Philippine Travel and Tour Expo Research Paper The Philippine Travel and Tour Expo was held last February 19-21, 2010 at the SMX convention center. With the theme “Ready, Jet-set, Go! ”, the event presents an exceptional atmosphere that stimulates the desire to travel among visitors – either by air, water, rail or road, for business or for recreation, within or outside the Philippines. Considered as the country’s biggest travel event, this year’s expo was participated by 230 travel and tourism companies which offered anywhere between 30 and 70 percent discounts on their products and services.

The list of companies included international and domestic airlines, cruise operators, tourism agencies, hotels and resorts, tour operators, educational institutions, lifestyle companies, global distribution system providers, insurance companies, theme parks, and food companies. 1. Regional Marketing • Before expounding on the regional marketing, let’s start first with the Philippines as a whole. The Department of Tourism had a huge booth during the expo that basically catered to the foreign tourists on how the Philippines is a great place to live in.

With only $30,000, you can own a beachside property in paradise, wake up in the wonders of nature and live in the heart of a vast city. Due regards to the market segmentation, the DOT focus more on the income segmentation and psychographic segmentation. As I indicated above, with $30,000, you can live your life in the Philippines. And that was really a good branding. For the marketing tool, the people who were in charge of the booth were only giving the book to the people who look like or are foreigners. The one thing that I remembered the most was their tagline “Live your dreams in the Philippines. • CAR- Cordillera Administrative Region- Benguet The Benguet package relies on the psychographic segmentation of the market. The province is targeting the adventure seekers, and people not used to the lower class of living. During the expo, the main marketing tool used was really brochure of what Benguet has to offer in terms of adventure. I believe tha5t this is really a good branding because Benguet province is known for their rocky mountains and some parts no electricity, it really has an authentic feel. Region V- the Bicol region with the province of Catanduanes, Sorsogon and Albay • Region IVA- CALABARZON- Corregidor Corregidor is an island 48kms west of Manila. Like other segmentations, it is also the psychographic segmentation as Corregidor is a historical, nature, adventure tour. Likewise Benguet, it also relies on the tangible marketing tools. * Out of all the regions, the place that attracted me the most was Catanduanes in Region V, the Bicol region. I’ve already been here in the Philippines for quite a while, almost 8 years to be exact and frankly, have not heard of this province.

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I’ve been to a lot of places locally but this is one place that really captured my eye during the expo. Because Catanduanes is one of Bicol’s best kept secret and is truly a wonder of nature with white sand beaches like Boracay and majestic waves in La Union/Siargao. *But the truth is, I want to go to Sorsogon, likewise Catanduanes, I have not heard of the place before and this was the only booth among the Philippine regions that provides people with an EZ MAP and a guide on how you can explore Donsol, Sorsogon by Whale Shark diving.

Because I really really love adventure type of tours, being able to swim with the whale shark is something to be proud of as not all are brave enough to do it. 2. Global Marketing a. ) Country Booths • Republic of Palau • India • Hong Kong • Malaysia • South Korea • Japan • South Africa • Hawaii • Macau • Etc. *Each Country has it’s own distinct characteristic but all of them aims to get more consumers and gain a wide range market. country |Branding |Marketing tools and effectiveness | |Republic of Palau |Enchantment Awaits |Ineffective, their marketing strategy is | | | |more of the personal approach, talk with | | | |the customer one-on-one type of | | | |communication, they were not giving out | | | |flyers | |India |Incredible India |Ineffective, marketing tool is picture | | | |taking with a giant cardboard replica of | | | |the Taj Mahal, they aren’t really pushing | | | |people to go to India but they just want to| | | |introduce what India is | |Hong Kong |Live and Love |Effective, marketing tools comprise of just| | | |the guides and flyers, no people from the | | | |Hong Kong tourism because the people | | | |sitting at the booth were just | | | |representatives from the Department of | | | Tourism as well | |Malaysia |Truly Asia |Ineffective, Same as the India concept but | | | |with Petronas Twin Towers instead, but | | | |weird because there was a big poster of | | | |John Lloyd Cruz’s and Bea Alonzo’s new | | | |movie “Miss you Like Crazy” on one of the | | | |towers. ‘maybe to let people know that the | | | |movie was shoot in Malaysia’. oncept to | | | |boost tourism | |South Korea |Sparkling Korea |Ineffective, Marketing tools consists of | | | |just itineraries, no introduction about | | | |Korea and the booth was actually quite | | | |simple with just a tree in the middle part | | | |that symbolizes some drama’s to capture the| | | |interest of Filipinos { Filipinos love to | | | |watch Korean dramas ). The Main problem of | | | |their booth was language barriers, they | | | |can’t speak English and I was confused on | | | |how they were explaining what will happen | | | |in the itinerary. | |South Africa It’s Possible |Effective, a lot were inquiring on where | | | |they can buy the tickets to FIFA world cup,| | | |and this will really help boost up the | | | |tourism in South Africa | |Japan |Welcome to our Home | | |Hawaii |The island of Aloha | | |Macau |Experience Macau | | 3. Integrating Marketing Communications for most of the booths, brochures, flyers, different itineraries, even compact discs, {which was really surprising as there was only one booth who were giving them out} were among of the marketing tools use. But for the general expo event, weeks before there were already a lot of newspaper ads, internet ads and announcements from the radios. Aside from those tangible things; the event also had an hourly raffle (free trip to a destination) and program, which aims to make most people stay for the duration of the event. Out of all the booths at the expo, the top three for me are: 1. Hong Kong Tourism Board 2. Japan National Tourism Organization 3. South Africa Airways MARKETING TOOL USED Booth |Strength |Weakness | |Hong Kong tourism Board |Aside from having really colorful and |The guides are really thick, a lot of words| | |attractive facade, the tools are really |and it won’t fir into small bags, | | |useful as everything is complete, different|especially for people who are light | | |guides, e. g. (family, traveler, HK by |travelers. The tools are really heavy. | | |night).

