A solution has been found to help the persons whose face has been partially or totally damaged: The Face Transplant. This recent surgery consists of replacing part or all of a person’s face after an incident or accident (e. G. : cancer, animal attack or burns). The first partial face transplant has been carried out on a French woman (Isabella Dinner) by DRP. Bernard Debauchedly in 2005 and first full face transplant with a Spanish man In 2010. Since the first transplant, at least 17 more face transplants have been done in many countries: united Kingdom, united States,

Turkey, and Poland This type of transplant has caused many ethical debates because of the post-effects like the use of insuppressible drugs that can provoke cancer or damage to the kidneys. Also, some persons consider It unethical with regard to the donor’s family. Transplants are one of the medical fields that have evolved a lot; since the heart transplant In 1967, hope of finding solutions to other transplants has grown a lot! As mentioned In the article, a new type of transplant has emerged: The Face transplant.

This recent surgery allowed more than 10 persons to live better without the fear of being scrutinized while walking on the street, or simply Just by enjoying an ice-cream after a lips transplant, however, this medical procedure is not considered as the others. Why? Some persons consider this as a huge amount of money that could have helped many children instead of one person. Others say that using the face of a dead person to a living person can provoke reticent emotions to the donor’s family. Additionally, this surgery has a lot of dangerous health consequences as the use of misrepresents drugs that can cause cancers or death…

On the other side, there are some persons that defend this transplant because of Its social consequences: regaining a normal appearance allows the beneficiary to establish relationships or find a Job more easily. Additionally, it restores basic human functionalities as speaking or smiling and It reduces pain (physically and psychologically). Thankfully, medicine has Improved a lot and enhanced persons life like the beneficiaries of the Face Transplant; and as DRP. Commission said: “You need a face to face the world”

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