Around the universe, the cordial reception industry has been marked by turning at an unprecedented rate. There has increased focal point on the cordial reception industry as an industry of planetary dimensions. Today, the cordial reception industry is considered as a successful sector particularly there are more and more consumers look at the quality non simply measure. Consumers will non be attracted by simply a big measure of merchandises offered, but they will pay attending to the quality of the merchandises and service provided. Hence, the cordial reception houses put more emphasize in clients ‘ demands and demands so that the client will experience satisfy. Dupre and Lane ( 1997 ) have mentioned that the historic ability of cordial reception industry to expect client demands has contributed to its successful in planetary economic system.

When inquiring about the constituents of cordial reception industry, most people will give reply of hotels and eating houses. In fact, cordial reception is merely like a large umbrella. It is a people-oriented industry and involves employers, employees, and clients. The concern of cordial reception is created when the demands for certain services emerge for people off from place. Peoples may go from one state to another one, or travel from one province to another province. They may besides go to a topographic point nearby their house. Those people need a topographic point to eat or kip. That is cordial reception industry which provides these two distinct services that satisfy people demands that are sleep and eat. Therefore, under the large umbrella of cordial reception, there are two chief sectors which included housing and foodservice ( Jones, 2002 ) . Cordial reception industry has provided the shelter for people remaining off from place and provides nutrient and drinks for people eating off from place or non prepares their ain repasts.

Lodging sector involves the proviso of installations for nightlong or longer clip services to invitees. In the position of most people, lodging is merely a topographic point for people to kip. For others, lodging is non merely a topographic point to kip but it besides provide amusement and diversion installations. In other words, lodging sector non merely mention to hotels but it is besides include lodging with amusement installation such as sail ships and watering place resort, lodging affiliated with diversion like encampment, and besides lodging with wellness attention such as aided life centres. Each client has different demands and petitions towards their topographic point to remain. Therefore, cordial reception industry offer many types of lodging to fulfill changing client penchants range from budget or economic system motel to luxury hotels to extended resorts.

On the other manus, foodservice sector involves proviso of nutrient and drinks for ingestion of frequenters. Traditionally, the two chief classs in foodservice sectors are commercial and noncommercial foodservice constitutions. In commercial foodservice constitutions, the readying and service of nutrient is the primary activity. Meanwhile, the readying and service of nutrient is secondary activity for noncommercial foodservice constitutions. Harmonizing to Dupre and Lane ( 1997 ) , the commercial foodservice operations can be farther categorized as stand-alone eating houses, foodservice within a lodging belongings, nines, and providing. Meanwhile, the noncommercial foodservice operations are broken down further to eating houses within other constitution, eatertainment ( unite the construct of feeding and amusement ) , and institutional constitution.

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The cordial reception industry has its roots lie in societal life. It is shaped by society and continues alterations based on it. The societies frequently alterations in what they need and what they want. Therefore, cordial reception will go on alterations with the alterations in societies. Presents, leaders in cordial reception houses go beyond the traditional accomplishments in operation. They need to hold the ability to understand and give speedy respond to the altering universe. They should besides able to foretell the alterations in progress. For case, people now are become progressively concerned about the environmental issue. Because of this, more and more cordial reception houses are cognizant about this and have progressively encouraging environmental-friendly patterns. They have adopted some alterations in order that they can aline themselves as environmentally witting participant.

In Malaysia, the cordial reception industry has experienced a positive addition consistent with the growing of planetary cordial reception industry in recent old ages. In our state, the cordial reception industry has become the major pillars of national economic system. Zain ( as cited in Lean and Chor, 2010 ) has highlighted that Malaysia which has visited by 16.4 million visitants in twelvemonth 2005 has been awarded as the 2nd most visited finish in Asia in that twelvemonth. Tourism reachings to Malaysia have achieved 23.6 million in twelvemonth 2009 and have contributed to RM 53.4 billion. The reachings of tourers have increased 7.2 % compared to 2008 ( Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, 2009 ) . Despite the slower growing of Malaysia economic system due to planetary economic crisis and concerns sing H1N1 grippe, the touristry industry has rebounded rapidly. In 2009, there are about 2,373 hotels that contribute to a entire room supply of 168,844. Besides, Malaysia hotel tenancy rate in 2009 was at 60.9 % ( Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, 2009 ) . In add-on, hotels in this state have been awarded awards in universe award shows. Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur International Airport Hotel has voted as the World ‘s Leading Airport Hotel for 2nd twelvemonth running in 2009 ( World Travel Awards, 2009 ) . Such awards show Malaysia cordial reception industry has first criterion.