The pictures shown on the book, | | | |even if you know they’re models, makes you | | | |feel that it is going to be a fun trip when| | | |you go to Hong Kong and you’ll be able to | | | |enjoy everything that they are offering | | |Japan National Tourism Organization |Almost like the Hong Kong but not as |Brochure is too big, one brochure-magazine,| | |flashy, straightforward information and a |the language is in Mandarin, it’s actually | | |lot of pictures |ok, but they’re joining the event in the | | | |Philippines and most people here, even | | | |Chinese’ speak more English. And the people| | | |booking tours are Filipinos | |South Africa Airways |BOLD FIFA WORLD CUP written all over the |Really simple and not eye-catchy | | |brouchures | | Market Positioning and Effectivity Booth |Market Position |Message to consumer |Effective/ineffective | | | | |Clear/vague | |Hong Kong tourism Board |Live and Love HK because of the |Experience Hong Kong, Experience|Effective and clear, because | | |dynamic experience you’ll |world. |looking at their flyers, most of| | |remember, it’s the living | |them indicated the word | | |culture of unrivalled shopping, | |“experience”: and when the | | |superb dining and a unique blend| |consumers see that HK has a lot | | |of diversity. |to offer, a lot will be entice | | | | |to come and try something new. | |Japan National Tourism |Many smiles await you in Japan, |Japan welcomes you to their |Effective and vague, I’m not | |Organization |“Ichigo-Ichie” the spirit of |home. |sure what they really want to | | |hospitality–to treasure every | |say. But from what I understand,| | |encounter for it may occur only | |to experience culture, try Japan| | |once in a lifetime. | | |South Africa Airways |Currently, South Africa stands |It’s possible to come to South |Effective and clear, at the | | |as the country hosting the FIFA |Africa |present, they only want to | | |World Cup in June 2010, that’s | |advertise that they’re the ones | | |there position in the world | |who are going to host the FIFA | | |right now | |Cup and that’s what their | | | | |brochures are all about. | 4.

The Philippine Travel Expo Overall, the Expo was a success, the timing was actually just right because the summer month is already here and a lot of people are interested to go on vacations. Also, booking early 6-8 months before travel time would be able to give bookers more discount that reserving till later date. The venue is just right; the place is not too crowded nor is it too wide, but personally, I would have loved it more if the venue was the world trade center, so it would have a wider walking space. The target market of the expo basically falls on families, leisure travelers, students studying hospitality, co-competitors in the industry.

Here are the following categories that can join: Exhibitor Profile • Local Travel Agency • Local Tour Operator • International Travel Agency • International Tour Operator • National Tourist Office • Foreign Tourist Organization • Hotel • Resort • Theme Park Operator • Airline • Car Rental • Cruise Liner • Lifestyle • Health and Wellness Services • Spa • Culinary Schools • Food / Regional delicacies • Real Estate Developer • Tourism Promotion Organization • Travel Products Supplier / Allied Services For the financial side of the expo, this year, was really a bigger and better event. Comparing the 2009 and 2010 facts and figures. Facts and Figures   |2010 |2009 |difference | |  | |  | | |No. Of Visitors |110,000 |59,000 |51,000 | |  | |  | | |No. of Exhibitors |240 |215 |25 | |  | |  | | |No. f Booths |420 |417 |3 | |  | |  | | |Sales Generated |256 Million |216 Million |40Million | |(In PHP) | | |  | But according to one of the managers of Goldmines travel Agency, as the years are coming, the rate of the people going to the travel expo continuously goes up and up, so the ROI, easy and the business generated continuously goes up as well. All in all, it was a better year comparing all the other years before based on all aspects, ^ like the chart above. It just goes to show that the Philippines is now being promoted in the tourism ladder.


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