Kant’s ethical theory is an absolute and deontological theory. This means that worlds are seeking the ultimate terminal called the supreme good besides known as the ‘summon Bonnum’ . Kant says that morality is a categorical jussive mood. this is a responsibility which must ever be obeyed in all possible state of affairss. A categorical jussive mood is what is needed to happen what is right or incorrect. Kant argued that to move morally is to make one’s responsibility. and one’s responsibility is to obey the moral jurisprudence.

Kant besides believe that there was no room for emotion. Kant believe that categorical jussive mood helps us to cognize which actions are obligatory and which are out. There are three rules within the categorical jussive moods these include Universal jurisprudence. Treat worlds as terminals In themselves and Act as if you live in a land of terminals. Universal jurisprudence is seting minority positions foremost. If it is incorrect for one individual than it is incorrect for everyone. An action must non be carried out unless the individual believes that the same state of affairs all people would move in the same manner.

Dainty worlds as terminals in themselves is esteeming a individual. This means that you can ne’er utilize human existences for another intent or to work or enslave them. this is because worlds are the highest point of creative activity and demand alone intervention. Act as if you live in a land of terminals. this means dainty all with regard. Kant believed that all of these helped to make ‘maxims’ . A axiom is an absolute moral statement about a cosmopolitan truth. For illustration a axiom: Murder is incorrect.

Therefore it is a cosmopolitan regulation that slaying anyone is incorrect. Kant believes that we can merely be true moral agents if we are free to do our ain determinations. He argues that our freedom to do rational picks is what separates us from animate beings. He says that is you can make something. you should be able to make something. and if you can non make something it is unjust to be asked. E. g. it is unjust to inquire person in a wheelchair to run a endurance contest.

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