This survey is conducted to supply information for populace to hold more understanding and increase consciousness of Malaysia cordial reception. Furthermore, the cordial reception houses in our state can obtain information sing this industry. They can cognize about the Malaysia cordial reception more exhaustively and utilize the information for planning and direction at national and international degrees. This is besides can be used as referential model by schools and institutes to educate and develop their pupils.

1.2 Problem Statement

Cordial reception industry is the universe ‘s largest and fastest turning industry. It is one of the major subscribers to planetary economic growing. The cordial reception related service has become more and more significance in recent old ages ( Tsaur and Lin, 2004 ; Barros, 2005 ) . Concurrent with the growing of cordial reception industry, it has triggered a complementary demand for growing in cordial reception information. Thus, research has become an of import tool for private and public sectors in this industry to garner information on the cordial reception.

In add-on, the cordial reception industry is considered as a competitory planetary industry ( Claver and Pereira, 2006 ) . This industry is alone since it involves people serve people. The public presentation of this alone operational system can hold strong influence on the houses, the employee, and the clients. Therefore, the cordial reception houses have to in touch with the markets in footings of recent tendencies and alterations. They need to hold thorough apprehension of cordial reception industry. Through a better apprehension of cordial reception and understand its singularity in our state, the cordial reception houses are able to cognize better about the cordial reception and can construct competitory scheme.

Although there are many research in cordial reception, there is small research has been conducted on Malayan cordial reception. People ever heard about French service, English service, American service, Thai Service and other services. Each service has its ain feature. They have their ain manner to supply the service. Nevertheless, populace is non clear about Malaysia cordial reception and its features. Malaysia cordial reception does non hold a clear border. This survey aims to research the manner that cordial reception houses in this state to supply the service in Malaysia manner.

1.3 Aims

To specify what Malaysia cordial reception construct is and investigates how service is provided in Malayan manner.

To place the difference of Malaysia cordial reception from other service and therefore

understand about strengths and singularity of Malaysia cordial reception.

To suggest Malaysia cordial reception.

1.4 Research Questions

How Malaysia cordial reception houses provide service in its ain manner?

What are the features of Malayan cordial reception?

What is the attraction of Malaysia cordial reception?


2.1 Definition of cordial reception

The word cordial reception is derived from the Latin ‘hospitis ‘ that is origin for infirmary and ‘hospice ‘ ( Barnhart, 1988 ) . The past literatures have shown many significances of cordial reception. Grove ( 1965 ) has defined cordial reception as a hospitable act or pattern with sincere and generous welcome and amusement of aliens and invitees either socially or commercially. Collins Concise English Dictionary Plus has been sum up the definition of cordial reception as “ kindness in welcoming aliens or invitees ” ( Hanks, 1989, p. 604 ) which is considered as the chief subject of cordial reception from the dictionary definitions from the 1930s to 1999s.

Some definition of cordial reception is excessively general to explicate it. For case, cordial reception has interpreted by Tideman ( 1983 ) as the manner that makes the invitees feel satisfy and proviso of coveted measure and quality of goods and services with acceptable monetary value for the invitees. This definition is excessively general to explicate the definition of cordial reception since it is really can used to specify about any economic activity.

