Since its exports were negligible in those days, the neutron was not subject to export restrictions under the Multi-Fiber Arrangement (MEA), which attracted the attention of Deadwood Corporation Of South Korea, one Of the rising garment manufacturers suffering severely from the quota System, The company planned to develop a production base in Bangladesh and teamed up With an indigenous new enterprise called Des Ltd. In 1979.

Des sent 130 new employees to Deadwood’s factory in South Korea, where they participated in an eight- month intensive training course covering diverse topics from sewing skills to factory management and international marketing. Ay two years after the training, however, almost all the trainees had left Des to start their own garment businesses (Rhea, 1990). Easterly (2002, up. 147-148) comments: “This explosion of garment compass started by ex-Des workers brought Sunglasses its $2 billion in garment sales” in the late sass. By 2007/08, the ;industry was earning more than $10 billion.


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