Senegal is a state in Western Africa, with a estimated population of 12 1000000s dwellers, harmonizing to the last nose count done by Senegal National Agency of Statistics. Tourism sector in Senegal is 2nd after angling in footings of direct and indirect occupations generated, and tourer outgo, Parker, P. ( 2006 ) . Harmonizing to World Travel and Tourism Council, 1 in 13 occupations are generated by the Tourism industry. The touristry industry in Senegal is expected to worsen -1.5 % in 2010 and and turn from following twelvemonth an norm of 4.4 % . Senegal has a tropical clime, with a distinguishable rainy season from June until September and a dry season between October and May when is really hot with temperatures acquiring up to 35 grades and minimal 24 grades Celsius, Hughes, R.H. ( 1992 ) . The H2O temperature is warm most of the year-round.

Harmonizing to Shackley, M. ( 2006 ) Senegal is comparatively new to British travellers, Senegal has been a favourite finish for Gallic and Belgian people, because of it ‘s warm conditions, flaxen beaches and a assortments of activities to offer to vacation shapers of all ages. There are many air hoses that fly to Senegal, straight from Paris, and indirectly from most of the major European metropoliss. There are a figure of charter flights that go to Senegal during the high season clip. A direct flight from Paris would usually take 5 hours and half, and an indirect flight 6 hours and half, harmonizing to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, well-know in western states for the celebrated motor race Paris-Dakar and a popular Carnival that takes topographic point yearly, is a metropolis good equipped with convention installations and attracts many concern travellers from Africa and non merely.

The international airdrome is near Dakar, who benefits from being the chief entry point into the state. The cultural capital of Senegal is St. Louis, situated on the northern seashore being the first French colony in Africa, and was declared a World Heritage Site because of it ‘s impressive colonial architecture, Burke. A. ( 2002 ) .

Djoudj Park

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The Djoudj National Park, is 30 stat mis far from St. Louis, portion of the World Heritage Site and the it is one of the most of import wetland bird sanctuaries in the universe, partially because it is one of the first topographic points south of the Sahara with lasting H2O. The park is used by the migratory birds ( largely pelicans and flamingo ) who comes from other parts of the universe during the winter period. Accomodation and bivouac evidences are available at the entryway in the park, Riley, W. ( 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to Burke, A. ( 2002 ) Senegal have a assortment of birds, aqualung plunging possible, a rich traditional civilization, humanistic disciplines scene, wildlife, secluded beaches provide variegation of the tourer merchandise that can be found in the state. The touristry sector has provided base for economic development in Petite Cote, which is the chief tourer part in Senegal on the seashore with many tourer attractive forces. The Petite Cote part, is the chief resort country, has extraordinary beaches, by and large unagitated sea and bays. The principal season for resort touristry is the contrasting clime in Europe winter, Burke, A. ( 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Moltke, A. ( 2002 ) game fishing is an of import constituent in the country attractive forces. There are some hotels that specialize in fishing services and because of that their season are extended, which would usually shut in April, up to October and even November in some old ages.

Distance, change by reversal clime and deficiency of utmost climatic conditions are Senegal most of import touristry assets. Because of it ‘s climate Petite Cote chief rivals are in Caribbean, Southern Africa and South Pacific. Harmonizing to Ham, A. ( 2006 ) The part of south-east of Senegal, is the chief country of hunting and attracts different niche tourer markets: wildlife, escapade tourers, nature, boosting, cultural touristry. One of the chief attractive forces in the part is Park National de Niokolo Koba, Senegal largest national park and one of the largest in Africa.

Around 350 species of bird and about 80 species of mammal reside in the park, including king of beasts, leopard and the last elephants staying in Senegal.

Harmonizing to Gritzner, J.H. ( 2005 ) Cap Skiring, it ‘s one of the most visited attractive force in Senegal, and have one of the finest beaches in the universe. Because it ‘s people are Diola in their bulk and non-Muslim, the part has typical traditions from the remainder of Senegal and attracts cultural touristry. Cap Skirring has an airdrome with direct flights from Paris and Milan, Indirectly flights can be made from all major European and African states, but the journey takes much longer,

Harmonizing to Jeffreys, A. ( 2009 ) in Cap Skirring, are many attractive forces, which include a Golf Club which entreaties to households and travellers who are looking for relaxation and some athletics. Tourists to Cap Skirring have a broad scope of activities. During the twenty-four hours, travellers can bask Equus caballus siting along the beach, fishing, boosting or walking ; jet ski and other H2O athleticss. If in January in Dakar, it ‘s hard to swim because the H2O is non as warm, in Cap Skirring, the H2O stays warm all the clip. During the dark visitants to Cap Skirring can travel to bars, nines or saloons. Visitors to Cap Skirring can take twenty-four hours trips to Carabane Island. Harmonizing to Burke, A. ( 2002 ) the island is one of the most alien and alone topographic points in the universe. Carabane Island is surrounded by Rhizophora mangles and has many historic sites, such as Catholic mission built in 1880.

Cap Skirring has a assortment of hotels, there are several international criterion hotels and several luxury resorts. Most hotels in Cape Skirring have a eating house with international or local cusine. The local governments or private people operates campgrounds in and around the national Parkss, there is a possibility for bivouacing but tourer have to come with their ain collapsible shelter.

Recommendations for a better finish

Better Security for tourers:

Unfortunately, touristry in Casamance which Cap Skirring is portion of, has been earnestly affected for the past 20 old ages by civil war and ensuing security issues for tourers and local people. Even that a peace trade was done in 2004, the part has remained insecure, largely because the Rebels and their insubordinate activities, Zeppel, H. ( 2006 )

Harmonizing to Mansfeld, Y. ( 2006 ) security issues are more of import than fiscal 1s when a tourer makes his determination to go, and most of the tourer will avoid to go in an country affected by terrorist act, snatch, larceny, colza, slaying etc. As it can be seen in Table A, the ground of low tenancy rates in the Casamance part it is the security issues that stopped many tourers to go at that place.

