Malaya with a population of 28. 3 1000000s ( Department of Statistics Malaysia. 2010 ) is pluralistic and multicultural. The three chief cultural groups representing the Malays and Bumiputera ( 67. 4 % ) . Chinese ( 24. 6 % ) . Indians ( 7. 3 % ) have their ain alone civilization and heritage. such as linguistic communication. belief system. tradition and faith. The lifestyle forms of the different groups have direct links to the differences in their values and outlooks ( Syed Serajul Islam. 2008 ) . Since accomplishing independency 55 old ages ago. Malaysia has undergone economic transmutation in footings of variegation of its agriculturein the 1960s to fabrication in the 1970s-1980s. and so to technology-based development since the 1990s.

These accomplishments came as a consequence of the ability of Malaysians. diverse in their civilization. to digest. and to populate and work together in gaining the country’s overall ends of growing and prosperity. But so as pointed out by Musa Hitam ( 2007 ) . nation-building is non merely about supplying main roads. bypaths and infirmaries. It is besides about weaving together national values for the people to populate by and inventing greater missions to startle their chumminess and spirit. Such a vision of weaving together national values is still far from the set end.

For Malaysia up to the present twenty-four hours. except for the 1969 race public violence between the Malays and the Chinese. and the 2001 clangs between the Malays and the Indians. race dealingss have been peaceable unlike what had been experienced in states with assorted populations such as Nigeria. Rwanda. Bosnia. Thailand. Sudan. and India ( Zaid. 2007 ) . The footing for struggle between the cultural groups stems from individuality controversy in the signifier of linguistic communication and civilization ( Shamsul. 2006 ) . In the seventiess. the Malays advocated that the nucleus of the national civilization should be that of the Malay. This assimilative attack was unkindly viewed by the Chinese and the Indians. Relationships between the cultural groups are instead complex. intricate and sensitive. particularly when covering with affairs of faith. civilization and linguistic communication.

These characteristics are of import in individuality controversy. a phenomenon created by the British in the context of colonial cognition and its fact-finding modes ( Shamsul. 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Shamsul. it is through the colonial pattern of codifying. documenting and stand foring the societal. cultural. economic and political province in history that modern individualities in Malaysia like Malay/Malayness. Chinese/Chineseness and Indian/Indianess have emerged. amalgamate and bastioned. Recognizing the danger of making misgiving among the cultural groups the authorities had rescinded the assimilation scheme and sought the policy based on the multicultural theoretical account.

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My outlook as a Malayan life in the multi-cultured society is every Malaya occupants respect. unite and tolerance with each other although we are different cultural and holding a different cultural background. To force Malaysia and Malaysians to success. we must join forces in every facet like instruction. economic. political relations and others. This can be a great advantage for development of Malaysia in planetary competition as we have different cultural with different cultural background that we collaborate and making a better manner to work. hence bettering our efficiency and productiveness compared to other state that merely dominated by individual race.

In instruction. my outlook is to hold Multicultural Education in every degree of school. which mean we have Multicultural Education from kinder garden to university. The Southern Cross of holding Multicultural Education is accomplish its intents for pupils. instructors. parents. and decision makers of the school system: a ) a acquisition environment that support positive interracial contact ; B ) a multicultural course of study ; degree Celsius ) positive instructor outlooks ; vitamin D ) administrative support ; and. vitamin E ) instructor preparation workshops ( Bennett. 1995 ) . If one of the characteristics is absent. defeat and heightened bitterness may happen as recoil behaviours multiply. Besides that. a multicultural course of study should be considered for several grounds: a ) provides alternate points of position relative to information already taught in most educational systems ; B ) provides cultural minorities with a sense of being inclusive in history. scientific discipline etc. ; and. degree Celsius ) decreases stereotypes. bias. dogmatism. and racism in Malaysia and the universe.

Educational establishments have been dictated excessively long by attitudes. values. beliefs. and value systems of one race and category of people. The hereafter of our existence is demanding a positive alteration for all. In Politics. race plays a big function in Malayan political relations. and many Malayan political parties are ethnically based. The Government’s New Economic Policy ( NEP ) and the National Development Policy ( NDP ) which superseded it. were implemented to progress the standing of Bumiputera Malaysians. The policies provide discriminatory intervention to Malays over non-Malays in employment. instruction. scholarships. concern. and entree to cheaper lodging and assisted nest eggs. While bettering in the economic place of Malays. it is a beginning of bitterness amongst non-Malays. Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has claimed to try to shut racial divides through the 1Malaysia enterprise. The beginning of race based political relations can be traced back to independency of Malaysia from United Kingdom. who wanted all citizens of Malaysia to be equal upon independency. alternatively of laterality by Malays.

This caused the political parties of the three major races at the clip. the UMNO ( stand foring Malays ) . the MCA ( stand foring Chinese ) . and the MIC ( stand foring Indians ) . to fall in and organize the Alliance Party. My outlook for political relations is that we should non spliting ourselves into parts based on our race. We should unify as one to do a better Malaysia and supply everyone a just opportunity and right to contend for a higher accomplishment for our state without any favoritism or discriminatory intervention.

For multi-cultured society in economic sector. the economic effects of cultural heterogeneousness and cultural diverseness have been subjects discussed universe widely. The relationship between ethnicity and economic development seems to be one of the cardinal subjects to an ideal sustainable developing state. Harmonizing to Easterly and Levine ( 1997 ) . high cultural diverseness has a direct negative consequence on economic growing.

Furthermore. addition of cultural diverseness associated with more corruptness ( Mauro. 1995 ) . reduces part to local public goods ( Alesina et al. . 1999 ) . decreasing engagement in groups and association ( Alesina and La Ferraa. 2000 ) and higher leaning to from legal powers to screen into homogeneous groups ( Alesina et al. . 2004 ) . Furthermore. greater cultural heterogeneousness decreases both the chance and the sum an single contributes to a charitable organisation ( Okten and Osili. 2005 ) . Although these surveies showed the bad consequence of cultural diverseness in economic sectors. I still anticipating for a successful accomplishment in Malaysia Economy by unifying the three major races. Malay. Chinese and Indian through coaction. esteeming each other and tolerance. Therefore. a leader and a good program is necessary for us to unify
as one to make a better multi-cultured Malaya!

-Abu Bakar Nordin. Norlidah Alias & A ; Saedah Sira ( January 2013 ) . The Malaysia Online Journal of Educational Science. National Integration in Multicultural School Setting In Malaysia. volume 1. issue 1. Retrieved April 20th 2013. from hypertext transfer protocol: //moj-es. net/volume01-i01. php -Politics of Malaysia. Participation. Retrieved 23rd April 2013. from hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Politics_of_Malaysia -Albert. C. ( February 2011 ) . The Impact of Ethnicity on the Regional Economic Development in Malaysia. Retrieved 23rd April 2013. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. academe. edu/745998/The_Impact_of_Ethnicity_on_Regional_Economic_Development_in_Malaysia

Photographs that demoing the consequences of multi-cultural society in Malaya


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