“Children experience an environment where: their wellness is promoted ; their emotional wellbeing is nurtured ; they are unbroken safe from harm” ( MoE. 1996. p. 46 ) .
A healthy and a safe environment protect kids from any sort of injury. The environment is made up of physical. societal. economical and cultural factors. These factors influence the manner kids perceive and respond to their milieus. In bend these responses affects physical. societal. economical picks and behaviors ( Charlesworth. 2004 )

The few environment factors which are positive and promote good heath are
1 ) Good dietetic wonts
2 ) Diversion. regular exercising and equal remainder
3 ) Stress decrease
4 ) Medical attention
5 ) Cleanliness
A safe environment promote children’s psychological well being and they become independent to do their ain determinations.

Child Protection
Be it school or place kid protection is a must. These yearss kid maltreatment has become a serious job in many of the states. Childs have to be protected from force. maltreatment or development.

Child protection links closely to all facets of children’s good being Child protection is a particular concern in state of affairss of exigency and human-centered crisis. Many of them specifying characteristics exigencies – supplanting. deficiency of human-centered entree. dislocation in household and societal constructions. eroding of traditional value systems. a civilization of force and many more. ( Handbook: Child Protection – UNICEF IPU. 2004 )

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Childhood Illness
Many childhood unwellnesss are caused by distributing of viruses. After all immature kids in groups are engendering evidences for beings that cause unwellness. Sleep walking. bed wetting. dark female horses. bumbling and many more factors could be marks of some sort of unwellness. non ever. Children’s unwellnesss should be taken extreme attention and immediate action should be taken for the same as immature children’s wellness conditions change quickly.

The early childhood instructors should be trained in covering with all factors related to wellness and safety in the early childhood scenes. They should pattern and learn the kids good dietetic wonts. take them for their day-to-day exercising Sessionss out-of-doorss where kids rejuvenate. The teachers the early childhood Centre should be cognizant of the possible jeopardies and how to take them and manage them in an appropriate mode. They should supervise the safety of kids inside the centre’s every bit good as during out-of-door Sessionss. Hazard or accident registries or records should be maintained on a regular basis with all informations of all kids in the Centre should be recorded for future to follow up on the safety processs and medical medical examinations. Regular medical medical examination should take topographic point to guarantee all kids are in good wellness. This is besides helps in safeguarding other children’s wellness.

The instructors should guarantee that the environment is clean and hygienic which in bend helps to forestall catching disease or unwellness. Exclusion. immunization. hygiene. cleansing are few of the practises an early childhood instructor should follow to guarantee every child’s good wellness.

Before and after eating effectual manus rinsing should be practised with soap and running H2O to avoid transmittal of diseases. Teachers need to observe down every child’s marks and symptoms of unwellness to supply appropriate attention. As the ministry of wellness ( 1997 ) advises that kids with unwellness should remain off from early childhood services. the instructors excessively should take attention that ill kids do non go to the Centres as the unwellness might distribute to other kids. and besides the ailment kid will hold to involvement to play or larn. Exclusion is a important factor in cut downing the spread of unwellness.

If an early kid attention teacher sees any sort of behavioral alterations in any kid or he/she appears down or distressed without any obvious grounds or shows. a high index of intuition is indispensable. The instructor should look out for any sort physical. behavioral or developmental marks of maltreatment. All marks must be examined in the entire context of the child’s or immature person’s state of affairs. All inside informations and symptoms and observation should be recorded. Promoting children’s wellness and safety is really indispensable for a early child care instructor. Teachers need to cognize each child’s life

fortunes so that they can understand them better. This manner a instructor can assist supply kids with a sense of topographic point and importance within their scenes. Early experiences in which kids develop have a permanent impact on later success in school and life.

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