In the beginning of John’s Gospel there is a description of Jesus as ‘The Word’ . Verse 2 ‘He was in the beginning with God ; all things were made through him. ’ Subsequently in the same chapter John says ‘The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. ’ If that is true so Jesus was involved in the act of creative activity and so we must state that his impact is entire. During his lifetime Jesus’ impact would hold been comparatively little – no media circus to follow him approximately and publicise his words and actions.

He met 1000s in a comparatively little country. instead than 1000000s universe broad. and so. as now. he made both a positive and a negative impact upon persons. H vitamin E would hold been less good known than some modern figures such as Gandhi or Winston Churchill. But in Matthew 28 poetry 19 and 20 Jesus tells his adherents to travel to all states and do adherents. This order. known as the Great Commission. was carried out by his followings in the old ages that ensued and they took the gospel message all round the universe.

Today. harmonizing to Adherents Web site there are estimated to be 2. 1 billion people who claim the name Christian. 33 % of the world’s population. though it must be admitted that the rubric Christian means somewhat different things to different groups. and has done throughout history. There are assorted calendars in operation in today’s universe. Islam and Judaism for case count the old ages otherwise for spiritual intents. but for concern intents every bit good as spiritual 1s. most of the universe counts the old ages from the approximative day of the month of Jesus’ birth.

I have non yet discussed the religious impact. but this has been enormous. Because of Jesus missionaries have explored the universe. kids have been educated and lives have been changed. The impact hasn’t ever been a positive 1. as when there have been differences between spiritual groups. both within Christianity and between Christians and those of other groups. In some parts of the universe the impact is decreasing. but in others it rises quickly. Jesus continues to do a difference.

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