Eyes Wide Shut encompasses Kubrick’s entire filmography as is acts as a final reassurance of a predominant theme. This film ‘is the culmination of a distinguished and stunning career’ (Sipiora in Rhodes, 2008). Bathrooms have been used across most of Kubrick’s films, and Eyes Wide Shut is no exception, ‘demonstrating that the director maintained and enriched a line of inquiry that ran from his earliest work to the present’. (Falsetto, 2004). The opening scene of the film begins in a bathroom, and the audience sees many bathrooms across the film, although each appearance of a bathroom represents a different meaning, the outcome is always the same. Bathrooms are where humans most primal and filthy qualities are exposed, similarly to how Kubrick intended the ‘dreams and dreamlike parts of Eyes Wide Shut to reveal truths about the adult world that waking reality conceals.’ (Rice, 2008: 200), such qualities can no longer be hidden away. These qualities that Kubrick has placed into bathrooms include but are not limited to, scheming, betrayal, dominance, exploitation, manipulation, failure, and the collapse of marriage. He uses bathrooms to expose the very destructive aspects of humans, suggesting that not even bathrooms can hide humanity true desires any more. Eyes Wide Shut places a lot of emphasis on the bathroom being a mediated space in which the true underlying instincts are brought to life, with sex and violence being very common. Kubrick takes the one space that humanity uses to disguise these animalistic instincts, and lays them bare for the world to see. Whilst the couple in Eyes Wide Shut appear belong to the modern world, the factors that are keeping the couple with each other consist of the most basic and primal of human behaviours.

Overall, Kubrick’s work is usually concerned with the comedy, chaos, fear, and havoc that is caused by the animals inside people’s heads. He believed that regardless of the advancements that the human species makes, they still exist of creatures of dual desires. These primal desires that reside within us will always poison our desires and accomplishments. Kubrick critiques this idea of a perfect system across many of his films, and uses bathrooms to demonstrate the collapse of such systems due to the weaknesses of humans. Even though unknowingly to everyone that Eyes Wide Shut would be Kubrick’s final film, it does serve as representing all his prior films.


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