I am currently studying at Southgate sixth form; I am doing a business-applied course. It is a double award course. At the end of these two years I will have a GCE AS Double Award.

Half way through the second year I will be Applying to universities that I would like to carry on my studies at, the universities that I would like to apply to are London South Bank University, University of Westminster and The University of Bolton, I would like to apply to these universities as they are the main universities which specialize in building and construction courses and are the universities that have the best reputation for these courses. The type of grades that I will need to get accepted into one of these universities is in a Vocational & GCE a levels course I will need at least a C grade in a six – unit award.

The university that I will be my first choice will be London South bank university, my reasons or this being my first choice is that, it is the best university out of the 3 universities I have chosen and it is also the best university in London to study building surveying. Strength of this university is that it is located in London this means that I will not have to move out of my house to study for my degree, this also means that I don’t have to travel far everyday, it is also very easy to get to. As there are many easy means of transportation, which take you not to far away from the university. But these are all minor details as the main reason why I have chosen this university is that it is recognised as the best university to complete my studies at, and very big companies will recognize the end result and it will be much easier to get a job with a qualification from this university.

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Hopefully after sending my UCAS form off with my preferred universities, I will get a positive reply, and get accepted to one of them. Ideally London south bank university. I will then enrol to the university and start my 4year sandwich course. My course is called Property Management (Building Surveying) in the first year of my course the things that I will be learning are Professional Skills ; Communication, Construction Technology 1,Information Management, Financial Appraisal, Economics, Law, Property ; the Environment and The London Unit.

In the second year of my four-year sandwich course some of the things I will be learning are Finance ; Accounts Construction, Technology 2 Information ; Communication Technology and Economics of Construction Property.

My third year will be the year of work experience. My work experience could be anywhere; I could be working in a professional surveying office in the UK or even overseas. I would prefer to find work experience some were near my home, but if not then I wouldn’t have a choice and I would have to move abroad.

In my fourth and final year of studying I will learn Business Management, Project Management and European Construction & Property I will then finalise my course with my Dissertation.

After successfully passing all my exams I will be a qualified surveyor, I will then start to look for a suitable job vacancy.

I will first look for a full time job as junior building surveyor, when I find a suitable job I will stay as long as possible to gain experience, while at this job I could also look into branching off and specializing in certain areas of building surveying one example could be fire protection. When I feel I have learnt all that I can from as vacancy, I will move on to try and gain new experiences by working with big companies, and by working in a higher position.

I will then start my new job vacancy, I will be working full time at a large construction company. I will work for the company for many years to gain experience and I will hope to slowly build upon my knowledge and hope to rise up in the rankings of surveyors and learn new and different skills. I will hope to rise up in the company and get a managerial role, with this I will expect to earn more money for my family and me.


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