There is a funny correlation between sheep and the people of the 21st Century, and it no surprise that those who mindlessly follow trends are described as such. But now a new breed has taken it to a whole different level – and we’re spray-tagging them to track their movements. The problem is research shows the outbreak is spreading… Rapidly. For many years now we have thought that the bleach from the blonde’s hair dye has been the thing damaging their minds.

But we now see a similar result coming from the mind melting toxins of fake tan. Some innocent young women, and even men, are at the foot of the baffling effects of the chain reaction as changed the way we looked at modern society. No wonder youth employment rates are down. The fake tan industry has been booming since the late 1990 furthermore the cotton industry has also has been on the rise.

I think that this is down to the countless amount of young people not wetting the bed but ruining it with their slim which they leave on whilst the toxins seep through their skin. At least fake tan does have one good use. How the hell did fake tan come about when in the 16th century, pale has was not only interesting, but was the only way to be seen. If one had the slightest hint of a tan, he or she was frowned upon for looking like a peasant.

So women, including Queen Elizabeth would smother their faces in chalky dusts and powders and add egg white for a smooth, satin finish. How is it that one trend can go from one extreme to another. Fake tan has also given people that high feeling, like the one you get from doing drugs. Well really you could say it is a drug because it is heavily addictive and once you start using it you will never go back to the way that you was before.

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And to get off cake tan you need to go through the very intense process of growing which does not happen to every one Although fake tan was developed to be a better alternative it has some of the worst effects such as brain damage and hormone disrupter so although a girl would wont to fit in with the rest of he female friends she could start speaking like a man… If this started happening not only will everyone be speaking like men or even 5 year old girls they would have the intelligence of a waits literally I think that the Life without fake tan would be a lot better as there would be no one coking like a Waits.

Also having the ability to walk down the street and realizing that no one is lying to you as they are not covering up there skin with fake tan and that now you see them is what they actually look like instead tot them giving tot the illusion that they have a natural tan. By doing this people may actually find more self- confidence instead of buying a FAKE liquid. Furthermore people would not fall into peer pressure and they can avoid the slippery pole greased with fake tan, effectively lead them away from the very bad things in life like drugs. Fake tan is not the way.


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