Other academic paper has explained definition of cordial reception in more holistic ways. For case, Cassee ( 1983 ) interpreted cordial reception as “ a harmonious mixture of touchable and intangible constituents – nutrient, drinks, beds, atmosphere and environment, and behavior of staff ” ( p. fourteen ) . This definition has modified by Cassee and Reuland ( 1983 ) to “ a harmonious mixture of nutrient, drink, and/or shelter, a physical environment, and the behaviour and attitude of people ” ( p. 144 ) . These definitions avoid the job of blending definitions of cordial reception with the cordial reception industry but continue to exhibit the implicit in premise that cordial reception is something that is, chiefly, commercially ‘created ‘ for ingestion. In the yesteryear, cordial reception has known as societal value in western state. When the clip passes, cordial reception has been explained in a more detail manner. When the clip passes, cordial reception has been explained in a more detail manner. Harmonizing to Gilje ( 2004 ) , cordial reception is a moral jussive mood, helpfulness, civility, and even a legislated responsibility.

2.2 Characteristic of cordial reception industry

Hospitality is a particular operational system which is considered as people industry. It is a service concern that the hosts provide service to invitees who are apart from place ( Brotherton, 1999 ) . One of the features of cordial reception industry that is stated by Walker ( 2008 ) is the operation clip of 24 hours a twenty-four hours and 365 yearss a twelvemonth for cordial reception concerns. Walker ( 2008 ) besides pointed out that the forces in cordial reception industry have to work longer clip when compared to the other industries due to its long hr ‘s operation clip. The forces in this industry even need to work during the vacation, while others are bask their free clip.

In operation of cordial reception concern, many extremums and vales happen. In a hotel, there are seasonal fluctuations which are months that have high, low, or moderate volume of concern. In add-on, hebdomadal fluctuations besides can be seen in hotel. There are differences of concern volume between weekdays and weekend. Even in a twenty-four hours, there is really has extremum and vale clip. Tonss of the clients will sponsor the eating house during the meal period ( Lane and Dupre, 1997 ) .

The hotelkeepers as the cordial reception suppliers act as hospitable host and besides security officer. It is really difficult to play these two functions due to the limitless clip and public entree of a hotel. However, these functions are indispensable to do the uninvited invitees feel welcome and those uninvited invitees do non make any security jobs. In fact, the cordial reception houses make great attempts to convey outstanding clients satisfaction. This non merely can take to trueness of clients but besides net income for the houses ( Walker, 2008 ) .

In add-on, Hepple, Kipps, and Thomson ( 1990 ) have mentioned that cordial reception consists of both touchable and intangible constituents. The touchable constituents are the physical merchandises while intangible constituents refer to services. Servicess can non be touched, seen, tasted, smelled or heard before being purchased ( Lockyer, 2007 ) . Christopher, McDonald, and Wills ( 1980 ) have mentioned that merchandises in service industry can bring forth a series of benefits. However, these benefits can non be stored for future usage. When a hotel does non sell out suites for certain dark, the gross for those unoccupied suites is lost for good. Those unoccupied room can non be stored like other stock list and therefore the merchandises provided is considered as perishable ( Mullins, 1993 ) .

Walker ( 2008 ) has explained another feature for cordial reception industry which is inseparability. Both the host and invitees are indispensable in the dealing in cordial reception industry ( Brotherton, 1999 ) . There is interaction exist between the cordial reception supplier and receiving system. Lockyer ( 2007 ) has recognized that customer-employee contact as portion of the merchandise. Customers may dissatisfy with the hapless service bringing despite the high quality of nutrient. Customers are besides considered as portion of merchandise. The behavior of one group of clients such as make loud noise can act upon other group.

2.3 Components of Hospitality Industry

Harmonizing to Jafari ( 2003 ) , cordial reception comprised of two constituents which are lodging constituent and foodservice constituent.

2.3.1 Lodging Component

Lodging sector involves adjustment service which is the proviso of installations for people who stay off from their place ( Jones, 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Chon and Sparrowe ( 2000 ) , lodging sector is really can more represent cordial reception industry since it offer nightlong and even long-run service to clients. In the yesteryear, lodging sector merely supply the simplest and basic signifier of adjustment, which has known as ‘bed and breakfast ‘ . Over the clip, lodging is continually to alter to appeal the clients. Nowadays, it is non merely a topographic point to kip, but is augmented with rinsing installations, comfort installations, and amusement installations ( Jones, 2002 ) .

