One of the most critical determinations in a student’s life particularly in a Fourth Year High School Student is taking a calling that will suit his potencies. accomplishments. and proficiencies. A chosen calling must be complementing with the potencies. accomplishments. and proficiencies of a pupil. therefore doing a certain calling hard to be decided for there are besides factors that can act upon a student’s premise on what he’ll take up. These pupils decide by weighing the variables together and so reasoning the most applicable or practical one. Motivation is defined as the general desire or willingness of person to make something.

It has Intrinsic and Extrinsic factors but we’ll focal point in the Extrinsic Motivation for it is the specific land of our research survey. Extrinsic Motivation is defined as the individual’s motivational stimulations that come from outside beginning. We can state that an Extrinsic Motivation is either good or destructive depending on how it is related to an person. These factors of motive will act upon an person to make up one’s mind on what he’ll choose. Knowing the extrinsic motive makes us reason on why an single thinks and decides a certain calling and besides how he associate these extrinsic motive to other variables in reasoning his determination. Choosing a calling is really of import therefore. one must be curious and punctilious in make up one’s minding it because the calling that you will be taking will foretell your hereafter and how you will cover on challenges. Bing wise plenty to get in a certain decision or determination is indispensable in order to hold a promising and well-paid hereafter.


The purpose of this Research Study with the assemblage of quantitative informations is to generalise a consequence that will reply the undermentioned inquiries: General Aim:
What are the factors that are present in taking a calling in Fourth Year High School Students? Specific Aim:
What is the relationship of extrinsic actuating factors with the other factors present in taking a calling in Fourth Year High School Students?

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Significance OF THE STUDY
The significance of this survey is to measure a solid foundation of facts about the Extrinsic Motivating Factors and its consequence to determination doing specifically in taking the future calling of Fourth Year High School Students. By these informations we will be able to reason grounds why an person chooses this 1 among the others with a footing or foundation. doing a generalisation that is factual. We can besides give premises and recommendations to better the manner of thought of how persons recognize or analyze these factors or informations in geting a decision or determination because as we say determination devising is a critical and an indispensable thing that’s why the factors that influences it must be analyzed good and sagely therefore this survey is important.


This study’s topics are the Fourth Year High School Students of National University as the respondents. The construct will go around around the designation of the motivation factors specifically the extrinsic motivation factors and besides the factors that are related in reasoning the calling of the topics. Specific facets of phenomenon or the research survey are the conductivity of the study in the respondents. rating of informations gathered and the conceptualisation of the facts. Ten ( 10 ) Fourth Year High School pupils will be indiscriminately chosen in each subdivision of the University as the Sampling Population. This survey is every bit much as possible limited to the extrinsic motivation factors due to the fact that a survey must be specific as possible but it will besides have some of the other factors in order to clear up the relationship and to efficaciously explicate the phenomenon needfully. DEFINITION OF TERMS

Extrinsic – Not portion of the indispensable nature of person or something ; coming or runing from the exterior. Ho – Null Hypothesis
HI – Alternative Hypothesis Sampling Population– is the population from which a sample will really be taken.

In this chapter we will be discoursing the context on how a pupil chooses his preferable calling. Get downing from its root to its fruit. on how one chooses to go from his past experiences. We will be discoursing about the certain motivation factors that will act upon one’s pick peculiarly in the pick of future calling. We can derive facts about how one decides so that we can give a factual decision and generalise a certain thought that we can utilize to assist the society particularly the pupils who’ll model their hereafter as our nation’s pride. Determining and discoursing these factors and correlating each other to understand the context behind a syllogistic decision of a determination. Motivation Factor

Community is defined in Oxford Dictionary as a group of people populating in the same topographic point or holding a peculiar feature in common. So how can a community be one of the factors in finding one’s fruit? Community to get down with is where we all portion our civilization. beliefs. and aspirations. It is a topographic point where we foremost dreamed of being something or person in the hereafter. Peoples inside a community socialize in order to coexist. We all need each other. as the stating says “No adult male is an island” by John Donne. This community includes the Family and the members of the community that you interact with. Without interaction the worlds will ne’er be. From the Paleolithic up to the present. socialization is the chief ingredient in the society’s development. That’s why interaction with the people in the locality of the community is one of the factors because this is where we get our basic cognition. this is where you fill in your personality as a human being interacting and socialising with people of different virtuousnesss. rules. professions. experiences. and point of positions.

