustration of how we could increase the easiness on the perspective pupil milling around our web site is to take a note or two from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. The university of Oklahoma is seen as a extremely academic establishment along with holding an advanced athleticss plan. The Oklahoma Sooners went undefeated this past twelvemonth. The good thing about their web site is that it is really easy navigational, which is a plus because prospective pupils aren & # 8217 ; T in the temper to hold to syphon through nowadayss references and alumnas paraphernalia to acquire to what dorms they will be populating in. The web site besides has a clearly defined country for the different colleges that are found with the walls of the University. One thing I myself had a job distinguishing when I foremost started to look at Washington State University.

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Along my web based trip through colleges in the United States I besides came across Plymouth College in Plymou

Thursday, New Hampshire. Now although this college seems to hold a batch of the same basic attributes we do here at Washington State I found that they installations they provide to their pupils to be far above our ain. Not merely do they supply the typical province of the art computing machine labs and rec. centre, but besides in some halls they have sectioned of soundproof music suites for those pupils take parting in things such as the symphonic music orchestra or set. In one hall they even have a ski tuning room, possibly a small more of a necessity in that portion of the state but still truly cool. I think the more exciting and important portion of my glance into this college was the fact that in every hall the pupils were allowed to heighten their life infinite by making pictorials or wall paintings on the walls. Something I would truly appreciate when all you see in white wall from your room to the wash room in my residence hall. I think this could besides be easy done with a small pupil aid and possibly some over seeing organize our Arts section.

So that is it for my comparison contrast circuit of other campuses throughout the United States. I still think Washington State has some of the hobble installations and academic plans for pupils. Hey, I was hard sell to get down out with and now I could believe of traveling anyplace else.

University of Oklahoma Web page: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.OU.edu/

Plymouth University Web page: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.plymouth.edu/


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