Lower revenue enhancements:

Harmonizing to Jeffreys, A. ( 2009 ) Senegal has one of the highest Value-added tax in Africa and is hard to vie with other finishs who offer same service at lower monetary values. Senegalese circuit bundles are really expensive, comparing with their chief rivals in the country like Gambia. While rivals from Morocco, Tunisia and Gambia pay about 5.5 % , hotelkeepers in Senegal pay 18 % VAT. This has made the state a less attractive finish for tourer with less money to pass during the recession clip. Large VAT made the state and Cap Skirring in peculiar less attractive for international private investings in substructure ( electricity, conveyance, roads ) that could do the finish expression better. See Appendix 1

Safari installations

The authorities should put more money in campaign installations, which are really popular for center and upper income earners from Europe. Safari installations can be made at a low cost and it can utilize the existing wildlife and natural assets.

More publicity and selling:

Even that there is an airdrome in Cap Skirring that brings international tourers into the town, there are non any domestic flights that could convey tourers from Dakar or other parts. Because the state it ‘s non well-know in other states other than francophone 1s, the authorities should advance the finish in the chief touristry markets, such as: Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, United States of America, China, India, Russia, See table B. Senegal should n’t be dependent on one state as a beginning of tourers. It ‘s indispensable to construct state consciousness in other states than France and Belgium, to make full the hotels who at the minute have a rate of 35 % – 40 % tenancy.

Constructing a Marina

Constructing a marina for little boats could pull more tourers who have more money to pass than those who choose an all inclusive beach vacation. In Cap Skrring there are non many attractive forces for immature people, a H2O subject park could be built to pull households with childs, and made them remain in the country longer than the estimated norm of 3.5 yearss in 2006, harmonizing to

Port installations for sail line drives:

Harmonizing to Ernie, H. ( 2003 ) , there is five market sections that are turning in importance: cultural touristry, thematic touristry, sail market, escapade and ecotourism, Senegal has four already it ‘s touristry portofolio. Facilities for sail line drives is the lone market section that Senegal has n’t hold it yet. Because the sail line drives are going more and more popular, Cap Skirring could be a halt for many sail line drives, but the metropolis does n’t hold a port. Cruise line drives could be a good beginning of money for local concerns and could assist local economic system.

Advertise as a niche market

The demand for niche touristry is the fastest turning sector in touristry. Even that the demand for niche markets such as: fishing, plunging, ecotourism, yachting, bird observation, is less in volume than beach vacation. Tourist niche merchandises combined with beach vacation could do the finish far more interesting for a broad assortment of travellers, Collins, V. R. ( 1999 ) . Harmonizing to Whittington R. ( 2008 ) is cheaper and more effectual to concentrate on your exisiting market and merchandises, constructing up your place on the market than seeking to happen new merchandises and markets.

Business conference installations

Cap Skirring has a deficiency of convention and conference installations, Jeffreys, A. ( 2009 ) . International conferences, squad edifice, could convey concern travellers into town people and make full the hotels and eating houses all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

Modern medical installations

Harmonizing to Wilks, J. ( 2003 ) entree to medical installations is a major concern for tourer when going abroad. Tourist determination to go can be influenced by the deficiency of medical installations. The authorities should put in modern medical installations, trained physicians and nurses, doing Cap Skirring and Senegal in general more safe for tourers.


The investing in substructure in Cap Skirring has stopped during the Civil War, and as a consequence the roads present changes and need fixs. Harmonizing to Dwyer, L. ( 2006 ) touristry substructure is really of import for touristry development and a good substructure can better the efficiency of bring forthing and presenting touristry services. Infrastructure can supply long term base for touristry growing in Senegal.


Senegal seaboard touristry which Cap Skirring is portion of, represents 54 % of the entire tourers that arrives in the state, Jeffreys, A. ( 2009 ) . The country has many natural assets that are non to the full exploited by the national governments, and due to the deficiency of publicity overseas the state is non good cognize. The touristry can play an of import function in Senegal national and local economic system if there would be more international investings that could make more occupations for local people. Because of the security issues many tourers avoid to go to Senegal and many events have been canceled in the last old ages, impacting touristry industry and the local population who are dependent on touristry industry. The state has a broad scope of tourer merchandises on offer, from resort to eco-tourism, fishing, golf, cultural touristry, many niche markets that are turning worldwide and could be an of import portion of Senegal economic system.

Strength Failings

Close Distance to Europe Equipment and substructure

Sun during the winter Health conditions ( inoculations required )

Flora, Fauna, Topography Ground and air transit ( no domestic flights )

Eco-tourism Lack of security ( Casamance Region )

A hospitalier population Poverty of the local population

Few ailments by tourers Expensive air conveyance and deficiency of air hoses

Warm conditions all twelvemonth No ports or modern medical installations

Market Share

Stars: Beach Holiday, Wild Life.

Question Marks: Diving, Bird Watching, Eco-tourism, Golf.

Cash Cattles: Business travellers,

Music festivals.

Dogs: Bird observation, yachting,



Appendix 1


Table A. Distribution of Beds, Average Length of Stay, Tourist Bednights

and Occupancy Ratess by Region Year 2000




Av. Length of Stay



Bednights %

Occupancy Ratess


Capital of senegal:















Saint Louis

























Louga ( Grand CA?A?A?te ) & A ; Diourbel






Beginning: Senegal Ministry of Tourism


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