I felt each ghostly flame reach its burnish tentacles of fire towards me, felt it wrap my body in its dull warmth, but none the less warmth. Something to relieve from the bitter touch of the winters wrath. The storms of winter had now been raging its tune for three months now.

Most extraordinary that a blizzard could rage for so long a time as this with no end, not even a sigh of relief came from this storm. The winter’s wind howled endlessly, I found myself many times unable to sleep due to its consistency and endless howling.

One night while I lay awake upon my bed staring at the ceiling, a distinct cry of pain found its way though the howling of the storm. I was not sure if what I heard was real or if I had imagined it from being alone here for so long a time. I began to think myself to be a madman.

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Knowing no other course of action I decided to brave the storm, at least a little way for I was not prepared to die in this place. As I treaded step upon step through the deep snow I lost myself in the hypnotic, glinting, serene snow.

While walking and not paying attention to how far or how long I had been walking I realized that I may have gone too far, I turned swiftly in fear of being lost, hoping to see the lights of my cabin, but there was no cabin, I had gone too far, and now it was to late to try to find the way back by looking at the tracks I’d left behind, for the snow had already put itself in my tracks.

Being so long alone had changed the way I had been thinking over the past few weeks… I had no fear of being lost out in this icy storm, I found the whole setting to be quite serene. The moon hanged overhead like a blue lantern, setting blue reflections in the snow. Strange indeed it was that the storm’s clouds had ne`r once fully covered the moon, it was an observation I made many a night as I lay awake in my bed.

I had no longer any desire to return to the cabin, although it had become rather cold out in the storm. I walked on… toward where I first thought I heard the cry. I stood in silence and listened for another sound to lead me back toward the cry. I stood completely motionless for several minuets, and to my ears I was sure I could hear the faint rumble of horses.

Quickly as I could I ran towards the sound being sure not to lose it this time. It became louder and more definite. I came to a stop at the base of a small hillside, the sound I knew must be coming from just up this hill. I was almost halfway up when all together the sound stopped. I pushed myself painfully up the rest of the way as quickly as I could, as quickly as my legs and the snow would allow.

I hurried up the last few inches to the top and looked for something in the distance to assure me that what I heard was not of my imagination, but there was nothing there. I began to walk forward to where I had heard these horses.

After a few minuets of walking I could make out a distinct figure in the distance, I called out to him but he payed no attention… he just stared at the ground. I ran closer to the figure and could vaguely see something laying there upon the ground. I opened my eyes wide… there was a dead man laying upon the ground and above him stood a cold looking man dressed in knights armor that had been tainted pure black.

A long sword was wedged in the dead mans back and its hilt reached towards the dark snowing sky. The man in knights armor turned his head and stared towards my direction blankly. I was unsure if it was me he stared upon, it seemed as if something else was there to look at…

Again the sound of horses raged and from the distance an army of nineteen men seemed to appear from thin air, each one of them was dressed in the same black and each rode a black horse. The man which I’d been watching pulled his sword from the mans back and placed it firmly back into its place and began to walk towards the dark army, when he reached them he sat upon his black companion.

The entire army of twenty turned and vanished… I blinked my eyes to be sure if I was hallucinating it, but they where all gone… including the dead man… all gone. I tiredly pulled myself step by step through the ever deepening snow to where the man had lain. After examining the area for a long while I found nothing, not a single footprint, nothing.

I collapsed tiredly into the snow and looked up at the sky, and before my very eyes the snow stopped and the clouds faded, revealing behind them the stars… it was cold, I was tired, I found myself closing my eyes.

Slowly I slid open my eyes and found myself laying in my bed, the fire crackled slightly, and a man, whom I assume found and took care of me, was standing over me. The storm was over… I told the man my story out in the snow, all alone on that cold night. He opened wide his eyes with excitement.

The old man who had been taking care of me only muttered “The Knights of Lore… it cant be…” and with that he walked out the door with a smile on his face… and I never saw him again. And I am still left wondering what or if what I saw was real… if anything that happened was real. And all my questions are still left unanswered.


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