1. The image that this creates is that the firemen do non care at all if a house is firing. They joke around stating that they want to draw out some marshmallows and roast them from the combustion house. 2. The significance of Montag seeing his contemplation in Clarisse’s eyes is that she is non like everyone else. She has a particular characteristic that non everybody else has. 3. Montag had a child memory of one clip as a kid when there was a power failure. and his female parent had found and lit a last taper and so he found a hr of rediscovery. of such light that infinite lost its huge dimensions and drew comfortably around them. and they. female parent and boy. entirely. transformed. trusting that the power might come on shortly once more. 4. Clarisse thinks that Montag is non really happy and that he is non in love. He besides laughs when she is non amusing and replies before he is done believing. 5. 5: The McClellans do amusing things to sort themselves as peculiar. First of all the girl thinks to much. she talks about work forces in the Moon. and changes the topic when things get uncomfortable in a conversation. Besides. the uncle was arrested becuase he was a padestrians. Another thing about the household. is they sit around with all of the visible radiations on in the house to speak to each other.

6. 6: She asked Montag if he was happy. This is a inquiry that pertains to the secret plan because it is the inquiry posed that gets him believing. He truly admirations. is he happy. and finally he finds out that he is non happy. Even though he keeps stating himself he is. 7. 7: He compares her to a dial of a little clock. That you can see the lines of her face like the minute and the Numberss on the clock. It glows. like the Numberss on the clock. 8. Two other similes are one. her eyes were like a mirror. She is demoing what he could be. Not everyone is the same. One other is said that Clarisse is like a puppet show. 9. The sleeping room that Montag enters was dark and truly rather. As he walks through the room he knows that there is something on the floor but he still hits. The sitting characterizes

10. The smiling on Montag’s face goes off because he finds his married woman lying on the bed motionless. She had have an over Department of State on kiping pills and he was truly sad. Montag’s reply to Clarisse’s inquiry was yes when she foremost asked him but when he started to believe about it more about it he wasn’t happy. 11. The event that occurs that dark which provides Montag with an feeling of the province of society is when he finds his married woman lying on the bed because she had for gotten that she already had taken her pills. The feeling was that she was dead. 12. In contrast. Montag hears and longs for person who will desire to listen to him. He wants person to love and be happy with. He is non happy in his life right now because no 1 loves him. 13. The new thought for the parlour walls is adding another wall or the 4th wall. This excites Mildred because she can hold more people to speak to and she can hold more characters.

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