Social Class
About every facet in the society has the influence of Social Class or the Social Rank. From the nutrient we eat. the apparels we wear. the topographic points we hang out. and the society we live in. It is non new that this is one of the factors that influence one’s determination in taking a class. So how this does influences one’s determination? Quoted from the book “The Psychology of Social Class” by Michael Argyle it was said their “Education is one of the chief paths to upward mobility. Those with better instruction are likely to stop up in better occupations. ” Education is one of the keys to success. but how can you achieve it with a wrecked societal standing? Some chooses to halt instead than to prosecute their preferable class because of the outlook that those who have the wealth can suppress what they want to prosecute. Sadly. societal rank may impede or develop one’s desire. Fortunately. there are Foundations or Non-Governmental Organizations that offer Scholarships to meriting bookmans but most of this scholarships offer a limited scope of classs that may non be in the will of a the bookman that’s why in some instances they are forced to take up something they did non wish for because that’s the lone possible calling he can prosecute. Social category is a really powerful factor for it has influences in every land. Personality

“Personality affects academic and occupation public presentation. societal and political attitudes. the quality and stableness of societal relationships. physical wellness and mortality. and hazard for mental upset. ” said by Colin DeYoung from the University of Minnesota. We all think but we conclude things in a different mode. This is what makes us human different from each other. influenced by our ain distinguishable personality. Knowing our ain personality will give us awareness on how we deal on things particularly in the field of decision-making. with cognition about one’s personality one can reason a calling program sagely adequate to cognize how it will profit or decline one’s state of affairs. Having an emotional intelligence on things will assist you command your ain personality.

One illustration of this factor is when 1 is a hazard taker and the other is non. A hazard taker grabs chances that comes on his manner and has positive mentality that something good will go on while a individual that is non a hazard taker may be merely contented on what he normally do and accepts it with the fright that if he risk something he may neglect and endure. Having a complicated personality may take you to danger. That’s why 1 must be wise plenty to believe on things. Do non allow your personality control you by being unprompted. instead one must command his personality so that it can take him to the success that he assumes. We must cognize the timing and flow of things by cognizing the differentiation between an chance and a danger. A professor named Steven Reiss have devised a 16 basic desires theory which motivates actions and specify one’s personalities: * Acceptance- the demand for blessing

* Curiosity- the demand to larn
* Eating- the demand for nutrient
* Family- the demand to raise kids
* Honor- the demand to be loyal to the traditional values of one’s clan/ethnic group
* Idealism- the demand for societal justness
* Independence- the demand for individualism
* Order- the demand for organized. stable. predictable environments

* Physical activity- the demand for exercising
* Power- the demand for influence of will
* Romance- the demand for sex and for beauty
* Saving- the demand to roll up
* Social contact- the demand for friends ( peer relationships )
* Social status- the demand for societal standing/importance
* Tranquility- the demand to be safe
* Vengeance- the demand to strike back and to vie

As the stating says “Opportunity is every bit scarce as O ; work forces reasonably breathe it and make non cognize it” quoted from Doc Sane. Catching an chance in the right clip. in the right topographic point with a right ground is a really rare experience. Having the aspiration. endowment. and accomplishment for a peculiar calling but without an chance to showcase or to set it in action is worthless. Opportunity to make something that will take you to taking a calling that you’ll unrecorded with the remainder of your life. We can coin the term chance as a gold ticket to the start of your journey. Literally talking chances are everyplace but these are hindered by incorrect picks. incorrect determinations and incorrect premises and besides things that can non be avoided or are inevitable that’s why with the lacking of this so called “opportunity“ will take you to a way that you should non be taking up or heading to.

That’s the worst scenario on make up one’s minding on things without chances to get down with. You are forced to take things that are most of the clip against your will. Lacking of chances means failure to one’s desire. that’s why holding the chance is one of the of import factors in finding a calling in the hereafter. All in all. understanding the roots on how the fruit was obtained is a really of import thing in finding a certain calling. Establishing from the content of this chapter every facet of determination devising is really critical. It is really syllogistic that one little alteration or difference can get with a different decision. With the treatment of these factors we learned that from the community. interaction is the chief topic. Interaction with the other members of the society molds our personality together with the influence of our societal standing. we molded the individual who we are today that was made possible by the determinations that we made and chances that we rejected and accepted in our past brushs and how we deal on it with the rules and beliefs that we possess as we go on.


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