If the world could master space travel and innovate, Earth as a whole could solve many problems. These problems include the Helium Shortage, the precious metal shortage, and overpopulation on earth. We could also gain new knowledge by possibly communicating with more intelligent extra terrestrials. There are a lot of things that the human race as a whole, has not figured out how to do yet. If we could find other intelligent life in the world, it is possible that they have discovered the secrets of the universe that we do not quite understand.

For example, why does gravity exist, or what is beyond the universe. There are lots of uestions Just like these that an extra terrestrial society may have and be willing to share with us. If we found extra-terrestrial with this kind of knowledge, it could transform the world of physics. (Shirking) Space innovation could bring us is an end to overpopulation on the earth. The population of the earth, as of mid 2011, was 7 Billion. By 2025, the earths population will reach 8 billion, and the population of earth will reach 10 billion in 2083. Rosenberg) That is quite an explosive population growth. Where are the 3 billion plus people supposed to go? The answer is space, to other planets, and possibly even other galaxies. A large possibility that is already being weakly implemented today is asteroid mining. Just past Jupiter, there is a very large and possibly profitable asteroid belt. Some of these asteroids contain large amounts of silicone, which will bring the price of solar power down for earth if it can be effectively shuttled from the asteroid belt to earth.

Some of these asteroids also contain both Gold and Platinum, both of which are very important for today’s technology. (Kaufman) Space innovation will also bring us the possibility to end the helium shortage on earth. Earth currently is running very low on helium. Unfortunately, helium is used or much more than balloons. Helium is used with MR. machines that scan medical patients in an attempt to diagnose them. Helium is also important to many science experiments. Tong) However Jupiter is a very large planet in the solar system, and its outer atmosphere is composed of around 10% helium. (Tate) If humans could find a way to harvest that helium, the helium shortage on earth will go away. The reasons that are listed in this paper are only a very few of the reasons for massive innovation in space. There is one more reason why space innovation is important; because of simple curiosity. Humans as a race should be curious about hat is beyond are solar system, what is beyond are galaxy, and what is beyond our universe.


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