2.3.2 Foodservice Component

Jones ( 2002 ) has indicated that foodservice sector is the proviso of nutriment for those have their repast off from place. Chon and Sparrowe ( 2000 ) has highlighted that on-site and commercial foodservices are two elements of foodservice operations. On-site foodservice operations serve people from specific sort of establishment which included schools, infirmaries, nursing places, and military. Meanwhile, commercial foodservice operations are different from on-site foodservice since they are unfastened to all clients and vie in free market ( Lane and Denise, 1997 ) .

2.4 Hospitality as a service concern

Business in the nutrient service industry is one of the biggest economic parts towards a state in term of its cordial reception system. Service in cordial reception could be touchable and intangible where tangible could be the merchandises sell in the market that can be touch, see, and gustatory sensation, while intangible could be the unobserved service such as nutrient service ( Barrows & A ; Powers, 2008 ) . It is merely can be evaluated by its quality features. In term of concern, service may supply and increase the organisation ‘s net income ( Friedman, 1970 ) .

The end of concern in cordial reception industries specially, is to fulfill clients. Barrows and Powers ( 2008 ) proposed that concern in nutrient service industry must fulfill client demands for illustration, they wants least expensive nutrient with adequate assortment and high quality so that they will loyal towards the organisation. Therefore, the cordial reception houses must implemented tonss of concern accomplishments and techniques to keep old clients and increase new clients ( Kozak and Rimmington, 1998 ) .

Service in cordial reception industry needs to run into client ‘s satisfaction besides doing net income and make client trueness ( Lane and Dupre, 1997 ) . In add-on, good image of the cordial reception industry would at least depends on the service concern provide by the organisations under the cordial reception system ( Kozak and Rimmington, 1998 ) . Thus, service must be dainty as a map procedure where it will assist the organisation to bring forth net income, insure high quality, and do every minute count ( Lane and Dupre, 1997 ) .

2.5 Importance of Service

By and large, service drama as a important function in the customer-oriented industry such as cordial reception industry. It was argued that the service quality for the cordial reception industry was extremely competitory in run intoing client satisfaction ( Jeong and Oh, 1998 ) . The importance of client service in cordial reception is highlighted since that client determination has a important deduction toward the uninterrupted endurance of the concern in the market based on the grade of client satisfaction.

Tsang ( 2011 ) proposed several factors such as integrating, moderateness, relationship position, and subject which impacted on the service performed. It is the duties of the waiter in executing a quality service and making a memorable experience for the client while dining in the nutrient service industry. However, the service quality context might severally divergent for managerial and employee ( Ross, 1995 ) .

Customer service is the cardinal cardinal factor to success in the cordial reception industry despite of maintaining the competitory borders. Prompt service is of import in run intoing the demand of the client therefore making clients ‘ satisfaction. Whereby, it dedicate for constructing client trueness indirectly and good repute among the clients. This will so develop good repute and therefore allows spreading of positive word-of-mouth which enables attractive force of new backings. For guaranting the uninterrupted endurance in this extremely competitory industry, the return of the clients is indispensable. Alternatively of that, heed and passionate of the staff and waiter are besides the kernel of a good quality service in run intoing the client demands and demands. Mavondo and Nasution ( 2008 ) reported that the bringing of client value should be emphasized in guaranting client outlook and demand are met. Undeniably, client satisfaction tends to be higher whenever the service provided beyond the clients ‘ outlook.

A good service normally associated with better client relationship. Establishing good client relationship is critical peculiarly to the cordial reception industry. Satisfaction toward quality of service received significantly brings in consequence on the concern public presentation in which a good service quality will in bends leads to clients ‘ insistent backing ( Su, 2004 ) . Planing quality service has bit by bit evolved going an of import issue in peculiar in the cordial reception industry.

The service quality should be uninterrupted and consistency. The first clip visit of client in sing the service will decidedly impact the determination for their backing in the hereafter. Nice service experience will take to retain regular client every bit good as developing more concern. On the other manus, bad service experience cause towards ailments, negative word-of-mouth, lower satisfaction, and repute loss.


