Fall is to drop or come down freely under the influence of gravitation. This is demonstrated when you toss a ball towards the sky. it fall’s back to the Earth because of the gravitative force of the Earth itself. Another account of autumn is when you deliberately jump from a higher location to a lower topographic point. The act of traveling down is called falling. A autumn involves the free-fall of degage single pieces of any size. This means that when an object falls. it is non in anyhow in contact with topographic point where it comes from and when it reaches the land. that’s the clip the object will hold a contact with the land.

Slide means move over a surface while keeping smooth uninterrupted contact. It normally implies rapid easy motion without loss of contact with the surface. An illustration is the kids playing with the slide in the park. When a kid slides. she has a uninterrupted contact with the “slide” until she reaches the underside. A slide occurs when stuff remains reasonably consistent and moves along a chiseled surface.

Flow is to travel or run swimmingly with unbroken continuity. as in the mode or feature of a fluid. This is can be farther understood by sing the river as illustration wherein the H2O is fluxing or running swimmingly and continuously. A flow occurs when stuff moves down incline as a syrupy fluid. Most flows are saturated with H2O and typically travel as lobes or linguas.

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