3.1 Research Design

This survey aims to research Malaysia cordial reception, in which the service provided in Malaysia ain manner. It is considered as an exploratory survey since there is small research antecedently done on the Malaysia cordial reception ( Jennings, 2001 ) . The method used in this research is qualitative method. Jennings ( 2001 ) has suggested that qualitative method is applied in exploratory survey because of the flexibleness of informations aggregation attacks. Furthermore, this type of survey is non based on random sampling and representation of a survey ‘s population. Furthermore, qualitative method is used to research the positions, experiences, attitudes, and belief of the respondents ( Holloway, 1997 ) .

3.2 Capable

The mark population in this survey is the industry experts in cordial reception industry. They included the directors of hotels and eating houses. 15 directors of four or five star hotels and eating houses are selected. As they have rich cognition and experience in field of cordial reception, they can give their perceptual experiences and sentiment towards Malaysia cordial reception.

3.3 Sampling Site

This survey will be carried out around Klang Valley. It is comprised of Kuala Lumpur and towns in Selangor. Hence, Klang Valley can be considered as the chief metropolis in Malaysia. It is the topographic point that most of the tourers from other states and even local occupants will see. Furthermore, the cordial reception industry in Klang Valley has grown extensively. Therefore, Klang Valley is chosen as the trying site.

3.4 Sampling process

The sampling method used in qualitative research must supply information-rich informations and serve the intent of in-depth apprehension ( Altinay and Paraskevas, 2008 ) . Therefore, judgement sampling is used in this survey. Judgment sampling is frequently used in qualitative probe. The samples are chosen based on their expertness in the research subject who can supply information required ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2009 ) .

3.5 Data Collection Method

Interview method is conducted since explorative research can be studied by questioning persons ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2009 ) . Interview method provides entree to see and knowledge, and gives an chance to research the issue investigated ( Altinay and Paraskevas, 2008 ) . The interview involves informations aggregation through face-to-face interaction. By face-to-face interview, the gestural cues from the respondents can be noticed. The respondents ‘ facial look and organic structure linguistic communication are observed for better reading of the positions ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2009 ) .

In add-on, the interview technique of unstructured interviews is chosen. In this technique, the interviewer has some wide inquiries related to the issue studied in the interview usher ( Jennings ) . By unstructured interviews besides, rich informations and thick descriptions of the universe being studied can be collected. Open-ended inquiries are used in this research. Crowther and Lancaster ( 2008 ) have noted that open-ended inquiries are suited for interview method as they can supply deeper penetrations responses and richer information.

3.6 Instrument Development

A list of interview inquiries needs to be developed. Harmonizing to Creswell ( 2003 ) , the informations aggregation of qualitative research should be conducted in the natural scene which ever refers to the place or office of the respondents. Hence, interview will be conducted in the office of director in the hotel or eating house. Due to this, there is a demand for the permission of interview.

Information from the respondents is recorded by handwritten notes and audio taping during the interview ( Creswell, 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Crowther and Lancaster ( 2008 ) , the electronic device is used to enter the interview in order to enter the whole interview for future mention.

3.7 Data Analysis

Walsh ( 2003 ) has noted that qualitative informations analysis involves summarize the informations and so place related subjects and forms. Data decrease is the first measure in qualitative informations analysis since qualitative informations aggregation collects big figure of informations. It can be done through cryptography and classification ( Sekaran and Bougie, 2009 ) . The information collected is categorized and transcript. Furthermore, a cryptography strategy is created to form constructs ( Walsh, 2003 ) .

Harmonizing to Sekaran and Bougie ( 2009 ) , the 2nd measure is data show. In this measure, the reduced information is presented in an organized manner. Maps, charts, matrices, graphs, or diagrams can be used to happen out the being form. Conclusion drawing is the last measure in information analysis. Qualitative ‘theory ‘ is generalized by explicating the ascertained form and relationships, or comparing informations against other informations.

Chapter 4 Decision

As a decision, we hope that rich information can be obtained by interview the director in cordial reception houses during informations aggregation clip. By construing that information, we can hold a clear construct about Malaysia cordial reception. Hence, Malaysia cordial reception can be defined clearly through this survey. This survey is utile for public and hospitality houses in cognizing the inside informations and understands about the service provided in Malaysia. When the cordial reception houses understand about the Malaysia cordial reception, they can supply service in Malaysia manner.


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